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January 2009
3288146Mystical itemsA thread of slightly more unusual magical items and trinkets, perfect for spicing up any fantasy RP sessions.ideas, items, stuff, magic2009-01-02 3 
3488573Cursed Itemsfa/tg/uys discuss cruel and/or lulzy cursed items to release upon their unwitting players...cursed items house rules2009-01-23 5 
March 2009
4010133Unlikely cursed itemsITT: Unlikely cursed items. Be sure not to miss the Cursed Ring of Racism.cursed items2009-03-18 5 
4074532A fantastic carnivalThe party is taking a break this session, and the DM is wondering what a carnival would be like in D&D. Also, many strange magic items are posted.carnival, magic items, D&D2009-03-25 5 
4109376Strange Magic Itemsanother strange Item threadenchanted items 2009-03-29 1 
April 2009
4179118Useful items/tg/ discuss various cheap, minor items no self-respecting adventuring party should be withoutItems2009-04-05 5 
4322047ITT: Fun or joke magical items suitable for level 1 charactersIncludes lolis in bags, and menstruating Dire Bears.magic items D&D homebrew2009-04-19 6 
May 2009
4657047ITT: Useless or nearly useless magic itemsAwesome Magic ItemsItems, Magic Items, Useless, Joke, Creativity, Ideas2009-05-25 8 
4680279Quirky magic items thread (Mostly UselessMore quirky, useless, or nearly useless magic items.Items, Magic Items, Quirky, Useless, Joke, Creativity, Ideas2009-05-27 13 
September 2009
5978922Items Cursed with FuOHDEARGOD/tg/ inadvertently creates the most horrifying cursed item imaginable. Bricks were shat, /d/ was pleasedcursed items, womb dagger, ultimate horror, what the fuck, what is this i don't even2009-09-24 40 
October 2009
6261378Flashy ItemsDM looks for cool items that do nothing until players get really creative. Win quickly follows. D&D, items, creativity, useless2009-10-14 1 
December 2009
7040236Shaolin Showdown ItemsOP dumps a metric ton of items he statted up from the show. /tg/ stands back and watches the awesome unfold with little/no comments, so as to give OP the room he needs to postShaolin Showdown, D&D, Items2009-12-08 11 
January 2010
7629523Everyday Magical TrinketsSimple magical items for everyday use, staying away from god mode items.magic, homebrew, RPG, building, items, 2010-01-17 1 
May 2010
9652953ITT: Magical Items you really wouldn't want.The Blazing Bowler: A regular looking bowler hat that immolates the wearer. It doesn't give you any resistance to fire or anything, it just sets you on fire.D&D magic items do not want2010-05-07 3 
9828295Mundane Magic ItemsItems that aren't useful in a fight, but are still insanely useful and make life easier and more pleasant.items2010-05-15 4 
December 2010
13027252(Nearly) Useless magical items/tg/ strives to invent some of the least useful magic items in existence. But wouldn't you know it, someone will always manage to find a use for them...magic items2010-12-04 6 
13132618Guilt LizardA thread about Oglaf splits when guilt lizard turns out to be such an amazing concept.Magic items2010-12-14 3 
13238061Minor magic items/tg/ comes up with all sorts of minor items which will only be as useful as the creativity of the player allows.magic items2010-12-22 4 
13305334Mysterious OwnerA Mysterious Owner comes to show /tg/ some of his items."Mysterious Owner, Trees, magic items" 2010-12-27 7 
January 2011
13380360Seemingly useless magic itemsSEEMINGLY uselessD&D, magic items, items2011-01-04 2 
13448007Warehouse 23, BRITFAG EDITIONAnon proposes a Warehouse 23 thread , populated by underused and cheesy '60's scifi relics. Awesome ensues.Warehouse 23, science fiction, magic items, artifacts2011-01-09 3 
April 2011
14489139Low Level Magic ItemsOP asks /tg/ for small magic items to give his greedy low level player. If examined closely, the thread is actually a snake.OC, awesome, items2011-04-06 3 
July 2011
15612439Seemingly Useless ItemsA collection of silly and seemingly useless items for campaignsuseless, items, funny2011-07-17 9 
15621909Dark Heresy Loot List /tg/ comes up with a strange and wondrous list of items for Dark Heresy DMs. Puns and references to vidya, comics and literature abound DM, funny, 40K, Dark Heresy, DH, scifi, awesome, items2011-07-19 27 
November 2011
16933694IRL ArtifactsItems of history that would make good artifacts in a modern campaignItems, Artifacts2011-11-13 29 
16981996GM itemsUseless or bizarre items that you GM gave you during a campaingwat, hilarity, wierd items2011-11-22 6 
December 2011
17078465Extremely minor magical itemsa "bargain bin" which includes magical items of dubious usefulnessmagic items,bargain bin2011-12-02 12 
February 2012
17997042Hilga's Shop of CuriositiesWherein many strange and mystical items are sold for outrageous prices.Hilga, shop, magic, items, adventurer2012-02-18 11 
