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April 2012
18754403Nomad Quest Part 1Part one of Nomad Quest, in which our hero begins his adventure. Dead families, potato farmers and Ram spirits, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-17 8 
18782515Nomad Quest Part 2Part 2 of Nomad Quest. Bad alchemy, Summoning hijinks and bad dreams, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-20 3 
18803741Nomad Quest Part 3Part 3 of Nomad Quest! Noberem, angry nomads, delays, summons and alchemy ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-23 3 
18830169Nomad Quest Part 4Part 4 of Nomad Quest! Horses, Druidry, royalty and misled identities ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-24 5 
18860988Nomad Quest Part 5Part 5 of Nomad Quest! Incorrect links, pesky rabbits, asshole Eames and scary Cu ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-26 6 
18900297Nomad Quest Part 6Part 6 of Nomad Quest! Thread images, undead and one indomitable rogues, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-04-29 2 
May 2012
18928391Nomad Quest Part 7Thread shenanigans ahoy! The entire first half was auto-saged to oblivion, so go to http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/18925017/#18927988 before diving in here.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-01 2 
18940181Nomad Quest Part 8Rakshasa everywhere, hungover Princesses, basic geography, alchemy studying and bitter nomads, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-02 2 
19028983Nomad Quest Part 9Nomad fights, exotic swordplay, roadblocks, undead/undying political correctness and confused party members, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-09 5 
19045447Nomad Quest Part 10Misleading thread titles, Terramancy, more alchemy, scandalous women and naked party members, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-10 3 
19104355Nomad Quest Part 11Vol Itolstein, Districts, strange new lands and empty thrones, ahoy!Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-15 3 
19141816Nomad Quest Part 12In which we dance. Also, link to Part 11 is at the top of this thread. Gettit while it's hot.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-18 3 
19192102Nomad Quest Part 13In which we dress a princess.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-22 5 
19203325Nomad Quest Part 15In which we re-unite.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-23 5 
19229176Nomad Quest Part 15 (For Real)In which we arrive and not much else. Previously posted 'Nomad Quest Part 15' is actually part 14. Sorry for the foolishness.Collective Quest, Nomad Quest2012-05-25 5 
19277862Nomad Quest Part 16In which we meet an old master.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-05-29 5 
June 2012
19383339Nomad Quest Part 17In which we move through the dark of the night with a twelve year old girl.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-07 5 
19443971Nomad Quest Part 18In which irreparable damage is done.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-11 5 
19466983Nomad Quest Part 19In which your mission, should you choose to accept it, is laid out for you.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-13 4 
19528846Nomad Quest Part 20In which we enjoy a drink on the way home.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-18 3 
19579629Nomad Quest Part 21In which we pay a royal visit and I yet again mistitle the thread.Collective Game, Nomad Quest2012-06-22 3 
September 2013
27242257Warlord QuestThe hero is Esalar, a steppe nomad near a crumbling Empire. As the call to arms echoes to his homeland, he decides to raise his own troops, and make his own way in the warring world. Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-09-16 15 
27262429Warlord Quest 2Esalar leads his men to the rescue of a band of Imperial gentry, chooses to visit friendly tribes and deal with them honestly, and is rewarded with an attempted lashing and a spell in detention. Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-09-17 7 
27332710Warlord Quest 3Esalar is surprised to turn from prisoner into guest. Having learned much news from Dokas, the noble hosting him, he then becomes an accomplice in Dokas' plan to get what he deserves... Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-09-21 7 
27364809Warlord Quest 4Esalar suggests a plan, and goes on a mission to achieve it, only to be betrayed. After taking heavy losses, he wreaks vengeance on the Sparrow tribe. Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-09-23 8 
27417248Warlord Quest 5Esalar participates in the battle between two tribes, moves south, learns how to read Imperial, and occupies a massive, fortified pass. We are now in the Empire!Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-09-26 6 
October 2013
27519382Warlord Quest 6Esalar's men win an easy victory, come across some very, very phat loot, and he finally learns to read. Well, minimally. Also, a new village is in the works. Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-10-02 5 
27625514Warlord Quest 7Esalar's base at Nienshari Pass comes under siege, and he carries out a counterstroke. Collective Game, Warlord Quest, Nomad, Warlord2013-10-07 7 
August 2014
