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September 2008
2584735.Hack//Pen and paperA thread created by Ensis about creating a pen and paper system based off of the .hack// series..hack// dot hack .hack Ensis Kun-kun2008-09-16 5 
2593504.Hack//Pen and paper 2The second thread created by Ensis to discuss more about the system and to flesh out more of how game play would resolve.Ensis Kun-kun .hack dot hack .hack//pen and paper2008-09-17 5 
April 2010
8975844Shadowrun Matrix DiscussionDiscussion about hackers and the Matrix in ShadowrunShadowrun hackers matrix2010-04-05 3 
December 2010
13108836The Rise of Poppa ShasOP asks /tg/ for advice on toppling a monster that he and his party accidentally put into power, only to have it broken to him that God Emperor Shastamannos is the coolest dictator in school, and that he and his party members are complete madmen. Join the Nation!Pathfinder, D&D, Writefaggotry, Epic, Poppa Shas, Now Lay Back and Think of Karthack2010-12-11 27 
March 2011
14167662RPG Rules for HackingThread containing a discussion of computer security, and how it can be mechanically applied to an RPG.Hacking, Computers, Mechanics, Rules, RPG, Homebrew2011-03-08 1 
March 2012
18228308Shadowrun StorytimeOP begins his story of a Shadowrun That Guy (tm)Shadowrun, Storytime, That Guy, 2D, Street Samurai, Infiltrator, Hacker, Mage2012-03-06 273 
18237435Shadowrun Storytime 2The continued story of a Shadowrun That Guy, now with more berserk troll.Shadowrun, That Guy, 2D, Dervish, Geppetto, DeadMan, Trout, Street Samurai, Hacker, Mage, Infiltrator2012-03-07 92 
March 2013
23618365.//hack Myths Vol.1 Ronin Chapter 1 QuestKen Smith begins his journey into The World R2,encounters a westaboo, saves some souls, and get a badass sword.Collective Game, .//hack, Ken Smith2013-03-11 18 
23652450.//Hack Quest Vol. 1 Ronin Chapter 2Mifune and 1/2 venture into Delta/ Sacred Superior Venom Fang, and of course, fate would have them face off against danger...Collective game, Ken Smith, .hack, CC Corp Admin, Adept Rogue2013-03-13 16 
23672922.//Hack Quest Vol. 1 Ronin Chapter 3We remove sleep from Muramasa and bring emo goth reaper into the old dungeon on a second try. Guy isn't so bad after all.Collective game, Ken Smith, .hack, CC Corp Admin, Adept Rogue2013-03-14 17 
23744813.hack//QUEST Ronin Vol 1. chapter 4Kenichi parties up with some new friends and experiences an interesting server error.Collective Game, .//hack, Ken Smith, weeaboo, CC Corp Admin2013-03-18 17 
23795866.hack// Quest Volume 1 Ronin Chapter 5Seeing nothing inherently odd with Muramasa's texture as of now, Mifune carries on as it's nothing. The party continues on with the "Destroy the Buried Treasure!" Quest, slaying Ghost pirates!.hack, Collective Game, CC Corp Admin, Ken Smith, weeaboo, 2013-03-21 15 
April 2013
24111163.hack//AIDA questA government agent gets sent into the world to try and figure out what is going on. /tg/ dice happen and comas are had..hack//AIDA, Collective Game, .hack, AzureEarth2013-04-08 27 
24136499.hack//AIDA 2In which lots of people are met, we kill some PKs, then see giant monsters. Just another day in the office.hack//AIDA, Collective Game, .hack, AzureEarth2013-04-09 20 
24175734.hack//AIDA 3We kill our favorite PKs again, get some drugs, and secure a favor..hack//AIDA, Collective Game, .hack, AzureEarth2013-04-11 16 
24193631.hack//AIDA 4We meet some vampire roleplayers, and experience our first death. We then act like jacky chan and become bounty hunters..hack//AIDA, Collective Game, .hack, AzureEarth2013-04-12 17 
24226975.hack//AIDA 5We fight in the tournament, make a girl cry, get promised a bunny girl, and become the angel of gluttony over how much we have a penis. You really need a raise for this.hack//AIDA, Collective Game, .hack, AzureEarth2013-04-14 14 
24270200.hack//AIDA 6We feed our imaginary friend, get a fear boner, and win the demon palace. Hope insurance covers AIDA damageCollective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-04-16 17 
24324650.hack//AIDA 7In which we meet people then take a gun with us.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-04-19 16 
24362579.hack//AIDA 8We get the data then log back into the world. We meet a man who communicated primarily with hip thrusts then go to a church. Just another day Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-04-21 15 
24457691.hack//AIDA 9We meet a chair, nearly die for a pillow, do a dungeon, and then we hang out with our Yandere sadist stalker. Glad you don't have to write up reports as much.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-04-26 15 
24495876.hack//AIDA 10In which we have a beach party, infect an ally, and discover Moon Tree has some weird members.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-04-28 14 
May 2013
24518837Borderlands PnP Thread #5Discussion of possible system titles, a little bit of healthy crunch development takes place, class archetypes and skills get tweaked, corporate factions explained, and more.Borderlands, Homebrew, Game Design, Whack Foo, TORGUE, Claptrap, Greesy, France, Dakka, Moar Dakka2013-05-01 5 
