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July 2009
5145534Another Wasteland Warrior TaleWasteland Warrior brings another campaign story to /tg/.Wasteland Warrior, storytime2009-07-13 57 
5165594Wasteland Warrior Storytime/tg/ requests Wasteland Warrior stories and is rewarded. Captain Collateral, and killing Boba Fett included.Wasteland Warrior, storytime2009-07-15 27 
5207708Wasteland Warrior, hot, passionate awkward gay sex and you.Another Wasteland Warrior story. This time he makes the stars wars prequels 235 times better.Wasteland Warrior, writefag, story2009-07-20 48 
5222041Yet another Wasteland Warrior storyWasteland Warrior delivers another story, this one about a Dark Heresy campaignWasteland Warrior, story thread, Dark Heresy2009-07-22 24 
September 2009
5820756Wasteland Warrior Space Opera StorytimeWasteland Warrior being a BBEG bastard and then preparing for future sessions.Wasteland Warrior, Storytime, Evil Bastard2009-09-12 24 
5940037Worst DM/Player StoriesA collection of stories about bad DMs and bad players. Wasteland Warrior shows up at the end with a few of his stories.Bad DMs, Bad players, stories, Wasteland Warrior2009-09-21 21 
5957719/tg/ storytime and QA with Wasteland Warrior Stories are swapped, questions are answered, fun is had.storytime, Wasteland Warrior2009-09-22 16 
5982843Evil CampaignsPeople tell tales of evil campaigns that they've had. Wasteland Warrior appears and asks for the rest of one story.Wasteland Warrior, Evil campaigns2009-09-24 12 
5999002A very special Wasteland Warrior ThreadIn anticpation of /tg/'s 6million get, our hero Wasteland Warrior tells a few, yet highly amusing stories about his non-gaming exploits. Then molests a fa/tg/uy.Wasteland Warrior2009-09-25 27 
November 2009
6570530BATTLETECHEpic long battletech thread, with lots of jst abot everything, as per sual. Also awesome Merc Regiments.Awesome, Epic, Battletech, Mechwarrior2009-11-06 2 
6741605Most good thing you've done in a game. A "good things you've done ingame" thread turns into a WW story session.stories, Wasteland Warrior, storytime, Good2009-11-17 10 
December 2009
7182564MIGHTY WARRIOR LINK QUESTLINK wakes up after being ASS-RAPED by his UNCLE. He then becomes a MIGHTY WARRIOR, and with GANON travels to the SHADOW REALM.ZELDA, LINK, GANON, MIGHTYWARRIOR2009-12-18 14 
April 2010
9079059Shitty Dark Heresy CharactersWasteland Warrior tells about a shitty dark heresy character concept he receives, and asks if any can do worse. Anon replies with Victus Khan, hero of the REDACTEDwasteland warrior dark heresy 2010-04-09 28 
9089308WW QUESTWasteland Warrior eschews storytime in favor of running a drunken quest thread.Wasteland Warrior, quest2010-04-10 7 
9374590CHUDFIGHTWasteland Warrior proposes the ultimate in gladiatorial thrills, fights between trailer trash and tries to form a league using inquisitor rules.Wasteland Warrior, Chuds, Inquisitor2010-04-23 7 
9390409Battletech Battle ReportBattle Report for a game of Battletech played at an LGS, complete with photos.Battletech, Battle Report, Mechwarrior2010-04-24 3 
May 2010
10128142Drunk Wasteland WarriorHe needs to do this more often.Drunk, Wasteland Warrior2010-05-29 10 
June 2010
10208453WW's drunken ramblings and Heresies. Heresy thread turns into WW storytime, complete with voice recordings from the man.Wasteland Warrior, storytime, WW, Drunk, story, writefag, Heresy2010-06-02 6 
10724839Battletech Battle Report 6Adam Steiner VS 1st Genyosha (Note: Op was banned before completing the BR due to automated scripts thinking the acronym for Hatamoto Hi (HTM) was a referral site)Battletech, Mechwarrior, Battle Report2010-06-25 0 
August 2010
11810197Obliterator QuestAfter the Battle of Terra aboard a retreating Iron Warriors battlebarge one of the first Obliterators awaken to face the price paid for their newfound patronage.Collective Game, 40k, Iron Warriors, Chaos2010-08-25 10 
11855121Obliterator Quest part 2Brother Acherus encounters hostile brother marines of a rival Warsmith, possessed astartes, fights daemons, and kicks arse with brother Solonis, all while trying to capture a scheming chaos sorcerer.Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-08-28 5 
