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May 2008
1752285GRIM DARK Wizard of OzWritefaggotry about the Emerald Hive CityOz, Grim, Dark, Wizard, ORIGINAL CONTENT2008-05-17 5 
December 2009
7311324NCIS: 40K"Grab your gear, /tg/, we have a dead space marine." Gibbs, DiNozzo, Abby and the rest of the cast get translated into Warhammer terminology.NCIS, 40K, Gibbs, DiNozzo, McGee, Abby2009-12-28 8 
December 2010
13077379Sentient OozeDiscussion about playing a sentient ooze character ends with exceptional and equally horrifying writefaggotry. writefag, slime, ooze, twist, sentient, oozemaster2010-12-08 15 
March 2011
14354130Frozen ReachesThe fate of Billions depends on which female faction leader a powerful Rogue Trader wants to bone more, under /tg/s advice he decides to reach for the stars and try for a threesome. Also general Frozen Reaches/Rogue Trader discussion.Rogue Trader, Frozen Reaches, Orks, Pirates, 40K, Warhammer, Awesomeface2011-03-28 7 
July 2011
15597289The Legend of Zelda RPG thread #19 The 19th thread they almost forgot to saveZelda, LOZ2011-07-21 3 
15734371Diamond DozenA discussion about a game set in the Dogscape takes a turn for the epic when some idiot uses the phrase 'Diamond Dozen'. Utterly inspired, a genius gets to work transforming all life into a crude mockery of the Diamond Dozen Man.diamond dozen, original content, diamonds, art2011-07-29 22 
May 2013
24878317Hunter Postapocalyptic Civilization QuestAn AI called Noah plunges the world into ruins, can sleeper cell of Killer Cyborg Soldiers bring law and order to the wasteland?Civilization, Quest, Collective Game, Hunters, Ozymandias !kvQtju2NsU2013-05-17 4 
July 2013
25921130Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 3)Part three of a very well run daily civ thread. Collective Game, Civilisation, Insect, Rozoollim2013-07-10 6 
25942865Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 4)Part 4 of the Rozoolliim's Saga.Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-11 7 
25965135Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 5)Part 5 of the Rozoolliim's Story. The attack on the Hive!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-12 5 
26018608Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 6)Part 6 of the Rozoolliim's saga. The counter-attack on Kaalun! A lone stranger in the desert! Tunnel worm attacks!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-15 5 
26040556Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 7)Things are slowed down a bit as civilizations are built up again. Hazim and the citizens of Kaalun are dealt with. Possible marauder attack soon!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilisation2013-07-16 4 
26101977Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 8)The marauders attack! A hard fought battle puts the Queen in peril!Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization2013-07-19 5 
26144814Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania - DISCUSSIONDiscussion regarding ideas for mutations and changes to the HiveRozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization2013-07-21 3 
26161120Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 9)Back to building! A lovely band of strangers from a far away place...and the threat of two massive birds.Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization2013-07-22 5 
26297445Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 10)The Rozoolliim deal with the pair of Rocs. The Queen abruptly enters an evolutionary state...what could come of this?Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization2013-07-29 5 
August 2013
26380432Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 11)More research on Rozooll's new slime ability and bonding time with Mazooll. A party is finally sent to Eastcave, where horrors and treasures await...Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization, Insect Civ2013-08-02 5 
26459153Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 12)Shenanigans in Eastcave continue, along with some 'negotiations' with the local inhabitants...Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization, Insect Civ2013-08-06 4 
December 2013
28745264MayorQuest #1: Kozlov BeginsKozlov Nikitovich, Communist Mayor of Worsterchire, challenges the Lizard Wizards to a duel as the Winter Wind Feast approaches.Collective Game, Quest, Mayor, Lizardmen, Kozlov2013-12-09 0 
