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September 2008
2496778Spelljammer 4EAnon provides a PDF of rules for running Spelljammer under D&D 4E. The SJ vessel cards are also posted.4e trolls spelljammer homebrew2008-09-04 -3 
March 2010
88100011001 horrible ways to die/tg/ discusses some clever albeit often incredibly gruesome trap and spell ideasDnD, traps, spells, gore2010-03-27 1 
April 2010
9307396Chaotic Wild Magicwhat evil happens when a spell is fumbled, flubbed or otherwise fucked upFumble, Magic, Spellcasting, enthusiasm2010-04-20 0 
July 2010
10855800Epic Spelljammer AdventureA fa/tg/uy shares a recently completed Spelljammer campaign filled with espionage, betrayal and revenge.AD&D, Spelljammer, Story, Epic2010-07-01 13 
November 2010
12970601"Magic Talents" CampaignAnon proposes an awesome setting in which players possess one 8th/9th level spell they can use at will. Helpful anon makes a chart, and other anons roll for awesome results.Spells, Broken, Chart2010-11-30 2 
December 2010
13206100Spell adventure generatorYou're going to go on an adventure. What 5 spells do you get.spell generator2010-12-19 0 
March 2011
14188616STORYTIEM: The Final ChapterSTORYTIEM makes his emmy award-winning return to /tg/ and unveils the climactic conclusion to his mind-shatteringly epic campaign.storytiem, saburo, joseph knock, al'sham wyles, evennia, spelljammer, the fist, frank the fiendish centipede, crazy hassan, epic, campaign2011-03-10 54 
14250990Spell generator/tg/, you are going on an adventure. Generate the 5 spells which you will use on this adventure, and then decide how fucked you are.spell generator, seventhsanctum2011-03-16 1 
February 2012
17882164Go my undead minions Save our countryMost memorable spell ever cast, including the epic tale of a Necromancer who decided to play hardball.awesome, necromancer, spells, WIZARD, nosenseofrightorwrong2012-02-10 20 
July 2012
19766361Freeform TaleOp and his friends have made actual good characters in an online Play-by-Post freeform game that's full of Mary Sues. Sit back and watch the magic happen.Freeform, Posting, Mary Sue, Bullshit Powers, OOC Knowledge, Poor Spelling2012-07-08 25 
December 2012
22070118Magical Rocket Out Of a Decanter Of Endless Water/tg/ creates a functional rocket for D&D available to lift up to 52 tonnes of cargo with all math needed.decanter of endless water, physics, rocket, D&D, spelljammer2012-12-16 22 
March 2013
23598601Magic in historyOP combs through tomes of ancient lore to tell us about historical spells. Rasputin's dick is added free of charge.magic, spells, historical, research2013-03-10 11 
October 2013
27968904The final spellOnce again, /tg/ is left with a single random spell with which to defeat the BBEG. Spell, Magic, Wizard, BBEG, Final Boss, Random Generator, Seventh Sanctum, 2013-10-27 2 
March 2014
30675713Oversized Weapon Quest 17Scratch another sidequest off the list! Is this the start of a love triangle?! Some new guys show up. You make plans to knock out a dungeon!Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Hexblade Spell List2014-03-07 27 
October 2014
35266720The metaphysics of secret doorsa discussion of what makes a door secret and what makes a door a doordoor, spell,2014-10-03 7 
December 2014
36549600"Artistic" spellcraftingA short, but insightful thread on how spells can be developed in a way more similar to art than science for tabletop.ideas, magic, spellcasting, art, GURPS2014-12-05 0 
April 2015
39238408Minotauress quest: part 7We learn more magic, meet another guard, get magically SWOLE, and learn some spellsCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-10 10 
39267715Minotauress quest: part 8We finally go back to demon slayingCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-12 10 
39302262Minotauress Quest 9 We teach our people on the tenets of RhiannonCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-13 10 
39348148Minotauress quest: part 11We talk about what glory actually means and gain something from drinking milkCollective game, Minotauress quest, sorcerer, castle, magic, spells2015-04-16 7 
October 2015
42885962Literal SpellbookWhat happens when the spell names are taken literally.Brainstorm, Spells2015-10-11 10 
January 2016
44889550Spell book as an art project/tg/ discusses how to design a spellbook.spell book, magic, runes, fluff2016-01-26 0 
August 2016
48924233Fantasy Seinfeld/tg/ comes up with Seinfeld episodes that take place in a generic fantasy setting.fantasy, generic, seinfeld, halfling, orc, gnome, spell, wizard, sorceror, kramer, jerry, elaine, george2016-08-23 56 
March 2017
1251219What Came Next 4: Slumdog Fight ClubSukaretto vs Ishi to the death! Who will win? The dice gods decide!Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Boss fight, Suka, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Dice Gods, Trip Crit, Murder, Magic, Spells, Lucifer2017-03-12 2 
May 2017
1420996What Came Next 6: The Magnificent 4Let's get down to business - to defeat, the huns did they send me heathens. When I asked, for nuns!Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Boss fight, Suka, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Dice Gods, Trip Crit, Murder, Magic, Spells, Lucifer2017-05-04 2 
July 2017
1650667What Came Next 7: Brother Who Art Thou?Just a day of teaching, nothing to see here. Why would anyone be concerned?Collective Game, Star, Wagon, Boss fight, Suka, Scarlet, Inpu, Hidoi, Ishi, Dice Gods, Trip Crit, Murder, Magic, Spells, Lucifer2017-07-11 3 
October 2017
55689939Comfy Folkloric MagicA collection of comfy low-magic spells taking inspiration from folklore.comfy, magic, folklore, spells, fluff2017-10-09 20 
June 2018
60225648Varsol RPG DumpRemember ORB OF THE ALBINO DOOMGOAT? OP has returned to tell us even more.Orb, Doomgoat, Varsol, RPG, breathing is a spell, spitting is also a spell2018-06-10 43 
September 2018
62169635Dyslexic spells threadFor when your wizard can't quite get the spell right. Wizards, funny, misspells2018-09-26 27 
November 2018
62871954Only eight spellsOnly eight spells exist. Suggestions abound.magic, ideas, world building, wizard, spells2018-11-07 1 
February 2021
4612320Witches' MarkFrauke's journey begins.Witch, Magic, Spellcraft, Drake, Mercenary, Frauke2021-02-20 2 
4672020[Night Market] Prologue: AdriftWe meet our intrepid Dragonborn sailor, Li Yen, as he drifts in the Astral Sea.NightMarket, Collective Game, Night Market Quest, Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Spelljammer2021-02-28 -2 
March 2021
4679565Witches Mark IIFrauke crosses the eastwall with the Drakes, exploring ancient imperial ruins and battling brigands and malevolent spirits.Witch, Magic, Spellcraft, Drake, Mercenary, Sprite, Frauke2021-03-30 2 
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