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May 2013
25063638Titanic skeleton cityWe come up with a city that lives inside of a giant animated skeleton. Turns out they really enjoy Mexican holidays.Skeletons, Skeleton, Giant, Titan, 2spooky, Mr. Bones, Worldbuilding, Sombreros2013-05-27 6 
December 2013
28834358Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 7We encounter a group of dragon girls, and have a very good night.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 7 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-14 10 
28862596Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 8We deal with an angry princess, go shopping, and meet up once more with the dragon girls.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 8 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-15 8 
28884848Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 9We spend a day with the dragon girls and make travel arrangements.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 9 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-16 7 
28987458Text Adventure Quest: Rogue Chapter 11We travel the barrens, encounter a spider girl cave and meet Imm.Text Adventure Quest Rogue 11 collective game Mr Bones2013-12-21 5 
29160409Goblin Quest IThe humblest of possible beginnings, barring non-sentients. Collective Game, Goblin Quest?, Goblins, Caves, Quests, Bones, Boners2013-12-30 6 
February 2014
30439410Text Adventure Quest: Psion Chapter 3Where we attempt to escape from the guards after a blatant murder.Text, Adventure, Quest, Psion, 3, collective game, Mr, Bones,2014-02-23 -3 
March 2014
30937759Text Adventure Quest: Psion Chapter 5Text Adventure Quest: Psion Chapter 5Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Mr. Bones2014-03-19 -10 
31064972Text Adventure Quest Psion Chapter 6In which one Anon felt betrayed and smut was had so the norm. Also we love you Mr. Bones.Text Adventure Quest, Collective Game, Psion Chapter 6,Mr. Bones2014-03-26 2 
August 2015
42129549Bone QuestIn which we choose the path of bones, we make a magic crystal admit we are awesome and we meet an agender elemental.Skeleton, Quest, Hadrian Thew, Bones, Undead2015-08-28 5 
March 2016
46244963Humerus SpooksWhat starts with rib tickling skeleton puns and one liners turns epic with one anon's stories of playing as a skeleton in full plate armorD&D, skeletons, lol, story time, puns, bones, spooky, rattle, epic, humerus2016-03-26 41 
April 2016
16860Quest thing3 adventurers enter, but only 1 leaves alive.notapaladin, collective game, Muchaaaaaaaa lucha, Portal Wizard, Holy Bones, Loch, Mystery Box2016-04-30 14 
June 2018
2628798Prometheus Quest A short startBonesinger, Stolen Quest, Faggot Guarantee, Mage2018-06-12 1 
April 2019
3416334Exquisite Corpse Quest 1The return of Kestrel, Kudzu-Crowned, Lower-Lord, Him.Exquisite Corpse, multiple QM, weekly, Bonesinger2019-04-14 3 
3433964Exquisite Corpse Quest 2Slimes underground don't get very farExquisite Corpse, multiple QM, weekly, Bonesinger2019-04-27 1 
May 2020
4188039Girls and Guns QuestA programmer and her government murder bot find themselves stuck at work when the stars align and the long night falls.Sci-fi, horror, eldritch, bonesinger, high lethality2020-05-02 1 
December 2020
4544986Bones Quest #1: The Graveyard ShiftA janitor’s night shift at the Dog Bone Factory turns spooky when an ancient skeleton sorcerer starts raising the dead. Hijinx ensue.Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist 2020-12-11 22 
January 2021
4566575Bones Quest #2: Homeward BONEDA janitor’s rest is cut short after fleeing her skeleton-infested workplace. Friends are made, revelations are had, and cars are raced!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-01-04 20 
February 2021
4594492Bones Quest #3: Sybil WarA janitor's reunion with a friend bears quite a bit of fruit including an evil meeting, a daring escape, and even a dance-off!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-02-03 13 
March 2021
4635314Bones Quest #4: Rocky RoadA janitor's trip to the Drive-In prompts a wild ride to High School that includes fairies, mystery meat, mascots, and a showdown with RockyBones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-03-03 13 
April 2021
4679562Bones Quest #5: Bone to RoamA janitor's moment of introspection is interrupted by a relentless foe, a frantic escape, new friends, and several jaw-dropping revelationsBones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-04-01 12 
4722989Bones Quest #6: Hardly Workin'A janitor catches up with a few old coworkers, sings her heart out, and takes a walk in the woods with her pals... Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-04-28 11 
May 2021
4776251Bones Quest #7: Hard ScienceA janitor hops from a frying pan and lands in a Bunsen burner. Enemies become friends, fights are fought, and an escape ends in laughter.Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-05-25 11 
June 2021
4835907Bones Quest #8: Apocalypse SoonA janitor embarks on a mission to eliminate a rogue general and it goes DAM well! Evil plots are foiled and a few old pals return!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-06-22 11 
July 2021
4884984Bones Quest #9: Dead ExcitedA janitor challenges her rival to a race, earns some MUCH NEEDED relaxation time, meets some fans, and listens to a friend's heroic tale!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-07-21 11 
September 2021
4929538Bones Quest #10: HomecomingA janitor's college tour takes a nasty turn, and a trip to a local tourist trap becomes downright fishy.Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-09-01 11 
October 2021
4984288Bones Quest #11: Deep TroubleA janitor gets out of jail free without a card, restores some humanity to an old friend, and goes SICKO MODE on some pirates.Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist2021-10-13 11 
December 2021
5029984Bones Quest #12: Tibial PursuitsA janitor goes camping before racing her rival to an old-fashioned Wild West showdown with a ruthless outlaw gang!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble 2021-12-05 11 
January 2022
5082047Bones Quest #13: Mine Over MatterA janitor hops between worlds, flirts with death in a treacherous mine, and lets loose at an old-fashioned hootenanny!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble2022-01-16 11 
February 2022
5123554Bones Quest #14: In Good CompanyA janitor catches up with basically every side character in the damn quest, adopts a new pet, and hunts for a TRAITOR!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble2022-02-22 11 
April 2022
5190116Bones Quest #15: Killing TimeA janitor tracks down where all those missing people have been going, along with the jerk responsible! Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble2022-04-23 10 
June 2022
5243275Bones Quest #16: Seaing is BelievingA janitor finds a boat, reconnects with some old faces, and defends the American way on the high seas!Bones Quest, DemBones, Collective Game, Skeletons, Bones, Female Protagonist, Stanley Parble2022-06-05 5 
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