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October 2009
6222972FirstquestA writefag's first attempt at running a quest thread, that just so happens to be a balcksmith's first quest. First quest2009-10-11 8 
6232004Firstquest, part 2Everyone's dead. Except the children. Got to save the children. Can't sleep, the spell will kill us. Can't trust the werewolf. Got to keep moving...First quest, collective game2009-10-12 8 
6247427Firstquest 3Lots of fire and pain in this one, pain pain zombies... speculations on the lich being M.J.Firstquest, Collective Game2009-10-13 6 
6260669Firstquest 4First quest wraps up with a climatic finale.Firstquest, Collective Game2009-10-14 8 
6489840Horror StoriesOP requests horror stories, Chuck-E-Cheese writefag delivers to stop thread derailment.horror, storytime, firstquest2009-10-30 7 
October 2010
12577592Apollo does Abbot and Costello... for D&DWho's the Fighter, What's the Rogue, I Don't Know's the Cleric... classicAbbot and Costello, Who's on First, D&D, classic lols2010-10-26 5 
November 2010
12692497Trustworthy? 32-40Ribbonfag asks /tg/'s opinion of eight more.Trustworthy, DM help, characters, portraits, ribbonfag, first impressions2010-11-06 1 
August 2011
16029771Forgotten CharactersOP gets fa/tg/uys to tell of their first character...if they can remember, that is.characters, roleplaying, first, awesome, sad, baww2011-08-23 12 
October 2012
21120178/tg/ Dragon Quest Part DeuxBronze Dragon quest, 2nd thread. We woke up, ate ore, made masterwork enchanted armor from said ore, killed a big dragon, and grew into a steel dragon.Bronze dragon, quest, dragon, dragon quest, FirstTimer2012-10-14 11 
21139200/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 3We awaken to find we are no longer the child we once were, we finally have a conversation with the hermit and we roll a Nat 20 on our first attempt at flying.Dragon, Bronze, Steel, Metal, Hermit, FirstTimer2012-10-16 7 
21190429That Feel: The Saddest Thing I KnowOP needs a tragic background story for a character. Halfway through the thread a Dane tells the story that he calls 'The Saddest Thing I Know', /tg/ doesn't have time to brace before the impact and is blown away by what can only be described as possibly the worst feel ever.That Feel, The Saddest Thing I Know, First World War, World War 1, Denmark, Danish, Dane, worst feel ever, feels, sadness, storytime2012-10-19 21 
21191520/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 4HAHA, TIME TO SLAUGHTER BARBARIANSDragon Collective Game Quest Bronze Steel Metal FirstTimer2012-10-19 10 
21310936/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 5HAHA, TIME TO get punched by your best friendDragon, Collective, Game, Quest, Bronze, Steel, Metal, FirstTimer2012-10-28 6 
December 2012
21906024First Post Quest IIThe further advventures of Snakedick the Magnificent. Collective Game, First Post Quest, Snakedick, sword waifu, utter insanity2012-12-06 8 
22025314/tg/ Dragon Quest Part 6We wake with a hangover, vomit up a Golem, then create a Golem Butler.Collective Game, Dragon, Quest, Bronze, Steel, Metal, FirstTimer, Waiting for OP2012-12-14 5 
January 2013
22722665First Response questOP decides to take the first suggestion given to him Oh god...first, suggestion, quest, transcend, crazy, sinks, loki2013-01-22 35 
22788717The Legions of Earth/tg/ helps allay the fears of a concerned brother. Then it proceeds to prove just how ridiculously far they can derail a threadPolandball, Abbadon, failure, derail, daemonette, discussion, First Founding, 40k, wut2013-01-26 10 
April 2013
24398393First D&D Campaign StoriesAnons share stories of the disasters that were their first D&D game.First game, D&D, nat 12013-04-23 5 
July 2013
26255656/tg/ Bronze Dragon Quest Part 6.5Back after nearly a year-long hiatus!Collective Game, Firsttimer, Quest, Dragon, Metal, Bronze Dragon2013-07-27 5 
December 2013
28719869/tg/ Bronze Dragon Quest Part 7Time to atone for murdering all those people!Collective Game, Firsttimer, Quest, Dragon, Metal, Bronze Dragon2013-12-08 3 
28739094/tg/ Bronze Dragon Quest Part 8Apologies, apologies everywhere!Collective Game, Dragon, Quest, Bronze, Steel, Metal, FirstTimer, Waiting for OP2013-12-09 3 
August 2014
34100725Neo Survivor quest 1You awaken in a cryogenic tube, the news feed thats been plugged into your sleeping form tells you its Y2Kx10 shit happens and then more shit happens, its pretty goodNeo Survivor, Quest, First, Robots, Mutants, Mild Humor, Collective Game, Apocalyptic, Pls read, Brain, Agro, 2014-08-13 5 
October 2014
35298147Exalted Quest 46We flashback to the first age and experience the UsurpationExalted, Solar, Quest, Solar Quest, Collective Game, Zenith, Tianna, First Age2014-10-04 18 
November 2014
36271815First Europan War Quest - Prologue 1Baron Renard de Velde, proud officer of the Gallian military, takes up arms in anticipation of the First Europan War. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-11-20 15 
36292135First Europan War Quest - Prologue 2First Lieutenant Renard de Velde settles in and meets his new team. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-11-21 14 
36334652First Europan War Quest - Prologue 3The team launches an attack against a hunting lodge that may or may not be filled with Imperial troops.Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-11-23 12 
