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March 2011
14084032GARGOYLE QUEST 1You are a Gargoyle sitting atop a church. You go through your usual antics until something changes the way you see the world forever.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Jerry2011-03-01 7 
14102426Gargoyle Quest IIWe save a priest! :Dgargoyle quest galio god damn batman2011-03-03 5 
14129223GARGOYLE QUEST 3We beat up street fighter characters and sell our soul to the devil.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Jerry, Q, O'Malley2011-03-05 5 
14166324Gargoyle Quest 4You kick in some heads, meet some weird guys in a car and totally don't go on a road trip with them.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle2011-03-08 4 
14191384Gargoyle Quest 5We scare the shit out of an old lady, and go to meet the don.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle2011-03-10 3 
14268532Gargoyle Quest 5Gabriel deals with the devil again, falling into an eternal night.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle2011-03-17 2 
14291551Gargoyle Quest 7You deal with being blind. <B( Also the other gargoyle gets a name.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Hugh, O'Malley2011-03-19 1 
14321791Gargoyle Quest 8We start our path towards becoming the god damn batman. Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle2011-03-22 5 
14320455Sorcerer Quest 7Feasting is had! We plot our next course of action, meet our master spy-goyle, and then INFODUMP. Now we actually have a good idea what the hell is going on!sorcerer, sorcerer quest, quest, collective game, gnoll, gargoyle, INFO2011-03-22 5 
14346690Gargoyle Quest 9You decide to go to the bat cave (short thread).Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle2011-03-24 6 
14375864Gargoyle Quest 10You scream at a wall until you can see again. I wish I was making this up.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Batman2011-03-27 3 
14399248Gargoyle Quest 11The Father's late, and our presence in the cave is detected... By a little girl.Gargoyle, Quest, Collective Game2011-03-29 5 
14422773Gargoyle Quest 12We send a little girl back to safety, but more evil lurks in them thar hillsGargoyle Quest, Gargoyle, Quest, Collective Game, CHIPS2011-03-31 2 
May 2011
14895950Gargoyle Quest 19We awaken after a two month timeskip and meet up with some old friends.Gargoyle, Quest, Gargoyle Quest, Collective Game2011-05-12 0 
15109546GARGOYLE QUEST 22You enter into Ms. McGregor's house, and are confronted by fiends from another dimension.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-05-31 0 
July 2011
15520035Gargoyle Quest 23You get the old lady out of the house, then travel to another spoooooky dimension!Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-07-09 3 
15673295Gargoyle Quest 24You encounter the last of the monsters, as well as another creature made from stone.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest, Silence2011-07-23 2 
August 2011
15918520Gargoyle Quest 25You infiltrate an underground wax museum.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-08-13 4 
16077315Gargoyle Quest 26We confront the Don, Madame Guerre, and find out who that mysterious masked man is. Part 1 of the Final ShowdownQuest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest, Masked Man2011-08-27 2 
September 2011
16162318Gargoyle Quest 27You find out more details about that masked man's past, and get pissed.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-09-03 1 
16403794Gargoyle Quest 28You face down the proprietor of the wax museum, Madame la Guerre, and begin to confront MaloneQuest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-09-24 5 
October 2011
16554754Gargoyle Quest 29One Falls.Quest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-10-08 0 
16627709Gargoyle Quest 30The EndQuest, Collective Game, Gargoyle, Gargoyle Quest2011-10-16 5 
August 2012
20281466Gargoyles QuestIn which Nero Noctos, Corporate Wizard and Researcher of mystical knowledge discovers Esther, a cursed Gargoyle whose spent the last 1200 years as a statue. Nero Dubs the Gargoyle Esther, does his best to get her taught english, helps the Department of Defense with a group of soldiers who've been turned to stone and sets up his own corporate department.Collective_Game, Quest, Gargoyles Quest, Nero_Noctos, Esther, Wizard, Gargoyle, Modern Fantasy2012-08-12 10 
20333505Gargoyles Quest 2Esther can now speak to us in a bad Boris Karlov Dracula accent, and we take on a job for the FBI. The mission: find out who's been eating werewolves in a werewolf town.Collective_Game, Quest, Gargoyles Quest, Nero_Noctos, Esther, Wizard, Gargoyle, Modern Fantasy2012-08-16 6 
March 2013
23814785Gargoyle Quest Thread part 1Thread detailing the anon controlled adventures of a sentient gargoyle protecting a small town from monstersCollective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Quest Thread, Gargoyle, Gargoyles2013-03-22 22 
23823206Gargoyle Quest Night 1.5The Gargoyle does away with a banshee that slowly advanced upon the town before dealing with a werewolf leading wolves upon the town. Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles2013-03-22 24 
23845366Gargoyle Quest Night IIThe Angel of the frontier town descends once more upon the night. No beasts except for wolves tonight. Though there are other strange creatures that visit this town...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, The Stranger2013-03-24 10 
23862874Gargoyle Quest Night IIIAngel listens to rumors during the day during the first Sunday mass that the gargoyle's church has had in some time. Following up on these rumors...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-03-25 14 
23882170Gargoyle Quest Night 3.5Angel investigates the house of the mayor, finding a horrible secret hidden within the cellar...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-03-26 12 
