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October 2010
12612753Adventure Time Quest!30 years after Jake and Finn left their legacy, Brock the Rock Candy Musclewizard sets out to make his mark on the world.Adventure Time, Collective Game, Quest thread2010-10-30 1 
May 2011
15009675Adventure Time RPGOP wants a quick and simple RPG for Adventure Time, Awesome is a stat. Hopefully followup on it sometime.Adventure Time, Homebrew, awesome2011-05-22 7 
October 2012
21244750Elvish in Adventure Time/co/ comes by to ask about some Elvish on a book in Adventure Time. /tg/ gets sleuthing.Elvish, adventure time, /co/, mystery2012-10-23 23 
July 2017
1659100Come Along With Me: An Adventure Time QuestWe're in Adventure time, we're a mayo wizard named Justin. We fought some orcs, went to Candy Kingdom and helped break up a kidnapping rinAdventure Time2017-07-20 9 
September 2023
5729109Adventrarous Time: a tale of grief and coomYou are fan and you are ready for some Adventrarous Time (the most deranged quest I've seen in a while, surprisingly enjoyable).Adventure Time, fan, jak, Marmelade, ice Craig, the land of oh, Adventrarous Time, The Real Pendleton Ward, David Duke2023-09-04 -7 
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