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September 2008
2496211The Seven Deadly sinsIronically, in a thread about sin and virtues, namefag Edward moves towards redemption. Also cool writefaggotry detailing silent hill-esque versions of the seven deadly sinssilent hill, writefaggotry, Edward2008-09-04 5 
January 2010
77323414e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Border of Life and DeathA cool build for a genasi warden. Involves lots of counterdamage.D&D, 4e, warden2010-01-23 -2 
77541004e Character Builds, Bonus Thread: The Primal DuelistA rogue|warden? Can it be done? Apparently so.D&D, 4e, rogue, warden2010-01-24 -2 
February 2010
8016267WH40K Remake #1It started with someone posting a pic of Matt Ward, the duce who fucked up the Daemons of chaos army book. The rage grew, and /tg/ decided. LETS MAKE 40K THE WAY IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE!Wh40k remake, Matt Ward, 2010-02-10 1 
April 2010
9417027Odd rewards for parties.Win with some trolling and powertripping DM on the side to taste.rewards2010-04-25 2 
May 2010
9543482Dicking over space and timeA request for stories and descriptions of unusual items given as rewards to players turns into a pretty cool thread about a tripfag's potentially awesome crystals of rerolling, with major consequences for the players.rewards, loot, fuckyeah2010-05-01 6 
October 2010
12419418That Guy ThreadA thread about That Guy. Also, Edward molests his cat.that guy, Edward, basement dweller, RPGs2010-10-14 1 
January 2011
13494279Codex: Squats IIIn which Matt Ward is apparently writing a new Squat codex. Who knew?Squats, 40k, Matt Ward, Codex2011-01-12 2 
July 2011
15726159Matt Ward QuestYou are Matthew Ward, designer of Games Workshop, ruiner of balance and molester of ferretsMatt Ward, ADB, ULTRAMARINES, Spiritual Liege2011-07-28 15 
15729516Matt Ward Quest Part 2In which Matt Ward wins a battle against Aaron Dembski Bowden, retcons the fluff of the night lords and white scars, and encounter some black templarsMatt Ward Quest, Matt Ward, Ultramarines, Derp, Spiritual Liege2011-07-28 13 
August 2011
15901740Left vs. RightThe forces of the left launch a surprise attack on the right, who counterattack in force. left vs right forward to glory charge battle 2011-08-11 11 
February 2012
1779055240KawaiiWhat started as Fatguy: the listening, turns into an epic creation of "40K: the movie", about a group of players learning the true power of 40K and friendship. Contains epic sideburns and yandere SoB-playing girlfriend.40K, friendship, awesome, kawaii, SIDEBURNS, ward, 2012-02-03 15 
January 2013
22680856GW gets new managementMatt Ward meets the Emperor and they take over GW. Dark times follow. "The other writers will not sit still for this."Matt Ward, star wars, emperor, dark side, GW, order 662013-01-20 16 
February 2013
23360620Tale of the Cowardly Knight Quest/tg/ plays a cowardly knight who manages man up in order to save the princess. fantasy, Cowardly Knight Quest, Collective Game2013-02-25 22 
October 2013
27891060Delve QuestA jailbird got sprung. There's a job to do. She meets the team. Quest, Collective Game, Delve Quest, Warden, Jayle, 2013-10-23 5 
November 2013
28065919Magus QuestAyaka Sajyou arrives at the Clock Tower, and takes the first steps towards being a magus.Magus Quest, Clock Tower, Ayaka Sajyou, Socially Awkward, Nasu, Self-Loathing2013-11-02 14 
January 2014
29890362The TrainOP comes up with a really creepy steampunk setting. Dare you go outside the Train?Steampunk, Trains, Railroad, Awesome, Horror, Stewardess, Clockpunk, Setting, Homebrew2014-01-30 21 
March 2014
30754093What /tg/ does with the drunken sailorWe have discovered a horrifying reality. There are people who have never heard that song and new versions are pitchedSea Shanty, Songs, What Should We Do With The Drunken Sailor, The Drunken fa/tg/uy, Cowardly Guardsman, Muppets Treasure Island2014-03-12 9 
February 2015
38339967Khornette Quest #23Cinder fails Temporal Mechanics 101 and has to stay after class with Ignitrix. Also we start our journey into the past.Collective Game, Khornette, Ward Effect, Lady of Change, Infodump, ELH2015-02-27 11 
March 2015