33765380Sci-Fi Nomade Civ Quest Part 1In which we propose numerous sci-fi civs, capture a mysterious ghost vessel with a loose AI, and OP tries to deceive us into believing railguns aren't magical.Collective game, apocalypse, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-01 0 
33917470Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 2We lost some guys to a critfail, but by a miracle found them again in unprecedented fashion. We also constructed better labs and repaired the fleet.Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-07 0 
34092195Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 4Part 3 http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/33965250/ Space exploration editionCollective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-14 0 
34138579Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 5Meet the Mastermind.Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-16 0 
34258072Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 7A tale of food, movies, and masterminds.Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-20 0 
34371192Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 8Yet again, a nat1 turns our civ on its head as we scramble to make sense of it all and figure out which one doesn't lead to a (sooner) death.Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-27 0 
34427651Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 9We prepare the defense of our lives, and hold the fate of our civ in our hands, sucess has brought us this far but will our choices bring us through?Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-08-30 0 
September 2014
34582973Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 10Blessed reinforcements arrive, as we fight, think, and squeeze out yet another day of life from this great battle. Can we truly win this one?Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-09-05 0 
34651470Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 10.5Anniversary of the Memor edition. Many questions asked, some new things attempted, but on the whole the mark of a great year.Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-09-06 0 
34752998Sci-Fi Nomad Civ Quest Part 11/FinWe are the Hax, and today is our independance day. Our brave commander sacrificed his life so that we could stand here today, free men, not under the shackles of the alien bootheel. In his memory, we give thanks.Collective game, civ quest, hivemind, Nomad, Space2014-09-10 2 
May 2016
161290Nomad Tribesman QuestYou are a young noble in a nomadic tribe. Chart your destiny! Collective Game, Tribesman Quest, Nomad Quest, Quest2016-05-24 4 
179360Nomad Tribesman QuestKalon accepts a deal and heads out to be a mercenary in the Empire. Collective Game, Tribesman Quest, Nomad Quest, Quest2016-05-28 3 
November 2016
816933Tribal Chieftain QuestPre;ude to Main Quest. Do some char gen, learn about world and then attend a Council before seeking advice from a sage.Tribal Chieftain Quest, Nomad, Arsheg, Hawk and Sun2016-11-13 3 
September 2018
2843194Star Nomad Quest Episode 1We learn why were abducted and negotiate our release from alien captivity.Star Nomad Quest, StarQM, Collective Game2018-09-05 2 
2929245Nomad Quest - Thread 1Soma returns like the disappointment he is to run something that isn't Banished QuestNomad Quest, Nomad, Quest, Soma, Collective Game2018-09-29 5 
October 2018
2965636Nomad Quest - Thread 2The second thread is only three hours late. Sasuga, Soma-san. Nomad Quest, Nomad, Quest, Soma, Collective Game2018-10-14 3 
November 2018
3007136Nomad Quest - Thread 3We finally wrap up the prologue.Nomad Quest, Nomad, Quest, Soma, Collective Game2018-11-01 0 
September 2019
3794357Into the Deadlands Quest #1Leon Amun, a lone Nomad ventures into the dead city in search of fortune. In the town of Scrag, mutants are fought and supplies needed.Deadlands Quest, Leon, Mutants, post apocalyptic, Cyborg, Nomad, wasteland, survival, collective game2019-09-11 1 
November 2020
4477488Tribes RP quest Ch. 2With the dawn of the bronze age for most tribes and wars happening all over the globe, the epochs have become more interesting in a way.QM2, civilization, civ, rock age, bronze age, neolithic, nomad 2020-11-04 12 
December 2020
4527603Tribes RP quest Ch. 3Old conflicts around the globe reached their conclusions while mild one started to grow and spread to previously unnaffected tribes.QM2, civilization, civ, rock age, bronze age, neolithic, nomad, sedentary, civil war 2020-12-09 10 
January 2021
4563548Tribes RP quest Ch. 4The conflicts remain, with the fishmen civil war preparing for it's major battle yet with the unexpected arrival of the tengu to aid a sideQM2, civilization, civ, rock age, bronze age, neolithic, nomad, sedentary, civil war2021-01-10 11 
December 2023
5829969Cyberpunk Quest #1Kai's father, an NCPD netrunner, is killed during a cyber psycho attack on New Years - A conspiracy is afoot, and Kai seeks the truth.Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk RED, Night City, Cyber Psycho, Eddies, Netrunning, AI, Edgerunner, flirt with cars, nomads2023-12-27 24 
April 2024
5944098Cyberpunk Quest #2Kai continues his search for answers, but mostly just finds more eddies and problems.Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2020, Cyberpunk RED, Night City, Cyber Psycho, Eddies, Netrunning, AI, Edgerunner, flirt with cars, nomads2024-04-15 1 
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