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May 2009
4572952Cangames 2009 Battletech TableBattle Report for at least two games of Battletech. Abridged battle report for a third.Battletech, Convention, Cangames, Catalyst, Miniatures game,2009-05-17 5 
November 2009
6570530BATTLETECHEpic long battletech thread, with lots of jst abot everything, as per sual. Also awesome Merc Regiments.Awesome, Epic, Battletech, Mechwarrior2009-11-06 2 
April 2010
9390409Battletech Battle ReportBattle Report for a game of Battletech played at an LGS, complete with photos.Battletech, Battle Report, Mechwarrior2010-04-24 3 
June 2010
10724839Battletech Battle Report 6Adam Steiner VS 1st Genyosha (Note: Op was banned before completing the BR due to automated scripts thinking the acronym for Hatamoto Hi (HTM) was a referral site)Battletech, Mechwarrior, Battle Report2010-06-25 0 
October 2010
12457067Superior MechsIn the midst of a mech comparison, /tg/ designs the fastest Battlemech ever made. It can outrun aircraft. It can become one.Mech, mecha, Battletech, robots, awesome2010-10-16 5 
12528522Mechwarrior Quest (1)The first episode of Mechwarrior questBattletech, Mechwarrior, Quest Thread, Quest2010-10-22 15 
January 2011
13607195Battletech + Armored Core = ???OP posts CBTRPG houserules based on the core tuning from AC4A, requests critique.Battletech2011-01-22 0 
13691622Commando QuestIn which our nameless hero drops into the middle of a simmering planetary rebellion, hoping simply stay alive but accomplishing so much more.Commando Quest, Battletech2011-01-29 10 
13709067Commando QuestA simple munitions dump turns out to be much, much more. Our party moves into a nearby resort town, and our protagonist is taken hostage... by Free Capella.Commando Quest, Battletech2011-01-30 5 
13720541Commando Quest Part 3We get Free Capella on our side, find out what the Capellan Military's been looking for, and our original crew is starting to suspect that we're the reason their entire town was wiped out.Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech2011-01-31 5 
February 2011
13796374Commando Quest Part 4We successfully raid a food depot, tear through the heightened security, end up killing the minimum wage nightguards who we mistook for battle-hardened soldiers, and disappear into the night with another two salvaged mechs.Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech, Mechwarrior2011-02-08 6 
13885808Commando Quest Part 5After our last mission and our many mechs in need of repairs we're taking a break from battle and planning our future strategies and possible objectives. That ever-present airbase is looking more and more like an obstacle, and a dropship that landed there might provide a means to infiltrate it successfully...Commando Quest, collective game, quest, BattleTech, Mechwarrior, planning2011-02-16 5 
13958637Ace Combat in Battletech, and other concerns/tg/ has a battletech discussion, includes stats for a generic ace combat flying super weapon. Battletech, BT, Aerospace Fighters, 2011-02-19 1 
14028916BattleTech history and discussionDiscussion of BattleTech nationalities becomes a comprehensive rundown of the BT timeline and various BT discussion.battletech, mech, discussion2011-02-25 2 
March 2011
14142497Battletech Mech designA challenge is set for a set of mech designs with various limitations.battletech, mechs2011-03-07 0 
14185153Battletech Mech design #2Bleeding edge tech battlemechs are developed for demonstrating various new technologies battletech, mech, design2011-03-11 1 
April 2011
14568733Improving the AtlasThe Captain explains why there was never a clan variant of the Atlas.battletech2011-04-13 4 
May 2011
14958866Alternative TTGsDiscussion of many TTGs as alternatives to GWTTG malifaux infinity warmahordes flames of war brushfire mercs battletech heavy gear2011-05-20 1 
December 2011
17346808Great painting tips for startersGreat thread full of info about base-level painting that's hard to find anywhere else, or atleast given without a 'YOU DON'T KNOW THAT?' attitudepainting, wh40k, battletech2011-12-27 14 
