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June 2008
2026574tl;dr Repressed Gay Hardcore Christian Vampire DuoAn attempt to start a shitstorm turns into... creative collaboration? Starring Train-Lovin' Harry and Father Reinholdt. No fanfics here, thank god.wod, thread hijack, vtm, character concepts2008-06-19 4 
August 2009
5483708Experiment, Pt 1You wake up in a dumpster, jump out and cause some chaos!Thread game2009-08-17 0 
October 2009
6164865Touhou HelpTouhous last thread autosaged and this in the continued3.5, Help, Touhou, Broken, D&D, DnD, Dungeon and Dragons, Advice thread 2009-10-07 -1 
May 2011
14825764Tsundere in tabletop gaming.An old Anime cliche is discussed in tabletop gaming situations by /tg/anime, tsundere, baka, /tg/, i-its not like I wanted to archive this thread or anything!2011-05-06 5 
14969510RL admech encounters and adventuresThe omnissiah approves of this thread. /tg/ tells of RL invokations of various machine gods to fix things. also interns will do anything.admech IRL RL story storythread storytime2011-05-18 2 
December 2011
17286498Discuss Elder CatharOriginally a discussion of a card. It gets... odd. Quickly.Magic: The Gathering, Thread Derail2011-12-21 6 
October 2012
21201927Danny Devito-sSo, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito, but I'm encountering a lot So, I want to make a setting where everyone So, I want to make a setting where everyone is Danny DeVito...Danny, Devito, late night tg, actor, cockroaches, science, what, the, fuck, is, going, on, in, this, thread 2012-10-20 46 
January 2013
22504406The Commissar and MarciaCommissar adopts an Eldar into the IG psykerseldar imperial guard marcia commissar draw thread 2013-01-10 50 
22781206Fixing Naruto as an RPG settingWhat starts as a question about using Legends of the Wulin for a Naruto RPG ends in a thorough discussion on how to fix its many problems to make it work as a setting, as well as commentary on other shonen series and their strenght as a possible RPG settinghomebrew, shonen, thread derailment, Naruto, One Piece, Soul Eater, setting discussion2013-01-26 5 
August 2013
26617086Cubed Egg DerailOP requests advice on what system to use for no/light combat in RPGs, but falls victim to one of the classic blunders.land war in asia, why would I cube an egg, combat light rpg, thread derail2013-08-14 12 
February 2014
30197004Da Dakka XpressOP posted a bad quest, shortly ragequitting. Until the thread was hijacked by an Ork Klan creation table. It created the Ork delivery company "Dakka Xpress"40k, Ork, Dakka Xpress, thread hijack, WAAAGH, lulz, /tg/2014-02-13 7 
September 2014
34686000Curt's CivThread 2: Episode 1The start of the game.Collective Game, CivThread 2: Year 30002014-09-07 0 
34847499Curt's CivThread 2: Episode 2The Second episode, in which an antimatter explosion goes off.Collective Game, CivThread 2: Year 30002014-09-14 0 
35009127Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 3In which only one turn gets done because Curt is the worst.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-09-21 0 
October 2014
35310917Curt's CivThread 2: Year 3000: Episode 4In which Austalia releases swirls of armored locusts.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-05 0 
35464063Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 4A tale of Tentacles and Bicycles, Demons and Loansharks, Aliens and Lube, and Curt finally gets his new computer, Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-12 0 
35616941Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 5War is accidentally declared, Grav Ball is invented Politics are tiring and the scary jellyfish have awesome mining drones now!Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-10-19 0 
November 2014
35904651Curt's Civthread 2: Episode 7A teenager posts about dogs on Tumblr.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-11-02 0 
36474665Curt's CivThread 2: Year 3000. Episode 10Where hands are stuck in magma, crazy feasts are had and the science gets done.Collective Game, Civthread 2: Year 30002014-11-30 0 
March 2015
38853924Quest Quest 2 Episode 1The QM returns! We are a Barbarian named Brad, and we begin a new quest. Eventually. Featuring a dedicated idiot who doesn't know how to hide threads!Collective Game, drawfag, brad, barbarian, quest quest, failed thread hijack2015-03-22 12 
April 2015
39638346DBZ Human Quest #132Pointless drama.Collective Game, Quest, DBZ, DBZ Human Quest, Who actually writes every character that appeared in the thread in the tags its fucking stupid2015-04-29 7 
February 2016
45708138Song of Spite #1A day in the life of a slaveSlave Quest, New, First Thread 2016-02-29 4 
March 2016
46095195Saving Anime QuestExactly like what the title say. Except you're stupid and you don't really know about anime so good luck.Collective Game, Shit Thread Op, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-19 6 
46159995Saving Anime Quest (2)We play ping-pong, escape from a trap, and overall discover that anime people are dicks.Shit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-22 4 
46181558Saving Anime Quest (3)In which we obtain the Behelit, also dude prophecies lmaoShit thread op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-23 3 
46224849Saving Anime Quest (4)Anons get mad, other characters get really irritatingly smugShit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-25 2 
46268717Saving Anime Quest (5)We take a trip to the sport-shounen sector.Shit Thread Op, Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest2016-03-28 2 
April 2016
46461023Saving Anime Quest (6)In which we gain a powerful albeit dark ally.Collective Game, Saving Anime Quest, Shit Thread Op2016-04-05 1 
46548286Sin Princess Quest 2A failure to archive! The Princess of Envy goes explores, fights a harpy, and suffers a Critical Failure!Sin Princess Quest, Collective Game, First Thread Not Archived2016-04-09 -10 
46692821Saving Anime Quest (7)Half of the riddle is solved, questionable figures are met.Collective Game, Shit Thread Op, Saving Anime Quest2016-04-16 2 
46732108Saving Anime Quest (8)The OP was a mistake, apart from that, new characters are introduced and we're off to a good startSaving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-18 0 
46817052Saving Anime Quest (9)Somewhat of a slower episode with fewer anons playing. It's the beginning of the end (of this arc!)Saving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-22 2 
46945073Saving Anime Quest -Arc Finale-The Gran Finale we were waiting for. Also last quest on /tg/Saving Anime Quest, Collective Game, Shit Thread Op2016-04-28 0 
May 2016
150450Demon Invasion Civ 3Demon invasion. Castle get.Demon Civ Thread demons game civ game demon2016-05-25 1 
October 2017
55845421Philosophical TrolleysWhat would have been a thread about a villain keeping out the PCs with philosophical puzzles gets derailed... By the Trolley Problem.trolley problem, philosophy, thread derailed, but the thread is still on the rails2017-10-14 12 
November 2017
2026303Kingdom Hearts Quest #2Quinn meets a rival, goes hunting, and goes to the Other SideKingdom Hearts, Into the Dark, thread 2, 2017-11-06 6 
July 2022
5285508MINIMUM WAGE COMMANDOIn which an unwitting and formerly dead(?) Agent is thrown into the sewers, QM gives up, and the thread is sparse.Collective Game, Alphabet Soup, Thread is Sparse2022-07-03 0 
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