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November 2009
6880035Motherfucking (Dragon) Quest ThreadA dragon hatches and is greeted with the sight of a cave with several dead dragon wyrmlings. It sets out on an adventure and discovers some local history."Red dragon, Black dragon, Goblin, Wolves, Cave2009-11-27 3 
June 2010
10837208The Starving KriegerSirs, the following details on the history, and subsiquent sightings of the entity known as The Starving Kreiger. May you find it most informative. Krieg, Writefaggotry, Ultramarines, Space Wolves2010-06-30 10 
August 2011
15951797Board Quest IVThe journey to battle is finally under way! But in the night, we are ambushed by werewolves! Some badass glowing and even more badass speeches later, we decide to find out exactly HOW the beasts knew where to find us... And, who may have told them.Collective Game, Board Quest, Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropes, What a Twist, Epic2011-08-16 12 
January 2012
17586782Space Wolves are AssholesStory is written about Space Wolves being assholes, /tg/ takes it upon themselves to write the other perspectivesstory, storytime, writing, funny, space wolves, space marines, guardsmen, whores2012-01-18 10 
17721317Oregon Coast Horror Vol. 1Lovecraft inspired horror story in turn of the century rural-coastal Oregon, where a group of 3 friends search for a missing local and discover an ancient blood thirsty evil which has haunted the forested hills since before the Indians. Collective Game, Oregon Coast, Oregon, Werewolves, Lovecraft, Cthulu2012-01-29 10 
January 2013
22445335Space Marine MountsA discussion of Space Wolves, noting the fact that the chapter uses what it names itself after as war mounts, leads to a series of hilarious photoshops of other Space Marine chapters on titular mounts.Space Marines, 40K, Hilarious, Mounts, Space Wolves, Fists, Children2013-01-07 20 
22570276/tg/ Infiltrates Chicken SmoothieInspired by the most holy Richard Fontaine, fa/tg/uys plan a perilous mission to go undercover into places most foul.Chicken Smoothie, Mary Sues, Memes, Infiltration, Crusade, Stupid, Butterfly Wolves2013-01-14 7 
June 2013
25301344Vampire Doll Quest 14: Predators and PreyWe hunt down Nalus like the beast he is... but can we really subdue the feral vampire?Vampire Doll Quest, Isabella Katarina Markova, Eyesocket, Shadescast, Mark, Grand Victoria, Ulvenwald, Porcelain Dolls, Collective Game, Tea Party, Fleshcrafted Horrors, Wolves2013-06-07 18 
June 2014
33071790werewolvesInfo and new takes on werewolveswerewolves, myth, folklore2014-06-30 2 
July 2014
33181192FATWOLVESA discussion of werewolves devolves into the society of fat werewolves.funny, humor, werewolf, werewolves2014-07-05 8 
August 2014
33804601Suddenly Ahriman and BjornDiscussion of new SW codex, then suddenly some OC interaction between Ahriman and Bjorn. 40k, Writefaggotry, space marines, Bjorn, Space Wolves, Ahzek Ahriman, Ahriman2014-08-01 1 
33983008The Guardsmens last gambitOutnumbered guardsmen undertake a daring plan to try and stop the Ork hordes. Things don't go as aplanned.Orks, chaos, Guardsmen, space wolves, clusterfuck, fucking recruitment trap2014-08-08 3 
October 2014
35499222Mundane Horror DiscussionIn which /tg/ talks about ways to make ordinary, non-supernatural threats scary.Horror, Wolves, Non-Supernatural, Mundane2014-10-14 3 
April 2015
39420184Night Wolves and Wayward Sons Creation/tg/ creates a couple CSM Warbands. One is made of Berzerkers riding giant daemonic bears, the other uses giant sand worms to terrorize its enemies, which include the aforementioned bear riders.Chaos Space Marines, Custom Warband, Night Wolves, Wayward Sons2015-04-19 3 
November 2015
43639717Be a Terran marine...A discussion about poor fate of Terran marines devolves into awsomesauce-flavoured "what if Angron died on Nuceria?"Angron, Kharn, HH, Horus Heresy, Legions, Space Wolves, Space Marines, What If2015-11-15 11 
December 2015
43967090Monstrous Wolves WorldbuildingA discussion on the role of wolves as a monster in mythology derails into worldbuilding. Original monsters and nightmare fuel ensues.wolf, wolves, werewolves, worldbuilding, monsters, dogs, rat king, horror, breath weapon,2015-12-04 5 
June 2016
213336Supernatural Butler Quest 1Stanley Morison manages to avoid being eaten by a woman who ends up become his boss at the end. We also get turned into a demon.Supernatural Butler Quest, Stanley Morison, Vampires, Demons, Werewolves2016-06-03 4 
November 2016
765746Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 1In which Operation Silver Bullet is introduced and we meet the MC, Burkhard Eugen.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-01 5 
799887Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 2Berkhard deals with a stubborn officer, then agrees to help traumatise a prisoner. The groundwork for the assault on Märchenland is laid.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-09 5 
786407Werewolf Reich 4We go to another dimension, fuck up, and realize living underground is decent enough. Oh, and QM dies for this as well.Collective Quest, RIP QM, QuestingQM, Werewolf Reich, Nazi Experimental Quest, Werewolves, Lycanthropy,2016-11-13 0 
824482Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 3A short thread where our hero dodges a patrol and blows shit up.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-19 2 
