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February 2010
8160505Animorph NostalgiaA single picture sparks a massive Animorphs nostalgia thread. May be responsible for 25% of the world's furry.animorphs, awesome, childhood, nostalgia2010-02-19 5 
March 2011
14311224Mr. Rogers birthdayIt's Mr. Rogers' birthday.Mr. Rogers, neighborhood, RIP, civility, kindness, good2011-03-21 25 
May 2011
15014422Brotherhood of the Megalith 2continuation of the mystic cavemen Inuit marines creation. We're getting to the cool fluffy bits.Caveman Marines, Chapter Creation, Brotherhood of the Megalith2011-05-23 3 
15081716The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet/tg/ create a Iron Hands successor chapter. Thus the Knights of The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet are born Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000,40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood Of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood 2011-05-28 6 
15092844The Brotherhood of the Gauntlet: Part 2Discussion of the Brotherhood continues, leading up to the idea that the Brotherhood's past is linked to the Glistening host.Space Marines, Warhammer, 40000, 40k, Knights, Deathwatch, Brotherhood of the Gauntlet, Iron Hands, Brotherhood, Glistening Host2011-05-30 5 
15094060Glistening Host 3Another thread discussing /tg/'s homebrew Slaaneshi kill-crazies. Anons try to integrate chapter's history with the Brotherhood of the Gauntlet and OP does some sweet writefaggotry.Deathwatch, Chapter Creation, Chaos, Chaos Marines, Slaanesh, Heresy, Awesome, Homebrew, Writefaggotry, Brotherhood of the Gaunlet2011-05-30 5 
August 2012
20476321Corruption of Champions: ANGER EDITIONIn which a young Angry Marine and Musclewizard by the name of ANGER boldly strides into a new world, to cast Fist upon heretical abominations in the Emperors name.Corruption of Champions: Knighthood, Angry Marine, Collective Game, CoC, Corruption of Champions, SPACE MARINE , 40K, Emperor, Muscle Wizard2012-08-26 20 
20478611Pax Americana Quest 1What if, instead of carrying out a psychotic quest to genocide every mutant in the world, half the Enclave rebelled and fled to the american midwest, encountered Brotherhood of Steel outcasts and set out to rebuild America in the image of the old world?Civilization_Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Fallout, Enclave, Brotherhood_of_Steel, Alternate_History, Power_Armor, Vertibird, Robot, Super_Mutant, Ghoul, Human, Cyborg, Mutant2012-08-26 15 
20485061Pax Americana Quest 2The American Union expands its borders, both in terms of territory, and socially.Civilization_Quest, Quest, Collective Game, Fallout, Enclave, Brotherhood_of_Steel, Alternate_History, Power_Armor, Vertibird, Robot, Super Mutant, Ghoul, Human, Cyborg, Mutant, Squirrel Force Recon, Intellapuma2012-08-27 18 
November 2012
21478303Relive your childhood, make gun shooty noises/tg/ nostalgias hard and relives playing with nerf guns or pointed fingers. Some operators show up and are swiftly ignored.pew pew, guns, operators, childhood, playing pretend, the original traditional game2012-11-08 13 
21523416If Lies To Children Were TrueThere's no sex, you can make boys with snips, snails and puppy-dog tails, and stepping on a crack will break your mother's back. More neat suggestions inside.game ideas, scary, creepy, humor, setting, worldbuilding, childhood, myths2012-11-11 18 
October 2013
27992233Childhood Fears for Use in SettingsA bunch of fa/tg/uys came together and talked about their traumatic childhood delusions so that others can adapt them for use in settings.child chlidhood fear setting brainstorm neat cool shit2013-10-29 2 
March 2014
30945811Red Hood QuestWe become the Batman.Collective Game, Red Hood Quest2014-03-20 9 
30956046Mr. Rogers Birthday 2014It's Mr. Rogers birthday again. I hope you enjoy the feels as much as we did.Mr. Rogers, Neighborhood, Love, Understanding, Feels, RIP2014-03-21 26 
30966144Red Hood Quest: Issue 2 Jason tries to get Tim laid.Collective Game, Red Hood Quest2014-03-21 7 
May 2014
31885048Nanoha FORCE Quest 21Vs Dragon Princess and her Dragon Rulers! Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Magical Guy, Dragons, Childhood Friends, 2014-05-03 4 
31978081Nanoha FORCE Quest 21.5Vs Dragon Princess and her Dragon Rulers Part 2Collective Game, Nanoha Force, Nanoha, BelkanSniper, Nanoha FORCE Quest, Magical Guy, Childhood Friend, Friendship, 2014-05-08 3 
October 2014
35525093Lessons in Knighthood Quest 1Nicole, who is totally a human and not any kind of non-human, applies to be a knight.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-15 31 
