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February 2016
45579585Overpowered Magic User Quest: The Second OneA wizard tries to stop a bypass from being built. Unlimited power and limited reliability make things get weird.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-02-23 8 
45597421Overpowered Magic User Quest: Shrek The Third EditionA the conclusion to the story of the wizard and the bypass. A bunch of crazy shit happens and then we get a true fairy tale ending.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-02-24 7 
45701888Overpowered Magic User Quest: A New PostA new story about an old warlock making his way in the modern world. Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-02-29 7 
March 2016
45796142Overpowered Magic User Quest: Fairytale EditionA drunken fairy godmother helps out her godchild. Snakes, bees and strangeness ensues. Ends abruptly when the QM had to leave.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-05 7 
45816959Overpowered Magic User Quest: Fairytale Part 2The conclusion to the Fairy Godmother adventure. We kill a dragon and Hades, plus discover Elf Secretary's origin story.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ 2016-03-06 5 
45881087Overpowered Magic User Quest: Witch HuntA new story about a witch who's powers come from Lucifer. Multiverse exploration and brooding ensues.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-09 4 
46038893Overpowered Magic User Quest: Weird ScienceA scientist is given mastery over the universe after an experiment gone wrong. He proceeds to fuck up everything.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-16 5 
46182116Overpowered Magic User Quest: World's Best DadAn elf finds out an old love had his child. He spends the day trying to take care of his daughter with unlimited magical abilities.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-24 5 
46313386Overpowered Magic User Quest: Accidental WizardAn average guy living in the city accidentally receives the dark blessing of an eldritch abomination. Seduction and battles ensue.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-03-29 5 
April 2016
46457662Overpowered Magic User Quest: Hero's JourneyAn adventurer receives the powers of a god to save the one he loves. Things get very weird very fast.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-04-06 4 
46527315Overpowered Magic User Quest: Hero's Journey Part 2The hero defeats the dragon and reunites with his true love.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-04-09 4 
46857630Overpowered Magic User Quest: Hero's Journey Part 3A few short interactions addressing the treatment of companions.Collective Game, WizardQM, OPMUQ2016-04-25 2 
November 2016
780243The Tome of Quest: #1A witch tries to recover missing pages of a spellbook.ToQ, Tome of Quest, Drawquest, WizardQM2016-11-02 6 
824358The Tome of Quest: #2Witch gets possessed, summons demons.ToQ, Tome of Quest, Drawquest, WizardQM2016-11-15 2 
846772The Tome of Quest: #3A Witch rolls to seduce a dragonToQ, Tome of Quest, Drawquest, WizardQM2016-11-21 4 
March 2023
5572116Hogwarts Genesis Ep 1We create Adrian Blackwell, go to Diagon alley and get school supplies, ride the Hogwarts express, meet students, get attacked on the train!Hogwarts, Harry Potter, WizardQM2023-03-08 5 
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