11865591Obliterator Quest part 3After finding Deimos on the verge of dying, brother Acherus wanders around, and breaks into the Generatorum in attempt to OMNOMNOM a plasma generator.Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-08-29 7 
September 2010
11922862Obliterator Quest part 4Acherus tries to escape the Generatorum, killing a bunch of Scitarii, and probably pissing off the Dark Mechanicum.Obliterator Quest, quest thread, collective game, 40k, chaos, iron warriors2010-09-02 2 
11934328Obliterator Quest part 5Brother Acherus gets elected to Lord Skraal's Chosen, gets some new wargear, and his first assignment to get back on the rival Warsmith.Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-09-03 3 
11948892Obliterator Quest part 6Acherus wanders into the Serf Quarters to hunt down the cannibalistic mutants lurking there. He tries out his new chainfist in action, and TACKLES THE BEAST WITH CARNAGE!Obliterator Quest, Quest Thread, Chaos, Iron Warriors, 40k, Collective Game2010-09-04 3 
October 2010
12528522Mechwarrior Quest (1)The first episode of Mechwarrior questBattletech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest2010-10-22 15 
12546242Mechwarrior Quest 2We meet with some of the other merc outfits, load up, and make our way to Hellhole. Arrive to find the mines invaded, and Corvatti trying to alter the deal. We alter it first.Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-10-24 11 
12602264Mechwarrior Quest 3Part 3, where we learn that things may not be all that they appear to be on Hellhole.Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-10-29 13 
12624523Characters who could take a level of BarbarianA thread about manliness goes horribly awry.Manly men, beards, meth, owls, Wasteland Warrior, alcohol, Norse mythology2010-10-31 2 
November 2010
12634050Mechwarrior Quest 4We troll the pirates before starting negotiations to let them live while still getting paid. Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-11-01 11 
12651509Mechwarrior Quest 4.5Jussi and his team finds up he's up against assault mech Wobbies armed with nukes, loses good men. Goes on to win anyway and bargains to get the pirates offworld. Yes, we mad but then we shot the Blakist in the face. Then took his 100 tonner as salvage.Battetech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest, Mechwarrior Quest2010-11-02 11 
12844530Dark Heresy Statting - Iron Warriors Dreadnought/tg/ helps to stat a Dreadnought for use in a DH game against the acolytes, a near unstoppable killing machine is created, needless to say Heresymaker's players will soon encounter this TPK clad in armour and bristling with Chaotic energy.Dark Heresy, Dreadnought, TPK, Stat, Iron Warriors, Acolytes, GM dickery,2010-11-19 3 
February 2011
13796374Commando Quest Part 4We successfully raid a food depot, tear through the heightened security, end up killing the minimum wage nightguards who we mistook for battle-hardened soldiers, and disappear into the night with another two salvaged mechs.Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech, Mechwarrior2011-02-08 6 
13885808Commando Quest Part 5After our last mission and our many mechs in need of repairs we're taking a break from battle and planning our future strategies and possible objectives. That ever-present airbase is looking more and more like an obstacle, and a dropship that landed there might provide a means to infiltrate it successfully...Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech, Mechwarrior, planning2011-02-16 5 
March 2011
14257950The Warrior-QueenOP asks for help fleshing out a "female Conan or Genghis Khan". /tg/ responds with the usual expected gamut of barbarian-princess images, debate on the stereotype that all strong women are dykes, and some discussion on the merits of wealth, sex, and power.warrior, queen, barbarian, conan, genghis khan, wealth, sex, power2011-03-16 0 
April 2011