35561568Lessons in Knighthood Quest 2Nicole explores the palace, and critically fails the darkness.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-16 24 
35603743Lessons in Knighthood Quest 3Nicole hugs her commanding officer, and meets the mage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-18 22 
35643439Lessons in Knighthood Quest 4Nicole goes to class. Life lessons from an orc, and dinner with an elf maid.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-21 20 
35664501Lessons in Knighthood Quest 5Nicole turns hyper, and demonstrates epic ninja skills.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-21 22 
35722822Lessons in Knighthood Quest 6Nicole goes shopping, and gets lots of exposition.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-24 20 
35766755Lessons in Knighthood Quest 7Nicole meets the Duke, who is nice, and her new instructor, who is not so nice.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-26 20 
35807005Lessons in Knighthood Quest 8Nicole goes for dinner with the Duke. Also, she has no idea how to massage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-28 20 
35827734Lessons in Knighthood Quest 9Nicole proves her worth against William, and saves Clarissa's life. All in a day's work.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-29 21 
35869090Lessons in Knighthood Quest 10Nicole deals with the aftermath of the previous thread, and stops Victor from doing something silly.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-10-31 18 
November 2014
36218009Lessons in Knighthood Quest 11Nicole and her commanding officer's day off.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-17 20 
36260511Lessons in Knighthood Quest 12Nicole learns a bit more exposition, and meets her new partner in the City Watch.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-19 23 
36300942Lessons in Knighthood Quest 13Nicole sees her cop partner in action, and gets slightly envious.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-21 17 
36405550Lessons in Knighthood Quest 14Nicole chases down a mysterious shadowy cheaty figure via freerunning across the city.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-11-26 20 
December 2014
36658249Lessons in Knighthood Quest 15Nicole deals with a temporarily depressed mage, before having a lunch conversation with the cleric.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-09 18 
36775190Lessons in Knighthood Quest 16Nicole joins the elf maid in her secret study spot, and then has dinner with the Duke and the very sleep-deprived mage.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-15 21 
36851380Lessons in Knighthood Quest 17Nicole finally gets the mage to sleep, only to wake her up not long afterwards when the archaeologist visits.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-19 18 
36998422Lessons in Knighthood Quest 17Nicole learns why elves are so afraid of elves.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2014-12-27 16 
January 2015
37175405Lessons in Knighthood Quest 19Nicole fills out lots and lots of forms. Also she gets a message from the underworld.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-05 18 
37238346Lessons in Knighthood Quest 20Nicole discusses options with the mage, and then has the best coffee of her life.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-08 17 
37370288Lessons in Knighthood Quest 21Nicole finally gets custody of the ring while on very little sleep.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-14 18 
37524145Lessons in Knighthood Quest 22Nicole finally manages to get some sleep, which is something of a minor miracle.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-21 20 
37697647Lessons in Knighthood Quest 23Nicole finally meets the Golden, and promptly sends her into a panic.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-01-29 17 
February 2015
37896728Lessons in Knighthood Quest 24Nicole reports back to the professor, waves at some dwarves, and finally finishes the day.Collective Game, Lessons in Knighthood Quest2015-02-07 18 
July 2015
41215974(??? Quest) Hood Quest 1A flash of light in the dark. Life begins.??? quest, hood quest, drawquest, collective game2015-07-14 2 
41254969Hood Quest 2A life born in darkness begins its first journey into the sun.??? quest, hood quest, drawquest, collective game, Hoodmeister2015-07-17 2 
October 2015
43192350The Elder Scrolls: Dark Brotherhood QuestThe Elder Scrolls: Dark Brotherhood Questcollective game, elder scrolls, arena, skyrim, daggerfall, morrowind, oblivion, dark brotherhood, quest,2015-10-21 3 
January 2016
