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March 2010
8480716Adeptus Evangelion FluffBMJ asks for pieces of original content to help make his next gift for /tg/ all the more special. The fa/tg/uys prove their worth like champs. AdEva, AdeptusEvangelion, Evangelion, writefag, epic2010-03-09 17 
April 2010
8943116Adeptus Evangelion WorldbuildingBMJ kinda asks for /tg/ to help expand the Eva universe as a setting. Undersea relic hunters and UN counterinsurgency results.AdEva, Adeptus Evangelion, Setting2010-04-03 12 
9366674Adeptus Evangelion ProgressAnother AE thread with reports on what's left to be done, logs of the running games, and people checking in with their experiences.AdEva, Adeptus Evangelion, Logs2010-04-23 5 
May 2010
9568405Adeptus Evangelion: AT, N2, JA, and other 2LAsAdeptus Evangelion thread discussing the role of Jet Alone, the functioning of the AT Field and its interaction with N2 mines, with a side discussion on the source of the AT Field and its implications for Angel psychology and NGE's philosophical/theological basis.AdEva, Dark Heresy, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, anime, mecha, AE, DH 2010-05-03 4 
November 2010
12975793Complaints about Adeptus EvangelionCharacter death in AdEva is too much to handle.adeptus evangelion, adeva, discussion2010-11-30 2 
December 2010
12995337AdEva DiscussionDiscussing Adeptus EvaAdEva, builds, stories, angels, angelic2010-12-02 1 
13115808Tall Tales of AdEvaAnon requests stories from other Adeptus Evangelion players. Awesome ensues.AdEva, Adeptus Evangelion, Storytime, My Campaigns, Evangelion2010-12-13 5 
13126445The AdAngelic VersesBlack Mesa Janitor requests draw and writefags to flesh out Angel concepts for a new expansion of AdEva. Dozens of submissions of "forgotten" Dead Sea Scrolls for SEELE ensure.Adeptus Evangelion, AdEva, Drawthreadd, Writethread, BMJ, Original Content, Game Design2010-12-13 6 
13131150AdEva GMing AdviceGM asks for advice for Adeptus Evangelion. Lots of advice is given. Many tips for running a game of AdEvaAdEva, Adeptus Evangelion, NGE, 2010-12-13 5 
13311710Adeptus Evangelion REDACTED ReleaseTeam AdEva does it again with a visually stunning GM supplement that they made for /tg/ as a christmas gift. Adeva, Adeptus Evangelion, BMJ, Sachiel, REDACTED, Evangelion, Homebrew2010-12-28 15 
January 2011
13504947Stargate-inspired AdEva gameSome fluff on a really awesome-sounding AdEva game inspired by Stargate, with added pics of RitsukoAdeva, Adeptus Evangelion, Ritsuko, Stargate, Lovecraft2011-01-13 6 
13595580Super Robot Wars RPG mechaThe schismatic AdEva anons continue their homebrewed Super Robot Wars game with a massive stat dump of delicious mechaMecha, Homebrew, Game Development, Dark Heresy mods, AdEva, SRW RPG, RPG2011-01-21 4 
March 2011
14200338AdEva, Indian StyleDM proposes Aztec AdEva game (not knowing RaXephon did it better); other anons follow up with their own Amerind inspired campaigns.AdEva, Adeptus Evangelion, Eva, Homebrew, Campaign Settings, Aztec2011-03-11 1 
14242301Horrible Anon's Evil ideas.Ideas for a Soviet Ad Eva game get creepy when a gifted anon starts posting ideas.ADEVA, game idea thread2011-03-15 16 
14374328WW2 AdEvaA discussion branching off SovietEva. What if the setting of AdEva was WW2?Nazi, AdEva, Setting, WW22011-03-28 0 
April 2011
