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March 2010
8613796Combat Chart PrototypeOP submits a combat oriented writefaggotry roll chart. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the rest of the fa/tg/uys take it further.Writefag, Chart, Battle, Roll2010-03-16 0 
April 2010
9403585Tables for adding flavor to a campaignA huge resource of tables for DMs to use for their campaigns. Good material here for when your creativity got lost, or you need to speed up session creation.Tables, charts, DMing, 2e2010-04-25 4 
November 2010
12970601"Magic Talents" CampaignAnon proposes an awesome setting in which players possess one 8th/9th level spell they can use at will. Helpful anon makes a chart, and other anons roll for awesome results.Spells, Broken, Chart2010-11-30 2 
February 2023
5521410Voidship Bridge Simulator #1Assemble your crew Acting Captain Annon, your Voidship awakes.Collective Game, Voidship Bridge Simulator, Chartman, Space, Sci-fi2023-02-16 12 
5572653Voidship Bridge Simulator #2Prepare the ship for battle, Captain, the enemy closes in.Collective Game, Voidship Bridge Simulator, Chartman, space, sci-fi, drawquest2023-02-19 11 
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