February 2012
18139645Merc Quest Thread 3 - unfinishedMerc Quest, meet some new friends, called early.merc quest, collective game, battletech, mechwarrior2012-02-29 1 
April 2012
18807387Mechwarrior 3rd edition character buildingCharacter Making Guy makes a character for MW3. He might be a hillbilly ninja.Mechwarrior, Battletech, Character, Hillbilly2012-04-22 5 
May 2012
19257100Mechwarrior Quest 1The Adventures of Tom Derringer, Jenner Pilot and Mercenary of Lance's Lance, in the Clan Invasion.Collective Game, Mechwarrior Quest, Mechwarrior, Battletech2012-05-27 6 
October 2012
21368164MechEngineer QuestDaniel Holdt gets a new job, and questers try to figure out how to make a decent 'Mech with a small selection of parts.Collective Game, MechEngineer Quest, Battletech2012-10-31 42 
November 2012
21423338MechEngineer Quest Part 2Daniel works his ass off; meets Dieter and Hatamoto. Cliffhanger!Collective Game, Battletech, MechEngineer Quest2012-11-04 34 
21481062MechEngineer Quest Part 3Ilsa discovers a LosTech cache, and Skvorec Armorworks scores a funtional, if not lightly-armed UrbanMech as well.Collective Game, MechEngineer Quest, Battletech2012-11-08 29 
21559682MechEngineer Quest Part 4Daniel gets stressed, dice hate everyone, but then sweet SUCCESS, and a Light 'Mech is born!Collective Game, MechEngineer Quest, Battletech2012-11-13 32 
21632792MechEngineer Quest Part 5The Arms Dealer Cometh! Turns out he and Goddard are buddies of sorts, and a STELLAR deal is made, and much swag is acquired as a result.Collective Game, MechEngineer Quest, Battletech2012-11-18 33 
December 2012
21863382MechEngineer Quest 6Arms deal now over, Daniel retires to do some serious tobacco-to-design conversion work, and the road is less bumpy than usual. Good stuff all around, and another Positive Quirk! Also LB-10X ammo.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2012-12-03 30 
21928927MechEngineer Quest 7Hallway cockpits and angry Asians, oh my! More success with the HZP and some words with Ivan, Ilsa, and Dieter.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2012-12-07 32 
22023659Mechwarrior Quest ReduxThe Baker's Dozen fight off a pirate attack, and while one of their mechs is lost, choice salvage is acquired. We also tail one of the retreating pirates to their base.Mechwarrior Quest Redux, Collective Game, BattleTech, Mercenaries2012-12-14 2 
22040157Mechwarrior Quest Redux #3We get into position to mop up the remaining pirate base. The fight goes well until Megamek gives us some hilarious dice. Or depressing, depending on your angle of view.Mechwarrior Quest Redux, Collective Game, BattleTech, Mercenaries, Saladin2012-12-15 1 
22064307MechEngineer Quest 8The Eights are coming! Goddard is confirmed missing, and Daniel and Janine do some detective work. Also, Skvorec cops are pretty chill guys.Collective Game, MechEngineer Quest, Battletech2012-12-16 24 
22101713Mechwarrior Quest Redux 4We finish up the pirate contract, tell the Baker's their son is dead, and Tom's old friend Hartmann joins up as the new commander of Baker's Dozen.Mechwarrior Quest Redux, Collective Game, BattleTech, Mercenaries2012-12-19 2 
22195208MechEngineer Quest 9Time wears on till the deadline; Daniel learns to shoot, and tries to get some work done, but the stress of the situation seems to get the better of him. Janine tries to help but the roadblocks are too many. Also a bit of meta-discussion, and the GM's apology for derailing the thread due to tired concern.MechEngineer Quest, Battletech, Collective Game2012-12-24 39 
January 2013
22366657MechEngineer QuestThe battle begins, and Daniel discovers a sleeping Janine might just be his muse, as he solves the compartmentalized myomer problem, with Positive (Quirk) results.MechEngineer Quest, Battletech, Collective Game2013-01-03 30 
