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February 2011
13973693Tech-Adept Iacton's ProjectA research project being done by Tech-Adept Iacton40k, Research, Tech-Adept Iacton2011-02-21 6 
August 2011
15974215Zerg Quest LIVEcological disaster complete. Mantalisks ahoy! Ooo, charts and graphs!Zerg Quest, Collective Game, Starcraft, Cerebrate Anon, Manta Ray Feudalism, Sir Geoffrey of Zerg, Exciting Research, Ballustrades2011-08-18 11 
March 2013
23598601Magic in historyOP combs through tomes of ancient lore to tell us about historical spells. Rasputin's dick is added free of charge.magic, spells, historical, research2013-03-10 11 
May 2016
175494Rift Research QuestThe lab is open for business.Collective Game, Rift Research, Munacra2016-05-28 1 
January 2017
1012240Gunsmith Quest Thread OneChi Long Qua the best GUNSMITH this world has ever seen. Also hopefully isn't dead.Gunsmith, Quest, Chi Lonq Qua, Research, Song Dynasty China, 13 Century China2017-01-14 1 
July 2020
4289328Digimon Researcher QuestA researcher has a bad day at work.Collective Game. Digimon Researcher Quest, Digimon2020-07-04 0 
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