[#] Happy April!
11:03am UTC - 4/01/2012

April Fool's and shit! I hope you enjoy the stupid pages I've put together this year! There's only two so far, I may do more but it's 5am.

Links to past years:

April 2008:
April 2009:
April 2010:

April 2011:
April 2012:

*how was I supposed to know this would become a real board, goddamnit

~Lord Licorice



1 Itchy
07:25pm UTC - 4/08/2012 [X]
Just for your info, the Hamachi Listings seem to have become cluttered by spambot entries.

Thought you should know!

2 Anon
12:55pm UTC - 4/13/2012 [X]
>Flat chest
>Brought back to sup/tg/ homepage
Why would you do such a cruel thing!?

3 Rustled Jimmies
11:42pm UTC - 4/15/2012 [X]
Is there an easy way to stop spam upvoting of threads? The Mahou Shounen Quest threads have someone constantly spamming upvotes until they get to "epic" status for each and every thread. I'd say w/e except there's 80 of the fucking things and if I'm trying to search by highest vote for other quests they fucking clog the entire archive up. Not to mention that it apparently caused some backlash spam downvotes to a few of their recent threads the other day. So--anything you can do about that kind of vote rigging, or maybe the better solution is to just auto-toss everything with the Mahou Shounen tag into a thread collection?

4 Unrustle your Jimmies
09:03pm UTC - 5/03/2012 [X]
if the MSQs are reaching epic status it is because multiple people are upvoting, not because of one person. you can only vote once on a thread

5 Everythings Broken
05:20pm UTC - 5/15/2012 [X]

09:21pm UTC - 5/15/2012 [X]
Fix the archives!!!

7 SmiteWorks
04:32am UTC - 5/24/2012 [X]
Hey guys. I'm writing as one of the two owners of SmiteWorks, the creators of Fantasy Grounds. We give free upgrades to users for years and years without re-charging for anything, even for users who bought licenses when the company was under other ownership. As an owner of small business trying to grow and generate revenue enough to enable continued development, I'm writing to request that you change your language to point to legitimate usage of Fantasy Grounds instead of focusing on the pirated version of an antiquated version of FG. Version 1.05 is very feature poor compared to the latest 2.81 and soon 2.9 versions we have available. Not only does piracy hurt our business and our ability to grow and hire more developers in the industry, but it also does a very poor job of portraying how slick online gaming can be with the full, current version of Fantasy Grounds. Any support you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

8 Lord Licorice
12:52am UTC - 5/28/2012 [X]
@SmiteWorks This isn't really the proper venue for discussing this, but the information on the site here is years out of date. I can simply remove all mention of Fantasy Grounds if you'd like, given it's been years since the help documentation was written.


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