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October 2009
6403977Cave Story/tg/ works at adapting Cave Story as an RPG setting.Cave Story, d20, RPG2009-10-24 2 
November 2009
6814110Cave Story: The RPGAnonymous asks for help creating a new system to emulate sidescrolling platform games, using the Run & Gun system as a base and drawing inspiration from games like Cave Story and Metal Slug.game design, homebrew system, Cave Story, platformer, Run & Gun2009-11-23 3 
6880035Motherfucking (Dragon) Quest ThreadA dragon hatches and is greeted with the sight of a cave with several dead dragon wyrmlings. It sets out on an adventure and discovers some local history."Red dragon, Black dragon, Goblin, Wolves, Cave2009-11-27 3 
March 2011
14228987Neolithic Fantasy RPG Discussion/tg/ discusses concepts regarding a fantasy neolithic RPG.rpg homebrew neolithic nathandrals cave men bronze aliens2011-03-14 3 
April 2011
14668953Portal-Adeva crossoverCave Johnson here. Here at Nerv we're making giant abominations wrapped in four feet of metal armor to defend the Earth from alien attack. Now the lab boys say we should be using well-trained men to pilot these, but the last budget came up a bit short, and so I said to them, "Hey, my boy loves these things! He can pilot one!"Adeva, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Portal, Portal 2, Aperture Science, Cave Johnson2011-04-21 36 
May 2011
14827865Portal-inspired-D&DA brainstorming thread to bring some of the Portal games to a D&D game/setting. Special guest appearances by Wheatley and Cave Johnson.D&D, game, game ideas, awesome, funny, ideas, brainstorming, Portal, Portal 2, Cave Johnson2011-05-06 15 
14994562The Brotherhood of Stone 1chapter creation thread, results in mystic cavemen space marines. Caveman Marines, Chapter Creation, Deathwatch2011-05-21 6 
15014422Brotherhood of the Megalith 2continuation of the mystic cavemen Inuit marines creation. We're getting to the cool fluffy bits.Caveman Marines, Chapter Creation, Brotherhood of the Megalith2011-05-23 3 
15040236Brotherhood of the Megalith 3Inuit-based Blood Angels successor chapter; fluffing out continues. Naming the Companies and deciding on initiation rites.Caveman Marines, Brothers of the Megalith, Stone2011-05-25 2 
April 2012
18722451Aperture Cartel's Many InventionsInvestors! Here we have a collection of Aperture Cartel's useful and inexpensive Inventions for your perusal. Now we're between banks right now so we're accepting cash in hand. get your people to meet our people. Don't mind the smell. Cave Johnston, we're done here.Aperture Cartel, Cave Johnston, Science, Tests, Portal, We're Done Here2012-04-15 21 
May 2012
19090195R&D Perpetual Treason InitiativeVulture Troopers, Intsec Troopers, Troubleshooters--you're here because we want the best, and you were the only people available. So: Who is ready to make some explosions?friend computer, paranoia, treason, multiverse, portal, cave johnson, troubleshooters2012-05-13 12 
July 2012
19618306Primordial Evo Game Southern Caverns part 2Too much subterranean nightmare fuel for just one thread to handle. Here's the overflow.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, South, Cave, Caverns2012-07-01 1 
October 2012
21030357Lich's Employee Quest pt 6 (7)Daniel goes into the mountains and deals with some cave horrors, then gets intoxicated.skeleton quest, caves, abhumans, drunk, training2012-10-08 14 
January 2013
22574291Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 1We learn more about magic and artifice, and the season ends. Suddenly, colors, colors everywhere. Also trade.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-14 10 
22591629Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 2We have a stand-off with goblins and an aboleth, create a treasure as a result of a strange mood, and find magic rocks. With a bit of luck, we just barely avoid a war with a whole bunch of greenskin nomads.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-15 10 
22612046Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 3We build some industry and finally get that crystal from the goblins, but then shit gets real when we invite everyone to the seasonal feast. There's absolutely no end of new kobold clans, tech trading starts, and we find books about all the lost technology available this side of the underdark.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-16 6 
