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March 2009
4038731NautilusA bunch of fa/tg/uys develop some fluff for a nautiloid race that lives near volcanic mineral vent deep beneath an ice sheet that floods whole planets for terraforming,Interesting Ideas pop upNautilus,Fluff development,W40K,Deep sea2009-03-21 10 
May 2010
9832207Endless Isles brainstormingFrom a basic "Pirates Fuck Yeah!" thread, a crazy setting where almost everyone is a pirate begins to emerge.pirate, setting, development2010-05-16 3 
9845296Endless Isles thread 2Brainstorming and writefagging continues for the world of deathless piratesworld building, Eternal Isles, development, pirates2010-05-16 0 
October 2010
12481821Napoleonic HeresyDevelopment thread for a Dark Heresy supplement taking place in the Napoleonic Era.Dark Heresy Napoleon Napoleonic Era Muskets Setting Building Rules Development2010-10-18 2 
December 2010
13177880Lamias and Janitors/tg/ reacts intelligently to the janitor's rampage, and makes a board game out of it. Or two.lamias, development, board game, janitor2010-12-16 15 
January 2011
13369842Ops and Tactics Alpha Build .1Sweet Soul Bro presents a modern tactical simulation game he's been working on for a year and a half. Discussion ensueshomebrew, development, criticism, modern, Ops and Tactics2011-01-02 0 
13595580Super Robot Wars RPG mechaThe schismatic AdEva anons continue their homebrewed Super Robot Wars game with a massive stat dump of delicious mechaMecha, Homebrew, Game Development, Dark Heresy mods, AdEva, SRW RPG, RPG2011-01-21 4 
13681951SRWRPG Part 3A new alpha of the Ad-Eva based Super Robot Wars RPG is out, and Anon is picking it apart. Also, Murder!SRWRPG, Dark Heresy, Homebrew, Game Development2011-01-28 0 
April 2011
14650603What has your character written in their journal lately?Thread with journal entries for their tableto characters.Tabletop, character development2011-04-20 1 
August 2011
16031628Simple Starship System for RPGOP has just started designing a simple starship system for use in a Science Fiction RPG, and he wanted to get some opinions. Discussion ensues.sci-fi, RPG, science fiction, missiles, lasers, development, dev, game new, design2011-08-23 2 
September 2011
16255390new idea based game systema new game system where the players are ideas wanting to become charactersnew gamesystem, development2011-09-12 5 
April 2012
18734234A concept of Human Ingenuity and madnessDurendal shares his idea for a space setting where spaceships are all biological; grown from humans. /tg/ takes the concept and runs with it; yielding interesting results and both clean and slightly-fetishy variants of the setting.setting, development, space, ship, grimdark, transhuman, giant, giantess, war, freaky, biological, bioship, The Archivist2012-04-16 11 
February 2014
30026800On Hell./tg/ has a discussion on various visions and versions of hell they use in tabletop RPGs.hell, campaign, original content, discourse, setting, development, game ideas, tabletop2014-02-05 5 
August 2014
34144124Kidpunk Thread #8: Shamefur DisprayThreads 6/7 failed to get archived, but Kidpunk continues on, now getting close to having character sheetsKidpunk, /tg/ gets shit done, homebrew game, game development2014-08-15 0 
October 2014
35313602Towergirls System TrialA test of a d10 success system in a FTL/Oregon Trail style game. Goes a bit off-kilter the further things progress, but had a solid idea behind it. Some NSFW near the end.collective game, tower girls, towergirls, d10, test, trial, development, game design, smut, drawfag2014-10-05 5 
January 2015
37538499 Fruitsnackia /TG/ Forum RPG (Name Pending)The first thread for a new rpg forum, now called TransGalacticTransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-22 4 
37555223TransGalactic (Formerly Fruitsnackia) /TG/ Forum RPGSecond thread for TransGalactica. Races are hammered out more clearly and we begin expanding the lore in other regards as well.TransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-23 5 
37570291TransGalaxia 3: Electric Chickadee/(Rip Fruitsnackia)/TG/Forum RPGThird thread, shit goes down, races are hammered out, player progression and classes as well. Maybe this one won't be erased. TransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-24 3 
37601439TransGalaxia 4: Electric Door/RememberFruistnackia/TG/ForumRPG/baseline races semi-finalized, progress continues.TransGalactic, Forum RPG, World Building, Game Development2015-01-25 0 
April 2015
39223252A Card GameStupidly overcomplicated card game developmentdesign, development2015-04-10 1 
February 2016
45579585Overpowered Magic User Quest: The Second OneA wizard tries to stop a bypass from being built. Unlimited power and limited reliability make things get weird.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-02-23 8 
45597421Overpowered Magic User Quest: Shrek The Third EditionA the conclusion to the story of the wizard and the bypass. A bunch of crazy shit happens and then we get a true fairy tale ending.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-02-24 7 
45701888Overpowered Magic User Quest: A New PostA new story about an old warlock making his way in the modern world. Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-02-29 7 
March 2016
45796142Overpowered Magic User Quest: Fairytale EditionA drunken fairy godmother helps out her godchild. Snakes, bees and strangeness ensues. Ends abruptly when the QM had to leave.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-05 7 
45816959Overpowered Magic User Quest: Fairytale Part 2The conclusion to the Fairy Godmother adventure. We kill a dragon and Hades, plus discover Elf Secretary's origin story.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ 2016-03-06 5 
45881087Overpowered Magic User Quest: Witch HuntA new story about a witch who's powers come from Lucifer. Multiverse exploration and brooding ensues.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-09 4 
46038893Overpowered Magic User Quest: Weird ScienceA scientist is given mastery over the universe after an experiment gone wrong. He proceeds to fuck up everything.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-16 5 
46182116Overpowered Magic User Quest: World's Best DadAn elf finds out an old love had his child. He spends the day trying to take care of his daughter with unlimited magical abilities.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-24 5 
46313386Overpowered Magic User Quest: Accidental WizardAn average guy living in the city accidentally receives the dark blessing of an eldritch abomination. Seduction and battles ensue.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-29 5 
April 2016
46457662Overpowered Magic User Quest: Hero's JourneyAn adventurer receives the powers of a god to save the one he loves. Things get very weird very fast.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-04-06 4 
46527315Overpowered Magic User Quest: Hero's Journey Part 2The hero defeats the dragon and reunites with his true love.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-04-09 4 
46857630Overpowered Magic User Quest: Hero's Journey Part 3A few short interactions addressing the treatment of companions.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-04-25 2 
March 2019
3283062Android Development QuestPierre the android questions his existence.Stormyface, Android Development Quest, Collective2019-03-07 1 
3325668Android Development Quest #2Our subject Pierre gets on with his life Stormyface, Android Development Quest2019-03-20 1 
May 2023
5636434One Punch Man: A Monster Nobody Knows…Play as the unfortunate guy who ended up becoming a monster in the OPM universe. Can you survive before the heroes get to you ?Gyoro Gyoro, Gyoro Gyoro QM, OPM, One Punch Man, Monster2023-05-25 0 
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