14591373New World WarriorsOP makes Dwarf Badger Riders, and fa/tg/uy creates silly stereotypes on WARwar, homebrew, dwarfs, USA, fantasy, canadians, north america, New World Warriors2011-04-15 0 
14620876Warrior Pets/tg/ recounts stories of brave animals dying in battle, earning their places in ValhallaPet, Warrior, Valhalla, Dogs2011-04-17 9 
May 2011
14854601Drawwarrior and the Sky CityIn this third installment of drawwarrior, the heroes explore Sky City, and learn about the Warlord.collective game, drawwarrior2011-05-08 1 
15087969Warriors of the Eight Tombs #3More delicious NecronsWarriors of the Eight Tombs Necrons God Emperor Writefag2011-05-29 3 
June 2011
15429450The Chosen of Chaos: Warriors of the North Quest 2The captive's will has been strong. Can our Warrior of the Raven God break her spirit? And how will he deal with the language barrier?Collective Game, Norsca Quest, The Chosen of Chaos: Warriors of the North Quest2011-06-30 26 
July 2011
15435000Warriors of the North Quest 3Our Chosen One of Tzeentch runs into speedbumps, notably a group of Ungor beastmen. How will he handle these savages?Collective Game, Norsca Quest, Warriors of the North Quest2011-07-01 30 
15437414Warriors of the North Quest 4Our chosen bumbles his way further into the woods and faces off against a minotaur this time. Much raging at the fickle dice ensues.Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game2011-07-01 30 
15439224Warrior of the North Quest 5Our champion (!) gets a warband of beastmen and an awesome minotaur.Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game2011-07-01 30 
15445375Warrior of the North Quest 6The champion and his forces finally finish preperation for the attack!Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game2011-07-02 27 
15449311Warrior of the North Quest 7Starts with elf rape; moves on from there.Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game, Elf Rape2011-07-02 26 
15466645Warrior of the North Quest 8The bray shaman oversteps his bounds. Time to take care of him the way only a Tzeentchian can.Norsca Quest, Collective Game, Warriors of the North Quest2011-07-04 25 
15497988Warriors of the NorthMore treachery and deceit, also (finally) getting a primer for the winds of magic.Norsca Quest, Collective Game, Warriors of the North Quest, Wargol Umhang2011-07-07 24 
15536369Warriors of the North Quest 10Our champion finds another village, and one poster has perhaps doomed our hero.Collective Game, Norsca Quest, Warriors of the North Quest, Warrior of the North Quest, Slayer of Threads, Wargol Umhang2011-07-11 22 
February 2012
18139645Merc Quest Thread 3 - unfinishedMerc Quest, meet some new friends, called early.merc quest, collective game, battletech, mechwarrior2012-02-29 1 
March 2012
18320662The White WallOP wants to know how to end the story of his warrior. /tg/ obliges.writefaggotry, stories, fantasy, warrior, armor, The White Wall,2012-03-15 28 
April 2012
18807387Mechwarrior 3rd edition character buildingCharacter Making Guy makes a character for MW3. He might be a hillbilly ninja.Mechwarrior, Battletech, Character, Hillbilly2012-04-22 5 
May 2012
19257100Mechwarrior Quest 1The Adventures of Tom Derringer, Jenner Pilot and Mercenary of Lance's Lance, in the Clan Invasion.Collective Game, Mechwarrior Quest, Mechwarrior, Battletech2012-05-27 6 
December 2012
22023659Mechwarrior Quest ReduxThe Baker's Dozen fight off a pirate attack, and while one of their mechs is lost, choice salvage is acquired. We also tail one of the retreating pirates to their base.Mechwarrior Quest Redux, Collective Game, BattleTech, Mercenaries2012-12-14 2 
22040157Mechwarrior Quest Redux #3We get into position to mop up the remaining pirate base. The fight goes well until Megamek gives us some hilarious dice. Or depressing, depending on your angle of view.Mechwarrior Quest Redux, Collective Game, BattleTech, Mercenaries, Saladin2012-12-15 1 
22101713Mechwarrior Quest Redux 4We finish up the pirate contract, tell the Baker's their son is dead, and Tom's old friend Hartmann joins up as the new commander of Baker's Dozen.Mechwarrior Quest Redux, Collective Game, BattleTech, Mercenaries2012-12-19 2 