22481398MechEngineer QuestThe battle ends, and the costs are heavy, but victory is bittersweet. So are kisses and fists. The local cops continue to be bros, Skvorec Armorworks gets salvage, and Daniel makes a gentlemanly gesture.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-01-09 29 
22628602MechEngineer Quest Part 11Things get back to normal (as normal as it gets anyway), and Daniel has arm trouble, but gets some spiritual help from a corgi named Max.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-01-17 26 
22759879MechEngineer Quest Part 11The HZP gets wired, and things about what happened to Goddard are revealed by an unlikely source. Can he be trusted?MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-01-24 32 
February 2013
22924190MechEngineer Quest Part 13Bruce gets a job at Skvorec, and Daniel finalizes the weapons loadout on the HZP with three configurations to satisfy as many buyers as possible. Also, futons.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-02-02 33 
23150291MechEngineer Quest Thread 14Daniel finishes the armor layout, giving the HZP some pretty great scale-style armor that allows weight adjustment for customer flexibility. Also, things.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-02-14 24 
23290553MechEngineer Quest Thread 15Talks with Ivan, Hatamoto and Dieter prepare Daniel for success, and talks with Bruce prepare him for the worst.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-02-21 27 
23423223MechEngineer Quest Thread 16Daniel meets with Wanda, Ilsa, and Janine. Plans for some new tech design are made, and Janine is tentatively named the new CEO of Skvorec Armorworks.MechEngineer Quest, Battletech, Collective Game2013-02-28 27 
March 2013
23549936MechEngineer Quest Part 17Bruce feeds Daniel some more news, and the HZP acquires jump jet mounts. Also, timeskips?Collaborative Game, MechEngineer Quest, Battletech2013-03-07 24 
23792964MechEngineer Quest Part 18Timeskips. And funerals. And Lord Shun being an apparent bro.MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-03-21 23 
23915772MechEngineer Quest Part 19Ominous Summons, XP, and anontech falling off the internetMechEngineer Quest, Collective Game, Battletech2013-03-28 20 
April 2013
24175323MechEngineer Quest Thread 19 v2.0More discussion with Lord Shun, a tour of a Raven (hush-hush!), and the beginning of negotiations. Huzzah!Battletech, MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game2013-04-11 23 
24304714MechEngineer QuestThe Phobos is subjected to scrutiny by Capellan MechEngineers, and a deal is reached.Battletech, MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game2013-04-18 23 
24444609MechEngineer Quest 21Lord Shun springs a controversial clause upon Daniel and Janine. All of Skovrec Armorworks expresses their opinion on this development.Battletech, MechEngineer Quest, Collective Game2013-04-25 21 
October 2014
35530277Detroit QuestIN WHICH ANDRE MEILLEUR HAS THE WORST DAY OF HIS FRENCH BLACK-ASS LIFECollective Game, Battletech, Detroit Quest2014-10-15 9 
35570258DETROIT QUEST 2IN WHICH JAMAL MEETS AN UNTIMELY ENDCollective Game, Battletech, Detroit Quest, Rabbit, ROBOTS2014-10-17 5 
35611243DETROIT QUEST 3THE MOST INCOMPETENT MERCS THIS SIDE OF THE INNER SPHERE SHOW UP Collective Game, Battletech, Detroit Quest, Rabbit, ROBOTS 2014-10-19 3 
November 2014
35964763DETROIT QUEST 4I JUST WANT TO KILL SOME PLAYER CHARACTERS IS THAT SO GODDAMN MUCH TO ASKCollective Game, Battletech, Detroit Quest, Rabbit, ROBOTS 2014-11-05 6 
January 2020
3989829Battletech AU Quest: Chapter 1Graduate inherits shitloads of Stompy MechsBattletech Quest, AU2020-01-10 0 
June 2022
5282682LordtechSketchy young adult inherits a few mechs but loads of other things. Based on the Battletech Cyoa. Collective Game, Battletech, Lordtech, Mech, ASF2022-06-30 1 
July 2022
5315699Lordtech Part 2: Still in PrologueOn buying and selling on the Station in the asteroid belt. Collective Game, Battletech, Lordtech, Mech, ASF, Quest2022-07-29 0 
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