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November 2016
842675Zatch Bell Quest 1Michael Anderson meets his new little sister Dizzy who turns out to be something special.Zatch Bell Quest, First Quest, /qst/, Collective game 2016-11-20 8 
868978Zatch Bell Quest 2After your meeting with Corina, you go for a walk through town with Dizzy and get into a neat situationZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part two2016-11-29 6 
December 2016
893364Zatch Bell Quest 3More neat stuff happend, we get some friends including sasuke and sam and alek. And lookie a fight alsoZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part three2016-12-06 5 
920499Zatch Bell Quest 4Buddy goes to prison and we start sweating over the new girlZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part four2016-12-14 6 
944989Zatch Bell Quest 5An enemy actually shows up. But no dizzy this threadZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part five2016-12-19 3 
January 2017
991370Zatch Bell Quest 6Part 6. Late update doe to sickness and holidaysZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part Six2017-01-04 1 
1015197Zatch Bell Quest 7We prepare for the battle as you get a visit from AxisZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part Seven2017-01-10 3 
1068284Zatch Bell Quest #8Fighting and stuff. Just go ahead and kick back and take a gander at what we got in store this week.Zatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part Eight2017-01-22 2 
1096152Zatch Bell Quest # 9Not as much action as before but still good.Zatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part nine2017-01-30 2 
February 2017
1124240Zatch Bell Quest 10Shorter read. The conclusion of the first story Arc.Zatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Drachtma2017-02-07 1 
March 2017
1279398Zatch Bell Quest 14 (Mistaken as 13)Last day in America as the European field trip beginsZatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Drachtma2017-03-24 2 
April 2017
1324989Zatch Bell Quest 15Dizzy, would you and your friends pls stop breaking things?Zatch Bell Quest, /qst/, Collective game, Part 15, Drachtma2017-04-09 2 
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