22668171Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 4We make good on our opportunities from last season, unlock the secrets of the healing scroll, and gain new Mul members of our clan. Near season's end, we fight spiders that are trying to eat our people and send our thri-kreen to murder some goblins in glorious combat.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-19 6 
22682271Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 5We kick off the new season with a feast, buy a gun, hear about some MOTHERFUCKING DUCKS, and then shit gets real as fifteen hundred hobgoblins jump us. Traps and kreen skirmishers and half-dwarves sallying forth from a burning gate is best way to have a battle.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-20 7 
22725688Great Cave Civ Quest: Thread 6We finally learn about guns, see what a bunch of Tohr-Kreen fighting looks like, and start having to clean up after the unruly neighbors when they begin to go around and fuck up the lives of friendly clans.Great Cave Quest, Ashen Empires, Dragonfall Clan, Collective Game, Quest, Civ Game, Kobolds2013-01-22 8 
April 2013
24308072Ripoff Civ: Thread 4This thread was mainly about witches. We also built a wall, had an accident, and met some irritable harpies.LegoCiv quest, Collective Game, cave, LEGO, civ quest, Ripoff Quest2013-04-18 4 
June 2013
25350829Hominids 'R' usA semi-trollful thread about tolkien turns into a discussion of hominids, core DnD races as cavemen, and some startling similarities between Neanderthals and Dorfs. Also vin diesel.Caveman, Neanderthal, hominid, primitive2013-06-10 8 
December 2013
28736096Ouroboros Quest IWe take control of Og, caveman extraordinaire, and do caveman stuff. Manly tears at the end of the thread.Collective Quest, Cavemen, Og, Ouroboros Quest2013-12-08 10 
29160409Goblin Quest IThe humblest of possible beginnings, barring non-sentients. Collective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Bones, Boners2013-12-30 6 
29179682Goblin Quest IIThe Headless Guardsman, and pyrotechnics.Collective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Fires, More Fires2013-12-31 3 
January 2014
29220662Goblin Quest IIIIn which our Gobbo drops panties, learns to do various things, and place Ace HardingCollective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Learning, Dead Guys2014-01-02 6 
June 2014
32986783Caveman QuestWe acquire the mythical pelt of the dire bear and then host other humanoids into our humble caveCollective Game, Caveman Quest, Superior Being, 2014-06-25 6 
July 2014
33158920MEANWHILE IN STONE AGE TGBerryfinder is shaman editions ! URGS Master clan !stone age, caveman, prehistoric, role play, roleplay, stone age2014-07-03 17 
January 2015
37438653SIMPLE QUESTA tale of bears, and the simple men who love them.SIMPLE QUEST, Bears, Romance, Caves, Weak-ass Grue, Epic tales, Collective Game, Tragedy, Deconstruction, Heart-warming2015-01-17 5 
September 2015
42672335Scavenger QuestA vagabond prowls a derelict battleship.Collective Game, Scavenger Quest2015-09-23 5 
42706734Scavenger Quest IIJay encounters a number of tense situations in the city of Gibson.Collective Game, Scavenger Quest2015-09-25 1 
42757329Scavenger Quest IIIA brief thread in which Jay has a few conversations and then decides to go on a six hour bike ride.Collective Game, Scavenger Quest2015-09-28 2 
October 2015
42817571Scavenger Quest IVJay makes his way to the village of Caulfield, South Retale.Collective Game, Scavenger Quest2015-10-01 1 
42998382Scavenger Quest VWe go fishing and hide in the woods. Anon gets a lucky roll.Collective Game, Scavenger Quest2015-10-12 2 
February 2020
4039517Scavengers: Oneshot/IntroSor Cecilia tries to makes up for all the lives she has trampled over in the past.MediocreQM, Scavengers2020-02-09 1 
June 2020
4302810Leave The CaveYou must get out of the cave alive, or you know, get a harem of monster girls...Illik, Monster Girl Harem, Cave, Ninja2020-06-18 2 
May 2021
79147814Realistic UnderdarkWell-versed anons discuss what a realistic Underdark would be, considering real life caverns and cave life. Yes, we read Veins of the Earth.setting, underdark, cave, cavern,2021-05-21 5 
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