44796847Black Hoods Operative QuestA quiet, relaxing morning by the riverside.Collective Game, Black Hoods Operative Quest, mithril2016-01-16 2 
May 2016
30226Your name is Neil Mcman - Act 1After a loud noise interrupts your sleep, you explore your room and do stupid shit.Collective Game, Drawquest, Neil Mcman, NEET, Hoodie2016-05-02 8 
September 2016
615792Another Trapped Quest #1QM of Neil Mcman returns and we're trapped in a room again. We become king and CEO of Trump Tower and get friendzoned by a succubus.Collective Game, Drawquest, Dan Nero, Trump, NEET, Hoodie2016-09-25 4 
November 2016
50129254There's Something Strange About Your Apartment Building...Your PCs have started to realize that the old, rundown apartment building they live in is far stranger and more exciting than they thought.Horror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2016-11-07 45 
50159577There's Something Strange About Your Apartment Building 2: Urban UneaseA second thread is had to discuss the idea of a rundown, old apartment building that is home to both creepy and comfy paranormal happenings.Horror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2016-11-10 30 
50184198There's Something Strange About Your Apartment Building 3: Urban UneaseA third thread brainstorming ideas for creepy/comfy paranormal occurrences in an old apartment building. Also peeps argue over canonHorror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2016-11-17 24 
March 2017
51963891Urban Unease 4Urban Unease is brought up. An anon makes a cathedralUrban unease, brainstorming, horror, city, neighborhood2017-03-03 6 
52021034Urban Unease 5Christ Imprisoned A Maid Inspiring Images of The Living Infomercial. Next thread, more commasHorror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2017-03-08 6 
April 2017
1356627Godhood QuestA quest where the players become gods that get to create their own universe to their whims.Godhood, Collective Game2017-04-12 3 
October 2017
55992067Urban Unease 6Mall Edition Horror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease2017-10-23 3 
April 2018
2418770Overlord Lair Quest 4 Enlightening OrdealsMinions lacking leadership made good gains. We summoned again with out protection and lacking equipment. Outsiders became mad at our waste.Genie, Overlord, Dungeon, Summoning in the wrong neighborhood2018-04-10 1 
July 2018
2736777New God QuestThe old gods lie dead, and the old world rests on their graves. But hope is not gone. As a new divine, can you make a new world from ash?Collective Game, New God Quest, God, Divine, Divinity, Godhood, Post apocalypse, after the end, Fantasy, dark fantasy2018-07-16 9 
October 2018
2947046Quest for DivinityA police officer minding his own business gets his house ruined, then gets dragged into shit.Collective Game, Godhood, Divinity, Quest, Geistalt2018-10-07 0 
January 2019
63850296Urban Unease: Image thread editionNew Unease thread based mainly on images reference for the setting style.Urban unease, brainstorming, horror, city, neighborhood, images, Surreal2019-01-08 14 
August 2019
3694316Welcome to the Strangerhood #1The neighborhood is a little different than you remember. [Green Jacket] gets his feet under him in the new city.Welcome to the Strangerhood, Strangerhood, Collective Game, Quest, Horror, Supernatural2019-08-10 3 
October 2019
69059343Urban Unease: It returns!New urban unease with an attempt to spread into disaster shelters.Horror, Apartment, Apartment Building, City, Neighborhood, Surreal, Brainstorming, Urban Unease, images2019-10-30 5 
May 2022
5207193Reptilian Infiltrator Quest Vol. 13The half-human agent of a dark dynasty returns home to her people, brings a race to ruin, and inscribes her lasting legacy forevermore.ReptoidQM, Reptilian Infiltrator Quest, romance, motherhood, duty, villainy, victory, sacrifice, destiny, endings, coom2022-05-01 5 
April 2023
88282893How do you deal with Ice Planet, /tg/?"/tg/ discusses the state of the Lego wargame, moans about Ice Planet being op, dies of nostalgia overloadLego, worldbuilding, Sci-Fi, fictional wargame, pure imagination, transparent orange chainsaw, space, castle, awesome, childhood, nostalgia2023-04-07 6 
May 2023
88992151Ghettos n GangstersAnon has ideas on making a hood rat RPGRPG, Homebrew, Hood, Gangster2023-05-29 -1 
July 2023
5707792On the Path to Godhood #1We encounter a monk who isn't as he seems. Neither are we.Collective Game, On the Path to Godhood, OtPtG, Yaldabaoth2023-07-10 12 
August 2023
5749019On the Path to Godhood #2We learn the secrets of refining ichor and leave the monastery.Collective Game, On the Path to Godhood, OtPtG, Yaldabaoth2023-08-29 5 
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