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April 2010
9390409Battletech Battle ReportBattle Report for a game of Battletech played at an LGS, complete with photos.Battletech, Battle Report, Mechwarrior2010-04-24 3 
May 2010
9855776BRIKWARSBrikwars is discussed with lego pictures and battle reports.lego, brikwars, battle reports2010-05-17 13 
9878921BRIKWARS, Cont.More Brikwars is discussed. Lego pictures and battle reports continue. The epic tale of HARPOON JONES and his battle against the maniacal Spongebob concludes in epic fashion.lego, brikwars, battle reports, HARPOON JONES2010-05-18 12 
June 2010
10724839Battletech Battle Report 6Adam Steiner VS 1st Genyosha (Note: Op was banned before completing the BR due to automated scripts thinking the acronym for Hatamoto Hi (HTM) was a referral site)Battletech, Mechwarrior, Battle Report2010-06-25 0 
July 2012
19715895Brikwars Battle Report: Blockatomi PlazaCyborg skeleterrorists hold civilians hostage - can the police save the day?lego, brikwars, battle report2012-07-03 5 
19999440BRIKWARS BATTLE REPORT 7: VERY SHORT EDITIONSlim tells the tale of a battle between the Alien Anarchists and the BLU Corporation. Fun is had by all. Also, ITT: 20000000 get is achieved.leg, brikwars, battle report, get2012-07-23 2 
August 2012
20142488BRIKWARS BATTLE REPORT 8In which SLIM learns the value of not second guessing point buy systems, a queen is bored, and a beetle is dissected. lego, brikwars, battle report2012-08-02 1 
October 2012
21199049BRIKWARS BATTLE REPORT 9: BADLANDS BRAWLThe combined power of Science, Skeletons, and Calamari come together to face off against Snipers and Dinosaurs.lego, brikwars, battle report2012-10-20 4 
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