14668953Portal-Adeva crossoverCave Johnson here. Here at Nerv we're making giant abominations wrapped in four feet of metal armor to defend the Earth from alien attack. Now the lab boys say we should be using well-trained men to pilot these, but the last budget came up a bit short, and so I said to them, "Hey, my boy loves these things! He can pilot one!"Adeva, Adeptus Evangelion, Evangelion, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Portal, Portal 2, Aperture Science, Cave Johnson2011-04-21 36 
August 2011
16052444Adeptus Evangelion: Cold WarIt is 1961. It has been fifteen years since the Second Impact. Pilots are from the respective countries in either NATO and Warsaw. Their mission? Desperately work together while making the other side look weaker.EVA homebrew setting worldbuilding AdEva Adeptus Evangelion AdeptusEvangelion Neon Genesis NGE fluff2011-08-25 2 
September 2011
16440246Ad Eva GeneralFeatures Art dumps, advice, and rules to play traps.AdEva, Evangelion, Trap, Advice, Art2011-09-27 3 
December 2011
17196695Adeva 2.5 Fluff and Art Explosion 2It continues! The original content being generated by /tg/ could not be contained! BMJ, AdEva, AdeptusEvangelion, Evangelion, Homebrew2011-12-13 1 
17334234Adeptus Evangelion v2.5 BetaIt's Christmas, so that means Black Mesa Janitor is back with mentally damaged children for us all to enjoy!Evangelion, Adeptus Evangelion, AdEva, Black Mesa Janitor2011-12-26 28 
17341283Adeptus Evangelion 3.5 Alternate Version releaseClaimed Ex-member of the AdEva development team releases what could have been after the release of the 2.5 Beta in another thread.Adeptus Evangelion, Drama, Alternate, AdEva2011-12-27 3 
March 2012
18193676Evangelion storytimeOP comes to /tg/ with a tale of his characters undying love, /tg/ discusses Evangelion.awesome, adeva, evangelion, storytime2012-03-04 12 
June 2012
19401359Adeptus Evangelion v2.5 Final ReleaseBMJ delivers Adeptus Evangelion v2.5 in its complete form.Adeptus Evangelion, AdEva, Evangelion, BMJ2012-06-08 15 
March 2013
23757275AdEva base on crazy religionOP asks for crazy religious things to fuel his game. /tg/ provides.setting, adeptus evangelion, adeva, future alien jews, time cube, wat, religion, cazy2013-03-19 24 
April 2013
23945399Adeptus Evangelion ThreadOP asks for advice on his Taoism mythos inspired setting for AdEva, and general discussion is had.AdEva, AdeptusEvangelion, Evangelion, setting, epic, NGE2013-04-01 6 
April 2014
31736311Pacific Rim + EVA CrossoverWhat starts out as figuring out a system to run a Pacific Rim game almost immediately turns into a Pacific Rim and Evangellion crossover thread.Pacific Rim, Evangelion, ADEVA, Homebrew, Lore, Crossover2014-04-27 22 
31753617Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #2The development of the JaEVA crossover universe continues.Pacific Rim, NGE, Evangelion, AdEVA, Crossover, Lore2014-04-27 17 
31764373Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #3In this thread we begin developing some more detailed lorePacific Rim, NGE, Evangelion, AdEVA, Crossover, Lore, Homebrew2014-04-28 7 
31780494Pacific Rim + Evangelion Crossover Thread #4We lay down some actual mechanics since the whole point was a system to play this in.Pacific Rim, NGE, Evangelion, AdEVA, Crossover, Lore, Homebrew, JAEVA Project2014-04-29 7 
October 2014
35551163Adeptus Evangellion AARAn After Action Report of OP's AdEva quest. Staring Pete, LaKeitha and Lilly as they adventure through SAN LOSS and NERV.AdEVA, AAR, SanLoss, NERV, Evangellion,2014-10-17 14 
November 2015
43589170AdEva Discussion/tg/ discuss AdEva indepth for the first time in...well, forever.AdEva Evangelion BMJ2015-11-15 5 
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