June 2012
19545733Trinkets and PowersA rare example of an item/power choice that led to engaging discussion and interesting stories.Items, Trinkets, Powers, Choices, 2012-06-20 17 
August 2012
20127562Hilga's Shop of Curiosities Pt. 2Hilga returns once more to peddle her wares to willing adventurers. Hilga, shop, magic, items, adventurer2012-08-02 4 
March 2013
23458310Silly Magical ItemsA great compendium of ridiculous but amusing magical items. humor, magic items, silly, magic, items2013-03-03 17 
July 2013
26007051Magic in an "everyone can use it" settingMagic is everywhere, and can be harnessed by the skillful. Setting features and mechanics are discussed.Low magic, magic items2013-07-15 11 
August 2013
26785584Dragons HoardWhat strange and wondrous items could you find in a dragons hoard?Dragon, Hoard, Items, creative2013-08-23 5 
October 2013
27972566Technomages and Magical ItemsMagical item creation thread evolves into a discussion of a setting that blends magic and programmingtechnology, magic items, fluff2013-10-28 7 
November 2013
28328109/tg/ brews Cursed WeaponsOP asks for cursed weapons, /tg/ naturally deliverscursed, item thread, items, dm resource, dm, WIZARD2013-11-17 1 
December 2013
28778423Chicken ArmorOP commits the classic blunder with a smut image. /tg/ makes it /tg/-related.writefaggotry, armor, cursed items, lewd2013-12-11 14 
28793153Chicken Armor Pt. II/tg/ revisits the Bondage Chicken, drawfags get involved and we end up with a holy relicwritefaggotry, armor, cursed items, holy items, lewd, drawfaggotry2013-12-12 14 
February 2014
30001078If you had a vorpal grindstone...Using a powerful artifact to turn the world into a hellish deathtrap, but there's no need to lose your head about it.Vorpal, Wizards, Dullahans, Magic Items, Artifact, Baking2014-02-04 16 
30030833Minor magic items. Again.I hear that's what the kids be doing these days.useless magic items, magic items, minor magic items, magic, items, loot, useless loot2014-02-05 6 
March 2014
30724242Useless Magic Items"Ring of Spiderclimb: Allows wearer to climb spiders."funny, items, magic items2014-03-09 5 
December 2014
36682352Magic Items IdeasAnons come up with magic itemsMagic Items2014-12-12 3 
April 2015
39277228Post a picture, get wouldbuilding written for itPost a image of a creature, magical item or character. The anon below must worldbuild fluff for it. Awesome worldbuilding results.fluff, backstory, worldbuilding, monsters, characters, magic items,2015-04-12 2 
December 2015
44172416Modern Day Magical ItemsIn this thread /tg/ plays a little game, making up paranormal powers and properties for mundane modern day objects. Some are wonderful, some are wicked, but all are pretty weird.Magic items, modern fantasy, brainstorming, surreal2015-12-15 6 
July 2016
48256869Useless or nearly useless magic/special itemsAnons discuss and create enchanted items with fun, but almost always useless (if in hands of uncreative man), properties.magic items, useless magic items, brainstorm, fantasy2016-07-14 3 
48412026Useless Magic Item ThreadAnons come up with useless magical itemsMagic Items, Useless, Funny2016-07-26 5 
February 2017
51664159Magical Items, Artifacts, and Treasure/tg/ invents and discussed miscellaneous adventurer loot.artifact, treasure, items, loot,2017-02-14 3 
April 2017
52707550Lich Hobbyists A discussion on what an immortal being might choose to fill their unlimited time with.lich, hobby, undeath, cursed magical items, troll, collection2017-04-16 12 
December 2017
2092597MAR Quest 1Onishi Kana beats up bullies before being teleported into a world of fairy tales and legends. Teams up with Pirates and kicks ass!MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2017-12-03 5 
2144304MAR Quest 2Kana changes clothes, trains up, and deals with the Chess's nefarious activities.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2017-12-25 5 
March 2018
2355222MAR Quest 4Kana meets with the important members of the Cross Guard and spars, while a certain Pawn wakes up to a pleasant surprise.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, Albern Aylmer, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2018-03-12 3 
April 2018
2404605Mar Quest 5Kana does her morning routine.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2018-04-02 2 
September 2018
2859733MAR Quest 6Cecily returns from her training and the Chess separate the wheat from the chaff.MAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2018-09-14 2 
October 2018
2981741MAR Quest 7Kana unwinds after the deadly prelim roundMAR Quest, marchen awakens romance, isekai, delinquent, Onishi Kana, SixWingZombi, pirates, magic items, Collective Game2018-10-30 1 
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