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November 2007
842350oregon trailORKY BREAD leads to fucking epic text adventures.oregon trail, bread2007-11-27 10 
September 2008
2505520Ovens and ordersAn IRC Discussion turns into Minmaxing Sandwiches, Weeaboo Cookan magics, and delicous MeatbreadWeeaboo Cookan Magics, O&O, Meatbread2008-09-05 10 
December 2008
3230017Scriptarius Custom Christmas ModelsScriptarius creates a Warhammer 40k model version of Santa and creates a gingerbreadnought with delicious results.Scriptarius, Santa Model, Christmas, 40k Custom Models, Gingerbreadnought, Santa2008-12-23 20 
March 2010
8480915Collection of Cantakerous, Cholesterol-filled ComestiblesWhat begins with a combination of two venerated /tg/ snacks snowballs into a gauntlet of dishes promising to test even the fittest and leanest of fa/tg/uys.HNNNGG, food, suicide, meatbread, baconweave2010-03-09 0 
August 2011
15880608"/tg/ Explained" and other oldnessHow old are these? Old enough. /tg/ will be nothing if we forget our roots. If we forget that behind these posts are (anonymous) human beings. just sayin' BTW, before you vote, realize that easymodo is dead. and so is anything on there that isn't here. /tg/, Ribbon, Rage, meatbread, easymodo is dead, traditional games 24/72011-08-10 14 
December 2011
17310428Scriptarius Christmas Thread IVScriptarius returns for his traditional xmas thread with a 1:1 gingerbread Chainsword and some minisScriptarius, Christmas, Gingerbread, Conversion2011-12-24 11 
August 2012
20154353MeatbreadTwo inexperienced chefs create a horrific meatbread monstrosity.meatbread, food poisoning2012-08-03 13 
20150289/tg/ cooksA horrifying failure of a meatbread turns into gentlemanly discussion of food and foodstuffs, including recipes in the classic style.food, cooking, eating, meatbread, the horror, interesting, original content,2012-08-03 20 
October 2012
21319241FATAL "Friday" Pt. 1/tg/ creates Hortamundus, the dwarf who spends 9 hours a day making bread and has done so for 105 years in FATAL FATAL, Bread_making, My_eyes2012-10-28 8 
21322501FATAL "Friday" Pt. 2/tg/'s dwarf baker takes on a troll in a surprisingly short fightFATAL,Bread_making,My_Eyes2012-10-28 7 
December 2012
22184178Scriptarius Christmas Thread VScriptarius returns one last time for the final annual xmas thread with a gingerbread Baneblade.Scriptarius, Christmas, gingerbread, conversion, 40k2012-12-23 22 
May 2013
24773829Firebender Quest Episode 1We do an introduction to firebender quest, people get upset by some jarring writing, and we killed a man just to watch him die.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender2013-05-12 21 
24908363Firebender Quest Episode 2This Just in, Young monk slaps grown men around with staff.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-05-19 20 
25040872Firebender Quest: Episode 3We fight a war on the streets and get accused of waifuingFirebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-05-26 20 
25054637Firebender quest : Episode 4The Night of Black Tiles Part 1. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-05-27 15 
June 2013
25201771Firebender Quest : Episode 5Night of black tiles part two - we finally come face to face with Lao Len... and she's accused of having fetal alcohol syndrome.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-06-03 14 
25225965Firebender Quest : Episode 6Night of Black Tiles part 3, Death, fires and spirits. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-06-04 12 
25266378Firebender Quest : Episode 7The night of black tiles comes to a close. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-06 12 
25326025Firebender quest episode 8Words words words, denouement and exposition. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-09 12 
25365478Akuma Quest 2: The Finding.Akuma-chan figures out the most glorious plan to kill nearly everyone in the city... And it meets a familiar-looking young woman...Akuma Quest, D-grayman, Duke of Millenium, Murder, Bakers, Demon, Mecha, You Are Already Bread2013-06-11 43 
25383837Firebender Quest Episode 9Spirit World shenanigans, and THE DARKNESS IS NOW FIRE.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-12 12 
25457416Firebender quest episode 10Some sparring, a training montage, and a battle on the high seas! Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-06-16 13 
July 2013
25800025Firebender Quest Episode 11Firebender quest returns after a moderately lengthy haitus.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-07-04 9 
25917545Firebender Quest episode 12In which we return home. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-07-10 9 
26035865Firebender Quest Episode 13In which we re-familiarize ourself with family Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-07-16 7 
26217072Firebender Quest Episode 14In which we experience visions. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-07-25 7 
26293944Firebender Quest Episode 15In which we try to fix ourselves.Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game2013-07-29 10 
August 2013
26646354Firebender Quest Episode 16Start of Fire Nation Capital arc. Firebender Quest, DeliciousBread, Avatar, Last Airbender, Collective Game 2013-08-16 10 
November 2013
28095823Fantasy Food GeneralImpressive writefaggotry about the culinary dishes and foci of various fantasy creatures & species. You will love yourself some Minotaur made Fish Curry.Fantasy food, cooking, recipe, dwarf bread2013-11-04 21 
June 2015
40796921Dry Bread, Cold Steel - Quest #1 A tough world, a mysterious origin, a waiting future. Dry Bread, Cold Steel, Fighting, Strategy, Combat, Diplomacy, Fantasy, Low-Fantasy, Collective Game2015-06-24 1 
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