847585Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 3The assault on Märchenland begins in earnest, Strasse has a panic attack and Berkhard makes a gamble... Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-11-22 2 
December 2016
867329Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 4Eugen and the squad ventures into the Occult studies section and spooky thins happen. Who'd have guessed?Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-03 2 
920523Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 5The investigation into the cell block reveals a new ally, and more combat is joined with the SS.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-18 2 
945255Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 7In which, Eugen deals with a pair of heavily armed Nazis, regular Nazis, and... oh fuck...Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-24 2 
956993Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Thread 7Eugen chooses life for himself, death for his fores, and escapes from the Märchenland facility. Thus ends the first Arc.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2016-12-24 2 
February 2017
51491227Making werewolves menacing rather than fetishbaitWorldbuilding ideas as to how to fix werewolves.werewolf, werewolves, wolf, worldbuilding,2017-02-08 2 
August 2017
1804856Where Wolves Feat To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 1The beginning of the second arc! Eugen talks shop with his comrades and chooses a mission. Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-08-29 2 
September 2017
1830833Where Wolves Feat To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 2The mission "technically" begins as Eugen and the team make landfall.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-09-06 2 
1850191Where Wolves Feat To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 3Eugen gathers information.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-09-21 1 
October 2017
1895572Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 4Eugen and his team stop for a rest, and stumble on something unexpected...Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-10-04 2 
55671882how does /tg/ like their werewolves/tg/ discusses and worldbuilds various original twists on lycanthropywerewolves, worldbuilding, fluff,2017-10-13 3 
1942011Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 5Eugen askes a prisoner some questions, and learns of a brutal plot...Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-10-16 2 
1989730 Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 6Eugen and the team make for one of the rebel cells, but come across something unexpected... Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-10-27 2 
November 2017
2016812Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 7The pan-Halloween thread. Eugen goes to sleep, and dreams of things trying to kill him.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-11-07 2 
2059226Where Wolves Fear To Tread: Arc 2, Thread 8Eugen and his squad arrive at the rebel cell. End of the 2nd arc.Where Wolves Fear To Tread, War, Thunderhead, Wolfenstien, WW2,2017-11-17 2 
November 2018
3015589Reluctant Werewolf QuestA boy with weird canid abilities and an even stranger guardian meets with his best friends, share in jokes, and foil a dark plot.999 Quest, SCP, World Of Darkness, /qst/, Werewolves, cliffhangers, OPIsMiserable2018-11-16 1 
February 2020
4037873King of WolvesAn aging King nearing his end protects the kingdom he forged of blood, sweat, and tears.King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2020-02-07 4 
March 2020
4123802King of Wolves #2An aging King nearing his end protects the kingdom he forged of blood, sweat, and tears. King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2020-03-28 2 
June 2020
4271331King of Wolves #3The plot reveals itself; somewhat.King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2020-06-10 2 
July 2020
4336761King of Wolves #4A Moot is called.King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2020-07-27 2 
August 2020
74033962lycanthropic generatorsIf werewolves spontaneously gain mass when transforming from human to wolf, how can this be exploited to generate vast amounts of energy?werewolves, werwolf, lycanthropy, troll physics,2020-08-03 1 
May 2021
4726209King of Wolves #5The Moot is informed, and things come to a head.King of Wolves, Klaus, Wolves, Fantasy2021-05-12 0 
July 2022
5293419Kobolt Klan Adoption 5Local knight partners with a troubled waif of a knight to exterminate werewolves along the way to stop the dragon apocalypse.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Darkest Dungeon, Underrail, Dreygaun, Werewolves, Sci-fi Fantasy2022-07-09 10 
August 2022
5333328Kobolt Klan Adoption 6Local knight meets some of the archmage's people and has a small touch of drama as a result. Addendum: squire goes bald and freaks out.Kobolt klan, Reynauld, Darkest Dungeon, Underrail, Werewolves, Sci-fi Fantasy, Paracelsus, magic is lead poisoning2022-08-14 8 
January 2024
5877887Seekers of the Esoteric: Volume 4A half-elven mystic meets monsters in battle and is rewarded with a journey to a heavenly moon-realm, where the secrets of creation layReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, fairies, werewolves, greys, ultraterrestrials, neoliberalism, colonialism, population demographics2024-01-20 6 
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