38630544Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 6Bella and Alirye kick some ork arse, Aila performs a super-duper-extra delicate field operation and jams Bella's severed arm back into place, and, most importantly, Bella does some one-liners. Oh, and Aila barges in and ruins the lewd mood Alirye and Bella had been cultivating.Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, Collective Game, Warlock, Hylophobia, Orks, Catgirl Techpriestess, Awkward conversations, mood-ruining, lewd-interrupting, power nap2015-03-12 6 
April 2015
39420184Night Wolves and Wayward Sons Creation/tg/ creates a couple CSM Warbands. One is made of Berzerkers riding giant daemonic bears, the other uses giant sand worms to terrorize its enemies, which include the aforementioned bear riders.Chaos Space Marines, Custom Warband, Night Wolves, Wayward Sons2015-04-19 3 
May 2015
39781961Crusader Quest Part 24: The Shitstorm Thread!A princess gets raped while we watch and we neglect a lady giving birth to our child.Collective Game, Crusader Quest, Ruh Roh, Wilhelm, Cowardice, HistoricalFiction2015-05-06 20 
June 2015
40386890Superhuman Legacy Quest 5Thomas knows who Mr. Salvos is now, punches a Supervillain in the balls with nanomachines, and experiences awkward nerd love.Collective Game, Superhuman Legacy, superpowers, Nanomachines, Awkward Nerd Love2015-06-04 8 
September 2016
503619Homeward QuestThe strange tale of Karen and her voyage home.Homeward, Collective Game, Animated2016-09-05 6 
December 2016
50327441The Awkward Marines Fail at FriendshipA chapter of the Emperor's Finest attempt to get in the good graces of their Sororitas and Guard allies. Hilarity ensues.Spess Mehreens, Space Marines, awkward, fail, daww2016-12-01 16 
March 2020
4098544House Rimward Quest - Part 1The bastard son of a demigod king gains the opportunity to found a colony on the far shores of a newly discovered continent.LordQM, Collective Game, House Rimward, Fantasy2020-03-27 1 
April 2020
4141921House Rimward Quest - Part 2Bayside prospers, contact made with the natives, a council formed and Takkil's leg gets poisoned. LordQM, Collective Game, House Rimward, Fantasy2020-04-11 0 
November 2020
4533961Eldritch Bloodline QuestA quest inspired by cosmic horror and horror in general, we begin creating the founding father of our family and mold how our line will be.eldritch bloodline quest, Howard Philips, Howard Philips QM, eldritch, bloodline, boston, ritual, cat, 2020-11-24 10 
June 2021
4788445STAR WARS - Interregnum #3.1Annie gets an interlude, we gather information about Nomi and the Blazing Chain, and Larid's tragic backstory is revealed.Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, Dark, Si(th)ck, and Twisted Arthurian Backstory, Boardroom Meeting, Dweemward Bound2021-06-04 17 
July 2021
4907538Enclave Remnant Quest 1In which /qst/ decides to head to the west coast and the grand adventure of Rutherford Jefferson-Jackson IV begins.Fallout, Enclave, Enclave Remnant Quest, Warden2021-07-20 17 
August 2021
4928039Enclave Remnant Quest 2The west coast enclave cell builds in stature is prepares to resettle.Fallout, Enclave, Enclave Remnant Quest, Warden2021-08-31 6 
January 2022
5078009Beneath The Pale Moon #1In Which /qst/ makes a character, chooses the church, and fights some NecromancersWarden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-01-07 5 
February 2022
5114302Beneath The Pale Moon #2Joshua Braun sets up shop in France, begins some research into spells, and investigates the heretical Magnus Jean d'Hoc.Warden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-02-23 2 
April 2022
5205185Enclave Remnant Quest 3Where Rutherford Jefferson-Jackson captures Granite, talks with his family, and plans for the future.Fallout, Enclave, Enclave Remnant Quest, Warden2022-04-21 6 
5195170Beneath The Pale Moon #3In which Joshua finishes up his preparations and heads out to engage the rogue magusWarden, Nasuverse, Church, Beneath The Pale Moon2022-04-21 2 
January 2023
5504679Enclave Remnant Quest 4In which Ford resolves some family tension, causes more family tension, and heads to Santa Rosa and discovers old world wondersFallout, Enclave, Enclave Remnant Quest, Warden2023-01-08 4 
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