23916472Gargoyle Quest Night IVYou listen to Pastor Clegane through the day and hear report of a missing shipment, likely lost in the mountains. Awakening at night for investigation, you make a new friend...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles2013-03-28 10 
23932668Gargoyle Quest Night 4.5Angel encounters the numerous monsters that inhabit the mountains to the west of Hearthson as well as the guardian of another town..Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles2013-03-29 12 
April 2013
23985379Gargoyle Quest Night IV EndWe leave the black gargoyle only to encounter something even worse than it. Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Angel, Gravel, Gargoyles2013-04-01 11 
24043677Gargoyle Quest Night 4 Of Gargoyles and AvalanchesIn the face of the Greater Wendigo, Angel retreats to bring back an avalanche into the mountain pass. . . But to what end? The Obsidian Gargoyle descends with fury.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-04 12 
24062070Gargoyle Quest: Madness of the Fourth NightAfter evolving enhanced Regeneration, Angel faces off against the Greater Wendigo, finally felling the beast with a bit of luck and the power of lightning. Angel learns the truth of Gargoyles from the Black Gargoyle, The Shadow of Evidas...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-05 12 
24079156Gargoyle Quest: The Fifth Night ; Part 1After turning down Lady Manse's favor for another time, you spoke briefly with Pastor Clegane over matters of your pedestal. Flying out to check upon the corpse of the troll from nights passed, you meditate alone and in the wild, facing your inner demons.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-06 10 
24230760Gargoyle Quest: The Fifth Night: Part 2We speak to a whole bunch of people, Ceri senses a child in pain but we find nothing, we then patrol the night away and encounter nothing.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-14 7 
24250232Gargoyle Quest: The sixth Night ; Part 1Angel supresses feral inclinations while speaking to Pastor Clegane, and then Sandman strikes the OP.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-15 5 
24367148Gargoyle Quest: The sixth Night ; Part 2Angel decides to check on Molly, something that it turns out "he" hasn't dome enough of... Something new lurks within the town... something dark that feeds upon life.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-21 7 
24384921Gargoyle Quest: The Sixth Night Part 3We discuss Molly with Pastor Clegane. Fight and kill a Scylla with the Mermaid family in the lake.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-22 6 
24465151Gargoyle Quest: The sixth Night ; Part 4Angel speaks with the mermaids of Hearthson's lake, hides the human half of the Scylla and encounters Lady Manse, just as "he" begins to look for her... Fae Magic is Forcibly unlocked as per her boon...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-26 7 
24482008Gargoyle Quest: The Sixth Night: Part 5Angel finishes talking with Lady Manse. Explores the woods for a bit where he encounters tooth eating fae, which he fights.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-04-27 5 
May 2013
24712730Gargoyle Quest: The sixth Night ; Part 6Angel encounters a powerful Fae known as the Lady of Teeth. Angel attempts to fight the creature, however in trying, he loses both of his arms to her viscous maw. The next day, a strange white-haired woman introducs herself as "Marble Mason"Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Anger2013-05-09 6 
24773172Gargoyle Quest: The seventh night; Part 1During the day, Molly enters the church... By nightfall a new Gargoyle is made.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles2013-05-12 6 
24795667Gargoyle Quest: The seventh night; Part 2Angel patrols his seventh night... And a powerful monster seeks her revenge.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-05-13 6 
25003197Gargoyle Quest: The seventh night; Part 3The Lady of Teeth finally dies by the hand of the Angel of Hearthson... However, there are much fouler things that have been sent into motion by this act of aggression...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-05-24 6 
25078206Gargoyle Quest: The seventh night; Part 4Angel asks Marble of what symptoms a Gargoyle might have in learning their old name... He eats his pedestal, deals with the residents of his vessel... and finds out that his name... is Arthur.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel, Arthur2013-05-28 5 
25093534Overhuman Quest: Petre Lupei; Session 4 Damsels, Lightning, and Heatwaves.Pali rushes to the rescue of an innocent bystander being attacked by one of the Insurgent Overhumans... Petre rushes to the aid of his reckless younger brother.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-05-29 1 
June 2013
25208306Gargoyle Quest: The Seventh night Part 5Angel dances on the edge of sanity.Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel2013-06-03 5 
25308226Gargoyle Quest: The Eighth Night Part 1Angel is offered a choice in the crossroads of destiny...Collective Game, Gargoyle Quest, Stone Mason, Gargoyle, Gargoyles, Angel, Arthur2013-06-08 4 
April 2015
39491041Post-Modern Magical Goyle QuestIt's tough being a gargoyle in the modern age. Back when art and architecture was all Gothic, you could assume a nice, respectable form like a snarling beast or sneering winged gremlin, but nowadays it's all cubes, chrome, and pissing in spaghettios cans.Collective Game, Statues, Gargoyles, There Is A Point Where This Should Have Ended And We Have Clearly Passed It2015-04-22 10 
May 2018
2541515Gargoyles Quest: Character CreationWe create the Gargoyle for this questGargoyles, Quest, Moon, Character Creation2018-05-07 5 
2556111Gargoyles Quest: AwakeningAvalon and the remainder of his clan has finally awoken from a 1000 year slumber, and David Xanatos is right there to greet him.Gargoyles, Quest, Moon, Character Creation, Avalon, 2018-05-12 3 
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