January 2014
29297886Bosozuku Quest #1In which Great Mount Kawakami destroys the hated Volcano gang and agrees to a duel... ON MOWTACYCAWS!Collective Game, Bosozuku, Delinquents2014-01-06 12 
29441195Bosozoku Quest Part 2In which we start studying, practice motorcycle jousting, fuck up a rival dojo, and be sweet on mom.Bosozoku Quest, Collective Game, Bosozuku, delinquents 2014-01-12 9 
February 2014
30409619Do you want to serve the Emprah?OP make a chaos version of do you want to build a snowman and other frozen songs. A based anon makes a vocaroo recording.Songs, Chaos, 40k, Frozen, 2014-02-22 10 
January 2015
37423035War in Benoza Quest 2You sober up and encounter a crystal dragon.War in Benoza Quest, Collective Game, Dizia2015-01-20 0 
February 2015
37935956DBZ Human Quest #59Kaguya talks to his parents, tries to patch things up with Vegeta, and begins training under Mr. Satan himselfCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Human, Dragonball, Saiyan, Vegeta, Nappa, Bulma, Yamcha, Doctor, Brief, Satan, Goku, Gohan, Capsule, Corp, Caroni, Parozhki2015-02-09 12 
March 2015
38736171DBZ Human Quest #102The Cell Games beginCollective Game, Quest, DBZ, Dragonball, Human, Saiyan, Namek, Android, Pirozhki, Caroni, Hercule, Satan, Videl, Icarus, Nappa, 16, Gohan, Goku, Yamcha, Cell, Junior2015-03-16 11 
June 2015
40595018Joker Quest 135.5Joker gets over a lachryma-induced hangover, then gets drowned in enough lachryma to trigger Armaros. We don't get to insult Alura.Collective Game, Joker Quest, Joker, Cryptozoology, Creepy affection for Cryptids2015-06-14 10 
October 2015
43136228Loli Survivor Quest 1After a nuclear apocalypse, our protagonist wanders the wasteland seeking to reunite with her parents.Collective Game, Drawquest, Loli Survivor Quest, Yozhman, post-apocalyptic2015-10-19 -4 
November 2015
43371012Loli Survivor Quest 2Lolibaws tries to get out of the cell for a bit but then QM dies. Anon pines for continuation.Collective Game, Drawquest, Loli Survivor Quest, Yozhman, post-apocalyptic2015-11-01 -2 
October 2016
728220Sanguine Quest 1In which we meet our hero and find out that being a vampire isn't easy.Collective Game, Sanguine Quest, Sanguine, OzQM2016-10-24 5 
November 2016
781549Sanguine Quest 2In which we get to the neighbouring village of Joel's Cliff and say hi. Collective Game, Sanguine Quest, Sanguine, OzQM2016-11-06 3 
811417Sanguine Quest 3In which we finally start the adventure.Collective Game, Sanguine Quest, Sanguine, OzQM2016-11-18 2 
December 2016
914005Speedster Quest - Episodes 3~6Your name is Bee Artemisa, and you are the fastest woman alive. Live Fast, Flirt Hard, and keep your harem happy. Speedster Quest, The Flash, Alternate Universe, Cozy, Feels, Harem, Yuri2016-12-15 1 
January 2017
51108339 A Cozy, Creepy, Winter CampaignWinter campaign ideas based around a crawler vehiclefluff, cozy, winter, crawler2017-01-10 37 
51165803A Cozy, Creepy, Winter Campaign Part 2Winter campaign ideas based around a crawler vehicle.fluff, cozy, winter, crawler, worldbuilding2017-01-15 11 
51223773A Cozy, Creepy, Winter Campaign part 3Winter campaign ideas based around a crawler vehicle. Short incarnation.fluff, cozy, winter, crawler2017-01-16 10 
July 2017
1559347New World Evo 2Oozes learned their tragic past. Skitters suck. Zombie trees are spreading influence. Ooze, skitter, spore, volcano, team game2017-07-04 2 
October 2017
2017910German Vampire Quest 1Your name is Oz Van Werinsten. The second oldest vampire to ever exist, hemomancer, father and lord of the night. You've had guests.Star, Castle, Wagon, Germany, Vampire, Nosferatu, Oz, Ozymandis, Von Werinsten, Mia, Jack, Monsters, Homunculi, Eva, Dwarf, Hunter, Elf2017-10-30 4 
December 2017
2109048German Vampire Quest 2Everyone gears up for a roadtrip. We jump into the eyes of our maid Eva for a while!Star, Castle, Wagon, Germany, Vampire, Nosferatu, Oz, Ozymandis, Von Werinsten, Mia, Jack, Monsters, Homunculi, Eva, Dwarf, Hunter, Elf2017-12-02 1 
January 2019
63763338Sector Creation Thread V: Working to the Bone EditionWizard Of Oz references in my /tg/?Wizard Of Oz, 40k, Weetchkeenz, Dorothy, CM Toto, Orkz, Marines2019-01-01 0 
June 2019
