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August 2019
3760834The Expedition #2Henry McDermond continues his journey to Cape Town, and gets into a fightExpedition Quest, Collective Game, 19th Century2019-08-31 3 
September 2019
3820796The Expedition, Part IIIHenry learns the fate of La Gloire, and descends into the depths of the ocean blue.Expedition Quest, Collective Game, 19th Century2019-09-26 2 
November 2019
3872017The Expedition, Part IVHenry saves the Frenchmen, and then presses onward to Lemuria. Expedition Quest, Collective Game, 19th Century2019-11-01 4 
December 2019
3921751The Expedition, Part VHenry reaches Lemuria, and discovers more about the vile Scarab. Hijinks ensueexpedition quest, moreau, 19th century2019-12-01 1 
January 2020
4015445The Expedition, Part VIHenry and his friends explore Lemuria, and prepare to bring their vile enemy downexpedition quest, ErrantQM, 19th century, Henry McDermond2020-01-24 0 
March 2020
4089683Expedition Quest, Part VIIThe Scarab is close, and the company raids his palaceExpedition Quest, 19th century, ErrantQM2020-03-15 0 
April 2020
4161154The Expedition Quest, Part VIIIContinuing the fight against the Scarabexpedition quest, 19th century, errantqm2020-04-16 1 
August 2020
4353278The Expedition Quest, Part IXHenry manages to defeat the Scarab, and attempts to woo his lady loveexpedition quest, errantqm, 19th century2020-08-12 0 
4394197North of Nowhere Quest #1Dr. John Kay moves to the far north, severs a mutated arm, experiences mind control, and witnesses the supernatural.Doctor, Supernatural, 19th Century2020-08-24 10 
October 2020
4455735North of Nowhere Quest #2Dr. John Kay has a friendly sleepover, shadows a hunter at work, and consoles his assistant.Doctor, Supernatural, 19th Century2020-10-08 4 
June 2023
5682932The ODALISQUEPRELUDE - We shall sit together by the river, beneath the summer trees. collective game, mystery, horror, Victorian, Edwardian, 19th Century, occult, mannerpunk, ww1, poetry2023-06-08 1 
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