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March 2010
8623325The Korean Conflict is InsaneUS tries to trim tree in the DMZ, NK kills US soldier. US responds by ordering in commandos, mobilizing a strategic bomber wing, and tasking a Carrier Battle group, and then chainsawing the tree. Devolves into North Korea is weirder than any campaign you have ever run.North Korea, Trees2010-03-17 4 
April 2011
14591373New World WarriorsOP makes Dwarf Badger Riders, and fa/tg/uy creates silly stereotypes on WARwar, homebrew, dwarfs, USA, fantasy, canadians, north america, New World Warriors2011-04-15 0 
June 2011
15429450The Chosen of Chaos: Warriors of the North Quest 2The captive's will has been strong. Can our Warrior of the Raven God break her spirit? And how will he deal with the language barrier?Collective Game, Norsca Quest, The Chosen of Chaos: Warriors of the North Quest2011-06-30 26 
July 2011
15435000Warriors of the North Quest 3Our Chosen One of Tzeentch runs into speedbumps, notably a group of Ungor beastmen. How will he handle these savages?Collective Game, Norsca Quest, Warriors of the North Quest2011-07-01 30 
15437414Warriors of the North Quest 4Our chosen bumbles his way further into the woods and faces off against a minotaur this time. Much raging at the fickle dice ensues.Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game2011-07-01 30 
15439224Warrior of the North Quest 5Our champion (!) gets a warband of beastmen and an awesome minotaur.Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game2011-07-01 30 
15445375Warrior of the North Quest 6The champion and his forces finally finish preperation for the attack!Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game2011-07-02 27 
15449311Warrior of the North Quest 7Starts with elf rape; moves on from there.Warriors of the North Quest, Norsca Quest, Collective Game, Elf Rape2011-07-02 26 
15466645Warrior of the North Quest 8The bray shaman oversteps his bounds. Time to take care of him the way only a Tzeentchian can.Norsca Quest, Collective Game, Warriors of the North Quest2011-07-04 25 
15497988Warriors of the NorthMore treachery and deceit, also (finally) getting a primer for the winds of magic.Norsca Quest, Collective Game, Warriors of the North Quest, Wargol Umhang2011-07-07 24 
15536369Warriors of the North Quest 10Our champion finds another village, and one poster has perhaps doomed our hero.Collective Game, Norsca Quest, Warriors of the North Quest, Warrior of the North Quest, Slayer of Threads, Wargol Umhang2011-07-11 22 
December 2012
22225267Primordial Evolution Game: North CentralThe northern taiga of Central Continent is developed.Collective Game, Primordial, Evolution, Central Continent, North, Taiga2012-12-27 1 
January 2013
22627992Succubus Lord Quest Part 12In this Quest, we go to the bath house, use Hokuto Shinken to vaporize bandits, and play DnDSuccubus, Quest, Demon, Collective Game, Succbus Lord Quest, post apocalyptic, winter, Fist of the North Star, DnD2013-01-17 20 
July 2013
25875846King in the North QuestHe has arisen, with a thirst for vengeance. Lead to Lord Beric by Harwin.King in the North Quest, Collective Game, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, undead, wolf, king, revenge, vengeance2013-07-08 34 
25916853 King in the North Quest Part 2He has found two kin; one dead, one alive. one human, one wolf.King in the North Quest, Collective Game, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, undead, wolf, king, revenge, vengeance2013-07-10 20 
25997374The King in the North Quest 3We ambush some Freys and take a few notable hostages.King in the North Quest, Collective Game, game of thrones, a song of ice and fire, undead, wolf, king, revenge, vengeance2013-07-14 11 
August 2013
26583042Fallen LondonFair Ladies, Gentlemen and Gentlesquids discuss the madness of the Neath.Fallen, London, Rubbery, NORTH, Neath2013-08-14 2 
May 2016
169688Black Company Quest #8The Black Company is good at what they do, and what they do is not good. We spend ALL our double pay, and fail at both boxing and flirting.Black Company Quest, Collective Game, Dark Fantasy, Double Pay, Fist of the North Longhorn, Smoking Kills, Flattery Failures2016-05-23 24 
July 2016
348052Northern Beasts Quest #1The hunt begins.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-07-08 27 
372623Northern Beasts Quest #2Investigations, and hunting new preyQuest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-07-16 15 
395933Northern Beasts Quest #3Digging even deeper.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-07-23 14 
423242Northern Beasts Quest #4Witch cults of the northern territories.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-07-30 13 
August 2016
445396Northern Beasts Quest #5The Old WolfQuest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-08-08 12 
465170Northern Beasts Quest #6Dark places breed dark things.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-08-13 14 
487979Northern Beasts Quest #7A red and terrible moon.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-08-20 12 
September 2016
528443Northern Beasts Quest #8The Lunatic Knight and the legion.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-09-06 12 
547367Northern Beasts Quest #9Home alone.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-09-12 11 
564448Northern Beasts Quest #9Home Alone.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-09-15 10 
579055Northern Beasts Quest #10Homecoming.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-09-17 12 
October 2016
641573Northern Beasts Quest #11Operation Regicide begins.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-10-02 12 
672149Northern Beasts Quest #12Operation Regicide continues.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-10-08 13 
731780Northern Beasts Quest #13The journey south.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-10-21 12 
759716Northern Beasts Quest #14Searching the southern coloniesQuest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-10-29 12 
November 2016
814259Northern Beasts Quest #15A very southern secret.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-11-13 13 
841837Northern Beasts Quest #16Containment protocols.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-11-20 12 
December 2016
918959Northern Beasts Quest #17No one can run forever.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-12-11 12 
944390Northern Beasts Quest #18Unwholesome truths.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2016-12-19 13 
January 2017
1014027Northern Beasts Quest #19The lonesome, rainy island.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-01-08 11 
1038350Northern Beasts Quest #20The tragedy at castle Tolnir.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-01-15 11 
1094889Northern Beasts Quest #21The tragedy at Castle Tolnir, part 2Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-01-29 11 
February 2017
1122862Northern Beasts Quest #22This year's hottest party.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-02-05 12 
1148468Northern Beasts Quest #23The road to the Garden of GiantsQuest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-02-12 10 
1198983Northern Beasts Quest #24In the Garden of GiantsQuest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-02-25 11 
March 2017
1250706Northern Beasts Quest #25Everything dies.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-03-10 12 
1275884Northern Beasts Quest #26The final hunt.Quest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-03-19 12 
1319885Northern Beasts Quest #27The Bastards of the Free StatesQuest, Collective Game, Northern Beasts Quest2017-03-31 11 
January 2018
2210990Viking Quest Creating Alrik the Hunter, who hunts animals and tries to become a huscarl. viking, quest, viking quest, vikings, northmen2018-01-16 1 
December 2019
3971731The True Soldier - Part 1The Italians are on the march in North Africa, and Sergeant Verratti is there to lead the way.ErrantQM, WW2, Italians, Tanks, North Africa2019-12-23 1 
August 2020
4405461Northern Prince QuestA classic sword and sorcery quest about a viking prince slaying trolls.Northern Prince Quest, Viking, /qst/2020-08-23 0 
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