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March 2008
1440633Codex: Angry MarinesA complete custom Angry Marines codex.Angry, Marines, Codex2008-03-31 21 
August 2008
2448450New ANGRY MARINE CODEXBeta version of new and fukken improved ANGRY MARINE CODEX. Also, discussion about new rules and characters for AM. Angry Marines, codex2008-08-28 10 
October 2008
2753800AMC 5thThe Angry Marine Codex fixed for 5th edition and tactical holes filled. (last beta codex had literally no weapons that could kill a land raider)Angry Marine, Codex2008-10-07 6 
August 2009
5359618Religion war-gamingFa/tg/uys discuss religions and history under the guise of a wargame codex debate.religion, codex, wargame2009-08-06 3 
January 2011
13494279Codex: Squats IIIn which Matt Ward is apparently writing a new Squat codex. Who knew?Squats, 40k, Matt Ward, Codex2011-01-12 2 
February 2011
14068752MegatonhammerAnother "race is OP" complaint thread. Codex creep and...Gorons?zelda, crossover, Codex, creep2011-02-28 6 
March 2011
14076640Megatonhammer part IIIn which /tg/ gets shit done, and starts to build an actual game(s). Also, Goron are OP in Twilight editionzelda, crossover, Codex, creep, homebrew2011-03-01 3 
14120080Tau Codex Fixing/tg/ passes around ideas to fix the Tau Codex, many good ideas are discussed.Tau, Codex, 5th Edition, 40k2011-03-05 2 
14243796A fa/tg/uy Chaos Codex?Some guy proposes /tg/ write a Ward-level Chaos Codex. Preliminary crunch ideas are bandied about.40k, Chaos, codex, homebrew2011-03-16 2 
April 2011
14634988Maugan-Ra and Kaptin Badrukk: Tyranid Slayers, Cops.A question of Eldar fluff turns into a discussion of how future 40k Codices should be structured, and the ultimate buddy cop duo is forged.maugan-ra, fluff, 40k, codex, badrukk2011-04-19 2 
September 2012
20759908Codex: Sisters of Battle I/tg/ takes a look at the sisters and awesome ensuessisters of battle, game design, codex, sororitas, awesome, act of faith, acts of faith, sensei, living saint2012-09-18 9 
July 2014
33413732Chaos Sisters Fandex Ep3Third attempt at a chaos sisters of battle fandex after /tg/ sperged out previously.chaos, sisters of battle, corruption, fandex, sperglords, edgy, dull, codex, fan,2014-07-15 2 
November 2014
36478590sob codexcodex of sobbingcodex2014-11-30 2 
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