3537263Body Horror Quest - 21st VeinOne shot, one opportunity, to save everything they love from the Crucible-Ender that is SPIRALING FEAR. Will they kill it?.. Or let it slip?Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Defiance, SPIRALING FEAR, Mountain, Midnight Crew, bamboozles2019-06-01 20 
July 2019
3637465Body Horror Quest - 25th VeinAn unseen Bamboozle that breaks the plans of many. A desperate battle that breaks a broken B'ni. Act 2 ends with a bittersweet taste.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 2, Bamboozles, B'ni2019-07-13 15 
3679801Frozen Civ Quest Redux #1A young elf in an icy and blighted land, can we survive with what little we have and the help of our new friend?Frozen Civ Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy2019-07-29 12 
August 2019
3687406Frozen Civ Quest Redux #2The fight for survival in the icy Great Silent continues with encounters, a mystery box and critical failures.Frozen Civ Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy2019-08-08 1 
3705180Frozen Civ Quest #2 (ACTUAL)The fight for survival in the icy Great Silent continues with encounters, a mystery box and critical failures. Other entry is wrong thread.Frozen Civ Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy2019-08-08 10 
3732877Frozen Civ Quest Redux #3The fight for survival in the icy Great Silent continues with bot-building, positive progress and a battle with bandits.Frozen Civ Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy2019-08-17 5 
September 2019
3756651Frozen Civ Quest Redux #4The fight for survival in the icy Great Silent takes a turn for the worse as the nature of the world is partially revealed. The final part.Frozen Civ Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy2019-09-02 1 
3780059Body Horror Quest - 29th VeinShu’s catch of the week: 1 Silver Fish, 1 Stealth Panther, and 1 Frost Wolf. FuzzBuzz gets adopted by Ants, and unexpected visitors arrive.Body Horror Quest, Body Horror, bhop, BHOP, Female MC, Gore, Horror, Act 3, the hunt, Ants, FuzzBuzz, bamboozle2019-09-08 12 
March 2020
71521805Cozy, creepy, winter CampaignOP is reminded of an old thread and polar vehicles are posted and life in the cold is discussed.Cozy, creepy, winter, worldbuilding2020-03-25 6 
May 2020
72276876escapism thread/tg/ discusses their ideal utopian fantasies and the benefits of escapism vs reality in general.knight, wizard, retro scifi, cozy apocalypse, philosophy, escapism2020-05-02 -4 
June 2021
79669577Snowcrawlers, and surviving on the ice fieldsOP is reminded of an old thread and polar vehicles are posted and life in the cold is discussed with additional discussion of game mechanicsfluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy2021-06-13 15 
79773892Cozy Icecrawler apocalypseOP posts to discuss actual mechanics that could be done in such a cozy and creepy ice land.fluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy, pdf2021-06-18 11 
July 2021
80022374Cozy Icecrawler apocalypse 2OP talks about some mechanics and cooking is discussed a bit more.fluff, cozy, winter, snow, crawler, snowcrawler, worldbuilding, supernatural, paranormal, creepy, pdf2021-07-01 6 
August 2022
5363160Chrono Trigger: Frozen Moment Gaius begins his adventure after living his life in the Magical Kingdom of ZealChronoQM, Chrono Trigger, Frozen Moment, Time Travel2022-08-11 10 
85661451Comfy spaceship setting buildingStarship talismans, fermented foods and courier families - A /tg/ collective of lore snippets and fluff for a comfy spacefaring game.fluff, cozy, space, worldbuilding,2022-08-24 5 
September 2022
85797761Comfy/Wholesome/Bittersweet ThreadAnons share bittersweet moments from their games & settings; One anon shares a bronze-age world of black winters and Hearth-Mothers.worldbuilding, setting, winter, snow, cozy, comfy, bittersweet2022-09-11 0 
November 2022
5406344Chrono Trigger: Frozen Moment #2Gaius gets the girl and meets new friends on his second day of adventure in the ruined futureChronoQM, Chrono Trigger, Frozen Moment, Time Travel2022-11-02 7 
5414507Mobile Suit Gundam Quest #1It is the year 0068 of the Universal Century, and the journey of Felix Zos Deikun begins.Gundam, Sci-fi, UC, 0079, MSG, The Origin, Felix Zos Deikun, Mecha, Political Intrigue, Newtype bullshit, Waifus, PTSD, BIG ZAM, DOZLE PILL2022-11-03 25 
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