22146679/tg/ Prophesizes their OWN end-of-the-world/tg/ bands together with an ancient evil, a virgin, a dog, a half-fae catboy, akuuuuuu, and for some reason michael bay to end all timemayan calendar, end of the world, lol, lulz, funny, humourous indeed, greentext, foolish samurai warrior2012-12-21 14 
August 2013
26915927Time Warriors Thread/tg/ embarks on a journey to make the most toyetic 80's action cartoon that never wastoys, action, 80's, time, warriors,2013-08-31 10 
September 2013
27023320Time Warriors Thread 2The Time Warriors become more fleshed out. We get a few new characters and a better sense of the direction the setting could take.time, warriors, johnny quick, anti, star, 80's2013-09-05 5 
December 2013
28610955A-bear-ationSo what DOES happen when a bear shapeshifter gets pregnant...?bear, druid, bear warrior, abearation, discussion, bears2013-12-03 6 
March 2014
30776895Saiyan Warrior QuestThe first edition of Saiyan Warrior QuestSaiyan Warrior Quest, Saiyan, Warrior, Quest, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-12 10 
April 2014
31297625A Clash of Class - The Warrior sideThe warriors bumble about and circlejerk trying to find out how to get the Wyrms all the while an attack brews from the other side.Wyrm, Warriors, Clash of Class, Meetings2014-04-06 1 
May 2014
32377078Dream Warrior Quest: Humble beginningsIn which you don't want no trouble. Collective Game, Dream Warrior Quest2014-05-27 1 
June 2014
32664983Three Kingdoms QuestWe, the minor noble Zhu Xing, take our first step on the road to becoming a General of the High Heavens. Also, we serve Lu Bu! For now, anyway.Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time2014-06-09 25 
32683252Three Kingdoms Quest 2 Zhu Xing defends Luoyang, becomes Commandant of the Guards, and makes friends with other officers. Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms2014-06-10 18 
32767117Three Kingdoms Quest 3Ding Dong the witch is Dead Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms2014-06-14 14 
32811583Three Kingdoms Quest 4 We return to our hometown and head south for a new beginning Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms2014-06-16 18 
July 2014
33115171Three Kingdoms Quest Part 7In the late 1st century AD China, there is only war, and the laugh of thirsting Lu Bu, which his daughter is getting closer to Zhu Xing as days goes by Boner plsRaian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Lu Linqi2014-07-01 15 
33259543Three Kingdoms Quest Part 8We regroup and battle Wang Lang. Thread cut short due to circumstances.Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Lu Lingqi2014-07-08 18 
33411203Three Kingdoms Quest Part ⑨Zhu Xing invents a new dish that consists of cooked wheat dough in the form of long, slender, solid strings, and then proceeds to spill it.Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi, Strategic Blunders2014-07-15 13 
33570642Three Kingdoms Quest Part 10We begin our battle against Yuan Shu's army Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Lu Lingqi2014-07-22 18 
33734908Three Kingdoms Quest Part 11Zhu Xing continues his political intrigues in Jing provinceRaian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi2014-07-29 16 
August 2014
33900226Three Kingdoms Quest Part 12Zhu Xing becomes the prefect of Wu and makes progress with a certain someone Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi 2014-08-05 22 
33923041Three Kingdoms Quest Part 13Zhu Xing tries to govern the city, parties hard, and prepares for his next campaign Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi2014-08-06 15 
34072613Three Kingdoms Quest Part 14Zhu Xing builds up an army to campaign against Yuan Shu and battles Sun CeRaian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi2014-08-12 12 
34079694Three Kingdoms Quest Part 14.5Zhu Xing finds out whether his waifu survives an encounter with a pyromaniac Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi2014-08-12 12 
