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March 2009
4050748Pun MagicAnonymous created an awesome character idea - Victor "The Sorcelator" Quaid, a wizard who casts entirely in Schwarzenegger-esque puns. The rest of /tg/ joins the fun.Victor Quaid, Sorcelator, wizard, puns, Schwarzenegger2009-03-22 17 
March 2012
18176533Reginald "Ragin' Reggie" DempseyIn the midst of a "What I made..." thread, one anon storytimes the tale of a man in the zombie apocalypse who punched stuff real hard.Ragin' Reggie, Storytime, All Flesh Must Be Eaten2012-03-03 54 
18268827Ragin' Reggie II: Electric BoogalooRagin' Reggie's back for more storytime.Ragin' Reggie, Storytime, All Flesh Must Be Eaten2012-03-10 31 
November 2012
21661849I Submitted a Cartoon PilotOP asks /tg/ to help him revise the pilot for his D&D related cartoon. Fun and creativity abounds.Reggie, D&D, Get shit done, cartoon, collaboration, writing, funny2012-11-20 12 
December 2012
21930518Egg Quest #1: The Gods Make Omelettes As We March To WarOne noble egg is dropped into the war for the hearts and yolks of eggkind.Egg Quest, Eggs, Ova, Knights, Sunny Side Up, Whiteshell Goldyolk, Collective Game2012-12-08 18 
January 2013
22753651Fantasy Quest VIIIWe evade one of the criminals, meet a ganja-loving Orc and finally get to Newport Fantasy Quest, Fantasy, Quest, Collective Game, elf, girl, elf girl, bard, orc, weed, carriage, guards, reggae2013-01-24 13 
February 2013
22900106The city of Dis is a hellhole. Literally.OP lays out system setting for a Hellish Noir game. Angel Feathers as money, buying your way out of heaven, Demons fighting Fallen Angels, and Satan as a Corrupt City Mayor figure playing everyone for fools.Hell, Noir, Mafia, Angels, Salvation, Bootlegging2013-02-02 8 
August 2013
26617086Cubed Egg DerailOP requests advice on what system to use for no/light combat in RPGs, but falls victim to one of the classic blunders.land war in asia, why would I cube an egg, combat light rpg, thread derail2013-08-14 12 
September 2013
26990741 /tg/ Text Adventure Quest: Chapter 10Now begins the story of the Rollin Bones, half-dryad mage and son of Mr. Bones.Collective Game, Mage, new beggings, succubi, slime girl2013-09-03 4 
October 2013
27779822Unboxing EorisBeggins with a simple unboxing and then it spi- OH SHIT. Someone actually bought Eoris.eoris, unboxing, begginings, complicated character sheets, why2013-10-17 11 
May 2016
47064409Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #1The war against the Fleet of Fog becomes much less one sidedKantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-03 7 
47100723Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #2In which we battle a small fleet and get a Mental Model on our sideKantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-06 6 
47187155Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #3We don't accomplish much other then learning a little about Houston. The thread died quite early. It is sad.Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-11 0 
47220655Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #3We finish "interrogating" Houston, and begin learning how to control nanomaterials.Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-13 1 
47323498Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #5We battle a Fog patrol fleet.Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-19 1 
186628Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #6We become /qst/ refugees to not die. Also, we go to rescue a newly appeared Shipgirl. Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection, Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-05-27 1 
June 2016
205697Kantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest #7KCoBS, Episode 7: The Shipgirl AwakensKantai Collection of Blue Steel Quest, Kancolle, Kantai Collection,Arpeggio, Collective Game2016-06-04 1 
218571Three Kingdoms Quest 1Zheng Li founds a small army, wins a duel to assume command, breaks a bandit force and gets a pittance for his trouble.Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-06-04 13 
223953Three Kingdoms Quest 2Zheng Li duels a mean old bully named Zang BaThree Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-06-11 6 
244601Three Kingdoms Quest 3Zheng Li refuses service under Tao Qian and joins the Han forces. He saves Lu Zhi from peril.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-06-12 7 
266966Three Kingdoms Quest 4Zheng Li becomes acquaintances with governor Han Fu and Zhang He. He leads a defense against rebels and kills Guan Hai.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-06-18 6 
July 2016
318712Three Kingdoms Quest 5Zheng Li and the Han forces defeat the rebels in Ji. Lu Zhi is imprisoned. Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-07-03 6 
357857Three Kingdoms 6Zheng Li tempts Yuan Shao. The Yellow Scarves are defeated, Zheng Li seeks his own destiny.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-07-15 6 
384993Three Kingdoms Quest 7Zheng Li gains a commandery. Lu Fan joins the team and creates China's first 7-Eleven with Yang Jing.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-07-24 7 
August 2016
455722Three Kingdoms Quest 9Zheng Li fights Lu Bu's army. Yang Jing duels Hua Xiong. Sun Jian defeats Hua Xiong but the Coalition is disbanded. Zhang He joins the teamThree Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-08-10 5 
493271Three Kingdoms Quest #10Sun Jian gets his bacon saved. Also SunCefagpls dank meme has returned.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-08-22 6 
September 2016
519005Three Kingdoms Quest 11Poor Han Fu is given charity. Zhang He slaps a bitch, Wang Yi becomes the Grinning Demon. Runan is captured.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-09-01 5 
537931Three Kingdoms Quest 12Zheng Li plays the Chinese Cupid and matchmakes. Cao Cao trolls around. Jiangxia is taken and people rage about benevolence.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-09-09 5 
580821Three Kingdoms Quest 13Zheng Li bangs Cai Shi, builds a relationship with Wei Yan, and attacks Yuan Shu for raiding his villages. Also Cao Cao attacks Tao Qian.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-09-21 5 
October 2016
682995Three Kingdoms Quest 14Part 1: We kick the everliving shit out of Yuan Shu's forces. Part 2: We make nice with the people of Pei Commandery.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-10-13 5 
November 2016
785037Three Kingdoms Quest 15Chen Gong and Lu Bu are rejected. Sun Shang Xiang is a bitch, but a new waifu is born.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Arpeggio2016-11-09 5 
July 2017
1652938Moe Drones Skirmish: Londry EditionCommanders, drones, and mobile factories fighting for the dietary health of mankind. Maintenance mission, wrestling with awkward controls.skirmish, moe drones, Londry, veggies, pumpkin2017-07-19 1 
1682772Moe Drones Skirmish: Londry Edition 2The mission is jeopardized. veggies, londry, moe drones skirmish2017-07-29 1 
May 2022
5235409Pokemon Trainer Quest Part 8Short-ish Thread. Your Mystery Egg hatched into a Riolu, you made it to a pokemon center out of the rain, met an old friend and more.Pokemon Quest, Towel, Rain, Mystery Egg, SuperBusy2022-05-17 3 
April 2023
5602287Kingdom Hearts Otherverse: /qst/ EditionEglwyswrw (Egg) the Black Mage goes on a quest with his buddy Bronadon and Oswald the lucky rabbit to save the universe from the Darkness.Kingdom Hearts, Eglwyswrw, Egg, Bronadon, Oswald, Hectictude, World A supremacy2023-04-27 1 
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