36312413First Steps Paladin QuestIn which you're forced to become a noble paladin. First Steps Paladin Quest, Collective Game2014-11-23 0 
36416558First Europan War Quest - Chapter 1The team wraps up a few loose ends from their previous mission and gets ready for the next step. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-11-27 11 
December 2014
36551024First Europan War Quest - Chapter 2The team joins the defense of Teschelbero to keep the Imperial forces out of Gallia. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-12-04 10 
36686174First Europan War Quest - Chapter 3Having pushed the Imperials out of Teschelbero, the Gallian Army settles in and celebrates its victory. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-12-11 7 
36823620First Europan War Quest - Chapter 4The Gallian Army decides it's time to find the Imperials and loot their stuff. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-12-18 7 
36921988First Europan War Quest - Chapter 5Having crushed the Imperial's attempt at a naval invasion, the Gallian Army ponders its military response. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-12-23 7 
37048449First Europan War Quest - Chapter 6Gallians are in the Empire's base, cutting its telegraph wires.Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2014-12-30 7 
January 2015
37141841First Europan War Quest - Chapter 7Mandatory Hot Spring Episode. The team relaxes before their next deployment. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-01-04 7 
37228083First Europan War Quest - Chapter 8Time for trench warfare!Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-01-08 7 
37379731First Europan War Quest - Chapter 9Yet more trench warfare as the Gallians push back an Imperial assault.Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-01-15 7 
37535615First Europan War Quest - Chapter 10Gallia's anti-tank unit finally arrives, as does some more PTSD. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-01-22 6 
37685850First Europan War Quest - Chapter 11The team volunteers to ambush some Imperial troops before they can join the siege of Ghirlandaio.Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-01-29 7 
February 2015
37844409First Europan War Quest - Chapter 12The Gallian Army launches an attack at the Imperial forces headed towards Ghirlandaio. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-02-05 7 
38003293First Europan War Quest - Chapter 13In which Renard hunts the most dangerous game for cash and Gallian pride. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-02-12 7 
38158597First Europan War Quest - Chapter 14The last day at Ghirlandaio is followed by hints of something troublesome. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-02-19 5 
38317859First Europan War Quest - Chapter 15The team tracks down a group of Imperials who are operating within Gallian territory. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-02-26 6 
March 2015
38474181First Europan War Quest - Chapter 16Time to assault a Valkyrur ruin under Imperial control!Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-03-05 5 
38636134First Europan War Quest - Chapter 17The team tries to find out what the Imperials were doing in a Valkyrur temple. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-03-12 7 
38794468First Europan War Quest - Chapter 18Renard returns home and prepares for the Feast of All Spirits. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-03-19 7 
38936857First Europan War Quest - Chapter 19Renard goes out on a date before receiving his new assignment. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-03-26 13 
April 2015
39074707First Europan War Quest - Chapter 20The team arrives at the Barious Desert and finally gets a tank! Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-04-02 7 
39224300First Europan War Quest - Chapter 21The team provides backup for the 33rd Infantry Battalion's offensive against the Empire. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-04-09 7 
39368105First Europan War Quest - Chapter 22A choose your own flashback thread where Renard tries to survive in the trenches. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-04-16 6 
39512768First Europan War Quest - Chapter 23Training, shopping and desert reconnaissance. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-04-23 6 
39655028First Europan War Quest - Chapter 24The squad charges into the Imperial trenches in order to get to their headquarters. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-04-30 6 
May 2015
39794592First Europan War Quest - Chapter 25The squad has a day off to celebrate their recent victory. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-05-07 6 
39941128First Europan War Quest - Chapter 26The Gallian Army moves to a Valkyrur ruin in preparation for the next phase of the war. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-05-14 6 
40077308First Europan War Quest - Chapter 27The squad takes up defensive position in anticipation of an Imperial attack. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-05-21 6 
40224101First Europan War Quest - Chapter 28General Gunther comes up with a plan to deal with the traitors and their Imperial allies. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-05-28 6 
June 2015