34261928Three Kingdoms Quest Part 15Zhu Xing teams up with Gan Ning and battles Sun Ce's forcesRaian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi2014-08-20 12 
34401049Three Kingdoms Quest Part 16Zhu Xing attempts to take Lu Jiang commandery from Sun Ce and Yuan Shu. Raian, Three Kingdoms Quest, Collective Game, Dynasty Warriors, Ravages of Time, Three Kingdoms, Zhu Xing, Lu Lingqi 2014-08-26 21 
July 2015
41039467The Next Total Warrior - Pro Wrestling Quest #1Karl Reuter signs up for a pro wrestling camp and pisses everyone off.Total Warrior Quest, Collective Game2015-07-06 3 
August 2015
41860040Road Warrior QuestIn which /tg/ is a prisoner to road warriors.Road Warrior Quest, Collective Game2015-08-14 -1 
August 2016
421192Resistance Warrior Quest Part 1Harold Startread finds his colony under unprovoked attack by ADVENT forces, and gets saved by and joins an XCOM strike team. Resistance Warrior, Resistance Warrior Quest, XCOM2016-08-01 1 
434693Resistance Warrior Quest Part 2Harry Startread has a bad encounter with an ADVENT MEC, is injured and wakes up in the Avenger. Private Will Williams embarks on a mission. XCOM, Resistance Warrior Quest, RWQ, quest2016-08-05 1 
October 2016
49596104Chimera Legion Thread III: of alliteration and a desperate need for more fluffThe Chimera's get a high council and some of the High council members get a personality. Also the Orkish nemesis is namedChaos, Warhammer 40k, warband creation, Iron warriors, Chimera legion2016-10-07 5 
49695798Chimera Legion Thread IV: Of Fluff and Frumious WizardsCultist characters are created, the chimeric army discussed and tracks gone offChaos, Warhammer 40k, warband creation, Iron warriors, Chimera legion2016-10-14 4 
August 2017
1757617Storm Warrior's QuestAisha's son Jack does something he'll probably regret, gets yanked around by a woman, and begins his epic hike through a swamp.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-08-17 6 
1789052Storm Warrior's Quest #2Jack continues his hike and picks up a lizard chick.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest, stop with the incest you fucks2017-08-29 6 
September 2017
1819943Storm Warrior's Quest #3Jack climbs a mountain and prepares to go on a voyage to a new continent.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-09-10 6 
1854914Storm Warrior’s Quest #4Jack goes on a voyage, does chores for his uncle, and gets felt up by a gecko.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-09-21 6 
October 2017
1884798Storm Warrior’s Quest #5Jack goes to a desert land and finally captured a crow bitch.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-10-01 6 
1920352Storm Warrior’s Quest #6Jack fights his brother, picks up another girl, and gets bored shopping for clothes.Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior’s Quest2017-10-11 6 
1954723Storm Warrior's Quest #7Jack marries his harem, but not before picking up a few more girls...Cyberpunk Demonslayer, Storm Warrior's Quest2017-10-18 6 
July 2018
2686982YouOnlyGetOneShot #1The adventure beginsFantasy, YouOnlyGetOneShot, YOGOS, Warrior, Collective Game, JeremyQm2018-07-04 2 
2702529YouOnlyGetOneShot #2You meet a guard and visit your companions uncleFantasy, YOGOS, YouOnlyGetOneShot, Warrior, Collective Game, JeremyQm2018-07-12 2 
October 2018
62669954Craftworld Driag-NahlWitness the birth of the unholy bastard of /k/, Vietcong, Noldor and Nagarythe.Eldar, Traps, Jungle, Masterwork Gear, PTSD, Arts and Crafts, Poor Iron Warriors2018-10-30 6 
March 2019
3337683Bio Armored Titan 1: Heroes Rise AgainWe select our armor and get to know how to use it somewhat before finding out that Gilgamesh is a pacifistic pussy. Cut short by GM retard.Bio Armored Titan, Biotech, Alien Invasion, Not Earth, Mr.C, Collective Game, That Warrior is totally coming back, Titan Gilgamesh2019-03-17 2 
February 2021
4638339Wandering Warrior Quest IJatar the Baadgha meets a witch who tasks him with killing a nameless god. Magic is looked for and the wrong kind is found.Wandering Warrior, Captain, Collective Game2021-02-23 0 
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