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February 2012
17951578Elf Slave QuestWe are building a forest for orcs. Collective Game, Elf Slave Quest2012-02-15 15 
17967413Elf Slave Quest IIwe approach a goblin camp. dum dum dum. Collective Game, Elf Slave Quest2012-02-16 12 
17981130Elf Slave Quest IIIWe manage to improve our status in the goblin tribe as it heads northeast.Collective Game, Elf Slave Quest2012-02-17 11 
18033403Elf Slave Quest VAnother grekl comes to Web with a mysterious offer. Her life may depend on it.Collective Game, Elf Slave Quest2012-02-21 9 
18060950Elf Slave Quest VIA misunderstanding results in Web falling out with her goblin tribe. Shit gets real.Collective Game, Elf Slave Quest2012-02-23 7 
18128288Elf Slave Quest VI.5A short installment, in which we make our defection to Grekl Mogla official.Collective Game, Elf Slave Quest2012-02-28 5 
January 2014
29301897Wage Slave QuestFrank the Troll Social Adept WageMage goes to a meeting. Goes to work, things happen.Collective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-06 17 
29350298Shadowrun Quest #2Go Barhopping, get into a barfight, win, and get picked up by the police and meet some ShadowrunnersCollective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-08 13 
29417305Wage Slave Quest #3We go to work. Do some work, make buddies with the boss.Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game2014-01-11 8 
29468871Wage Slave Quest #4We get back from lunch, go try to convince a racist to buy water guns, and are late to a meetingWage Slave Quest, Shadowrun, Collective Game2014-01-13 7 
29561809Wage Slave Quest #5We call the cops on those creeps, play shadowrunner, stop the creeps, almost get burned in the process, and finally talk to the police.Collective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-17 8 
29631300Wage Slave Quest #6Frank goes to the doctors, has a talk with a nurse and then a security guard. Meet with the doctor. Have a talk about memories and needles, then get back to work the next day.Collective Game, Wage Slave Quest, Shadowrun2014-01-20 7 
February 2016
45708138Song of Spite #1A day in the life of a slaveSlave Quest, New, First Thread 2016-02-29 4 
March 2016
46117816Song of Spite #2In which we make a deal with Old Scratch and kill our master.Slave Quest, Scratch, God of War, Revenge2016-03-20 2 
March 2018
2355201Elf Slave Quest #1A poor alchemist buys an elf slave assistantElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-03-04 32 
2372935Elf Slave Quest #2We process the phoenix ash and lay down some ground rules with our slaveElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy 2018-03-11 20 
2394975Elf Slave Quest #3We are become Toad, destroyer of thievesWatdo, Elf Slave Quest, Fantasy2018-03-18 15 
2413757Elf Slave Quest #4We go shopping for shoes and supplies and accept a job from ToadElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-03-26 16 
April 2018
2433680Elf Slave Quest #5We do our job for Toad, get loadsamoney, and get accused of being a heart breaker by Franklin.Elf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-04-01 13 
2455383Elf Slave Quest #6We buy a home security system and some booksElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-04-08 11 
2473488Elf Slave #7We read some books and visit the templeElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-04-15 12 
2492465Elf Slave Quest #8We finish up at the orphanage and finally make the analgesicsElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-04-22 13 
2510485Elf Slave Quest #9We make some anabolics and become strongElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-04-29 10 
May 2018
2531507Elf Slave Quest #10We accept a job from RocheElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-05-06 14 
July 2018
2747399Elf Slave Quest #11We start pulling our hair out trying to save the lizardman. Elf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-07-22 13 
2765150Elf Slave Quest #12We alchemy with Elf bloodElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy2018-07-30 11 
August 2018
2781797Elf Slave Quest #13We punch Franklin in the face and play as Toad for a bit.Elf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-08-05 10 
2798354Elf Slave Quest #14We meet with AntipaterElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-08-13 10 
2815310Elf Slave Quest #15We have dinner with NinaElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-08-25 10 
September 2018
2834343Elf Slave Quest #16We chat with a mageknight then go shoppingElf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-09-03 12 
2888622Elf Slave Quest #17We punch Toad in the face and discover a full blown conspiracy.Elf Slave Quest, Watdo, Alchemy.2018-09-16 13 
May 2019
3514945Young Justice: Meta Human Slave QuestWe create our character, fight for our life, meet a princess, and go to villain school.The Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta Human Slave quest, Cape shit, not!prototype/pillarman protag, Fuck HIVE, Collective Game2019-05-25 16 
June 2019
3529455Young Justice: Meta Human Slave Quest # 2We learn how to become a Big Guy, expand our (literal?)gang, learn about the conspiracy to brainwash us, and butt heads with Snowball. The Monitor of E-16, Meta Human Slave Quest, Body Horror?, Cape Shit, Collective Game, Fuck Psychics, Shape Shifting, 2019-06-03 7 
3553097Young Justice: Meta Human Slave Quest # 3Where we visit Caitlin in the hospital and OP flakes.The Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta Human Slave quest, Cape shit, not!prototype/pillarman protag, Fuck HIVE, Collective Game, RIP2019-06-22 5 
October 2019
3848369Young Justice: Meta Human Slave Quest # 4 Qm comes back, we make some sweet gains, and we get Cait to open up about her traumaThe Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta human slave quest, Cape Shit, collective game2019-10-20 1 
November 2019
3874844Young Justice: Meta Human Slave Quest #5We spar with Caitlin. That's about it since OP was too "busy" to update much. The Monitor of E-16, Young Justice, Meta Human Slave Quest, Cape Shit, Collective Game, 2019-11-04 1 
September 2021
4980802Stand Quest Sagas: Okinawan Slave Quest #1Our protagonist begins his trials and tribulations on the shores of Nanjing.Stand Quest Sagas, Okinawan Slave Quest, Collective Game2021-09-15 0 
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