24587227.hack//AIDA 11In which we meet an idol, talk to a friend, go undercover, and wander the night.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-03 15 
24625110.hack//AIDA 12We kill two people, kidnap a teenaged girl, then play video games and meet an e-hooker. You are the best at secret agenting.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-05 15 
24593221Borderlands PNP Thread #6d6fag posts a draft, the janitor does his job for once, and we start hammering out character abilitiesBorderlands, Homebrew, Game Design, Whack Foo, TORGUE, Claptrap, Greesy, France, Dakka, Moar Dakka, Oh Fuck Slag Harpies I Cannot Stop Screaming, 25 Greesy, Guns - Glorious Guns2013-05-07 4 
24671525.hack//AIDA 13We meet Azure Kite and everyone rolls poorly, then we get in a staring contest with our rival and make a guild.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-07 15 
24707346.hack//AIDA 14In which we explain things to Haruko, see a newspaper, get a guild quest, piss off our Yandere dominatrix.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-09 13 
24769999.hack//AIDA 15We do a quest, eat the terror of death, and generally have a good time.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-12 12 
24812466.hack//AIDA 16In which we go to sleep, get the bunny girl to serve us coffee, then go to an award ceremony and mingle.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-14 14 
24943306.hack//AIDA 17We finish a party, meet Durandal's friend, discover Hamelin is no longer joking around, and the world loses a hero.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-21 14 
25000479.hack//AIDA 18We deal with the aftermath of Durandal's fall, manage to patch things up with Haruko for real this time, and call a guild meeting.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-24 14 
25019698.hack//AIDA 19We make strategies, infect Luna, destroy Hamelin, and discover he wants to burn the world with him.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-25 13 
25077198.hack//AIDA 20We start trying to fix this mess, our imaginary friend seems to have vanished over food, and then the world cracks.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-28 13 
25118587.hack//AIDA 21We charge into the fray, Areta almost dies, we patch things up with snark, then escape the world.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-05-30 14 
June 2013
25161567.hack//AIDA 22We return to the world, try out a better combat system, hang out with rp a little, then go to a festival. Team-building go!Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-06-01 14 
25249656.hack//AIDA and Hollow summarySummary of .hack//AIDA and hollow quest to make it easier for new players. Also questions asked and answered.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth, Bleach, Hollow Quest Redux2013-06-05 10 
25266333.hack//AIDA 23In which we finish the festival, actually have an honest conversation with someone without someone getting mad, and then watch fireworks.Collective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-06-06 13 
25496608.hack//AIDA 24In which there is a small time jump, we decide to play it cool, we get baseball tickets and discover Snark is keeping disturbingly detailed records of our friends real lives. Also Vividor happensCollective Game, .hack, .hack//AIDA, AzureEarth2013-06-18 10 
September 2013
27203076A.I. Quest 7 Mourning There AfterOphion learns a little more about humans, as he expands his sphere of control. With a little trading, and some luck, we secure ourselves a rather nice haul, and immediately spend it on lots of goodies.A.I. Quest, Collective Game, Artificial Intelligence, computer, machine, Program0, sentience, control, repairs, Gas, V.I., Casualties, hack, battle, trade2013-09-14 20 
October 2013
27633790.hack//QUEST #0- InitializationWherein we register a character, and take our first steps into "The World".Collective Game, .hack//QUEST, Apeiron, The World2013-10-08 7 
27682697.hack//QUEST #0- First StepsIn which we explore a dungeon and OP fulfills a promise he made last thread.Collective Game, .hack//QUEST, Apeiron, The World2013-10-11 5 
February 2014
30331773Shadowrun Hacker QuestIt's 2073, and Echo_TRACER just got a new job. Making the interview might be a little complicated.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-19 10 
30395877Shadowrun Hacker Quest 2: The Best Part of Waking Up EditionAfter a night of hacking his way into the most exclusive town in the Seattle Metro, we talk to our girlfriend, go to our interview, and decide to see if we can do this run in 24 hours or lessShadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-22 6 
30438672Shadowrun Hacker Quest 3: Digital Shadow EditionEcho_TRACER engages a group of armed men and proves that brains really are better than brawn. With the package in hand, he needs to keep his head low and stay alive long enough to collect his pay.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-02-24 8 
March 2014
30593220Shadowrun Hacker Quest 4: OP's Skipping the Booze Tonight EditionEcho_TRACER's safehouse has been compromised. With Harriet in tow, his only hope of escape is to lay low in a coffin hotel. While he's busy keeping out of sight, he calls on an ally to aid in his search for knowledge.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-03 6 