40373177First Europan War Quest - Chapter 29With all the Imperial officers dead, the Gallian Army launches a counterattack. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-06-04 5 
40523060First Europan War Quest - Chapter 30The team takes stock of the situation in preparation for the future. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-06-11 5 
40666986First Europan War Quest - Chapter 31The squad scouts out a fort in the desert. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-06-18 5 
40803816First Europan War Quest - Chapter 32The squad assaults the enemy vanguard to stall their advance and prepare attack on its commander. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-06-25 5 
July 2015
40953636First Europan War Quest - Chapter 33The squad gets ready to take out another enemy General. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-07-02 6 
41101874First Europan War Quest - Chapter 34The day starts off with a fresh nightmare, then the squad prepares for the big mission. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-07-09 6 
41247286First Europan War Quest - Chapter 35The squad assaults elite Imperial troops in preparation for the the final showdown. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-07-16 6 
41398543First Europan War Quest - Chapter 36The Gallians pin down and assault the remaining Imperial forces. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-07-23 6 
41549085First Europan War Quest - Chapter 37Time for the final boss! The squad assaults the Imperial general.Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-07-30 5 
August 2015
41693597First Europan War Quest - EpilogueRenard puts his past behind and starts planning his future. Collective Game, First Europan War Quest, Valkyria Chronicles2015-08-06 7 
February 2016
45275801First Post QuestIn which we become Jenny, get involved in human trafficking, get a cat, get swole, become alcoholic, and a bunch of other things.Collective Game, Quest, First Post Quest2016-02-07 5 
45708138Song of Spite #1A day in the life of a slaveSlave Quest, New, First Thread 2016-02-29 4 
March 2016
46123011Knight vs Dragon practice questA first time QM runs a short quest based off anons' suggestions. It becomes a knight saving the princess from a dragon.Collective game, Acerbus, QM's first quest, Knight vs dragon practice quest, female MC2016-03-20 1 
April 2016
46548286Sin Princess Quest 2A failure to archive! The Princess of Envy goes explores, fights a harpy, and suffers a Critical Failure!Sin Princess Quest, Collective Game, First Thread Not Archived2016-04-09 -10 
CollectionFeedback threadWhere a mod forces a new archive to be created at mad man speedsFeedback, Madman, First2016-04-27 27 
November 2016
842675Zatch Bell Quest 1Michael Anderson meets his new little sister Dizzy who turns out to be something special.Zatch Bell Quest, First Quest, /qst/, Collective game 2016-11-20 8 
July 2017
1623385 Imperial Guardman quest Jorg Brets, a newbie imperial guardsman, gets his first taste of battle on his very first mission. A one off guardsman quest, anons had fun one off, mini quest, Imperial Guardsman, warhammer 40K, catachanon, first quest 2017-07-02 1 
October 2017
1943656Shadow PlayA former cop with locked-in syndrome is forced to take over other people's bodies in order to save his niece from a group of kidnappers.Collective Game, Shadow Play, Idiom Alpha, First Person, Image Quest2017-10-14 2 
1978805Oddyssey - Dreams of going off worldEvelynn is a dirt poor scrub who dreams of a better life, one that will take her away from the block. Oddyssey, Sci-fi, Science Fiction, Fiction, One, 1, First2017-10-21 1 
September 2020
4421810Post-Apocalyptic Tribe QuestIn the aftermath of an apocalyptic Great War, former MP Edgar Cromwell leads a tribe in an attempt to make a civilised life in the wastelandPost-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest, The First History Man, Civ, Post-Apocalypse, Collective Game2020-09-15 0 
October 2020
4451483Post-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest – Part 2Edgar's daughter Victoria takes over. Farming expands, religion is more codified and we contact another group.Post-Apocalyptic Tribe Quest, The First History Man, Civ, Post-Apocalypse, Collective Game2020-10-14 0 
January 2021
4582439Ex-Fighter Chimera Quest After being abandoned by his teammates for being weak, Zedek find a way to become stronger with the help of a Lustful witch.FlakemanCometh, FlakemanCometh QM, Hero, Chimera, Witch, Dungeon, Fantasy, Revenge, Date, First Thread2021-01-12 17 
April 2021
4677197Evil ranger quest ep. 1An evil Power ranger is created deep underwater, and has trouble finding her place in this strange politics-ridden world.Power rangers, Collective Game, White ranger, First quest, Adventure, Female protagonist, Evil protagonist, Rangers, No coom (unfortunately)2021-04-04 0 
June 2021
4812638Summoner Assassin QuestJakim Massem-Hasserchmitt runs a honest business of killing people for money with summoned beastsSummoner Assassin Quest, demons, fantasy, Collective Game, male protagonist, first person2021-06-09 1 
February 2022
5117226AESTHYIREA - A Vaporwave EvoGame (part 1)An evogame that takes place on a vaporwave-inspired planet with vaporwave-inspired creatures.Collective Game, Evogame, Vaporwave Evo, Multi-part, First Thread2022-02-25 0 
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