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August 2012
20281466Gargoyles QuestIn which Nero Noctos, Corporate Wizard and Researcher of mystical knowledge discovers Esther, a cursed Gargoyle whose spent the last 1200 years as a statue. Nero Dubs the Gargoyle Esther, does his best to get her taught english, helps the Department of Defense with a group of soldiers who've been turned to stone and sets up his own corporate department.Collective_Game, Quest, Gargoyles Quest, Nero_Noctos, Esther, Wizard, Gargoyle, Modern Fantasy2012-08-12 10 
20333505Gargoyles Quest 2Esther can now speak to us in a bad Boris Karlov Dracula accent, and we take on a job for the FBI. The mission: find out who's been eating werewolves in a werewolf town.Collective_Game, Quest, Gargoyles Quest, Nero_Noctos, Esther, Wizard, Gargoyle, Modern Fantasy2012-08-16 6 
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