30738110Shadowrun Hacker Quest 5: OP's a tiredfag edition.Though Echo_TRACER wakes the next morning and prepares to meet with his team, OP is not yet ready to face the dawn.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest, OP is a tiredfag2014-03-10 5 
30875607Shadowrun Hacker Quest 5.5: OP's awake, but the thread isn't editionEcho_TRACER gets back to work and gains some info on Harriet, but a lack of participation slows things to a halt.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-17 3 
31140171Shadowrun Hacker Quest 6: Afternoon Stroll EditionEcho_TRACER dives deeper into the Barrens to find more information, and finds much more than he bargained for.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-29 2 
31164755Shadowrun Hacker Quest 6.6: No Distractions EditionEcho_TRACER and co. take on the team of Declan mercs, and manage to learn something about the lady in charge.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-03-31 4 
April 2014
31305422Shadowrun Hacker Quest 7: Sniper Wolf EditionEcho_TRACER shows an enemy shadowrunner what happens when they mess with his team, and then makes contact with his fixer once more.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-07 5 
31455102Shadowrun Hacker Quest 8: Hotel-Movie Reference EditionEcho_TRACER retreats to a fancy hotel, thinks his way through problems, and wants to look at Harriet's legs.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-14 5 
31605674Shadowrun Hacker Quest 9: Celebrating 420 on the Waterfront EditionEcho_TRACER gets one step closer to realizing the full nature of Harriet's relationship to Declan Futures, and tries to make peace with the mysterious sniper.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-04-21 3 
May 2014
31916575Shadowrun Hacker Quest 10: Tower Defense EditionEcho_TRACER and his team defend against both bad luck and Declan Futures in the battle over Harriet's freedom.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-05-05 5 
32204992Shadowrun Hacker Quest 11: You wa Shock! EditionEcho_TRACER has been captured by another 'runner team! Press-ganged into a new run with a dangerous time-frame, Echo can only gather intel and hope to make contact with the outside world.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-05-19 3 
32357627Shadowrun Hacker Quest 12: Mexican Standoff EditionEcho_TRACER narrowly avoids a gunfight bursting out around him, and calls upon the disparate Shadowrunners in his life to finally plan how to defeat Declan Futures. Also, Echo_TRACER calls himself a faggot in front of everyone.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest, Echo_TRACER is a faggot2014-05-26 3 
June 2014
32661712Shadowrun Hacker Quest #13: Lucky Number 13 EditionEcho_TRACER hatches a plan to get a prototype Comlink so that he and his allies can hack Harriett's legs, and gain enough proof to stop Declan.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-06-09 1 
32779637Runic Quest 1There ain't no drama like shitty forced contrived drama!quest, drama, hack QM, rune quest, runic quest2014-06-14 0 
32805097Shadowrun Hacker Quest 13.5: Call to Action EditionEcho_TRACER makes a few important commcalls, then sets out to invade a UCAS military base.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-06-16 2 
32900408Rune Quest Thread 2In which we ruin EGO's plans and force him to rewrite his notes for a second timedragon dicks, collective game, Rune Quest, hack QM,2014-06-21 1 
July 2014
33233060Shadowrun Hacker Quest 14: Modern Warfare EditionEcho_TRACER and his team face off against the UCAS military in search of a military-grade commlink. They have more than enough power, but Echo must make the last leg of his journey alone.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-07-07 2 
33706285Shadowrun Hacker Quest 15: Dem Gams EditionEcho_TRACER assembles the information his team has gathered and, armed with bleeding-edge hardware, hacks the most dangerous node of his entire career.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-07-28 1 
August 2014
33870142Shadowrun Hacker Quest 16: An Offer You Can't Refuse EditionAfter acquiring the necessary data, Echo-TRACER pays a visit to the Irish Mob.Shadowrun Hacker Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game, Quest2014-08-04 1 
March 2019
3282061Wendigo: A Worm Quest 8We give a speech, Coil is doing something shady, and the Crab Shack opens. At long last.Collective Game, Wendigo Worm Quest, Worm, He Who Meddles, Quest, wendigo, Crab Shack2019-03-05 6 
April 2019
3437110Outsiders Invasion Quest #1The hack and slash adventure of Alfonzo Robella in a world being invaded by demons, which was cut short by bad luck with the dice.#outsiders #invasion #quest #demons #hackandslash2019-04-25 2 
December 2019
3955281Panzer Commander Quest #56Trouble in town is resolved with a change of seats, Kelwin gets a first taste of leadership, and the past comes for Richter's neck.Panzer Commander, Collective Game, War, Armor, Not Hacking the Elections2019-12-29 1 
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