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June 2016
223953Three Kingdoms Quest 2Zheng Li duels a mean old bully named Zang BaThree Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-06-11 6 
266966Three Kingdoms Quest 4Zheng Li becomes acquaintances with governor Han Fu and Zhang He. He leads a defense against rebels and kills Guan Hai.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-06-18 6 
July 2016
318712Three Kingdoms Quest 5Zheng Li and the Han forces defeat the rebels in Ji. Lu Zhi is imprisoned. Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-07-03 6 
357857Three Kingdoms 6Zheng Li tempts Yuan Shao. The Yellow Scarves are defeated, Zheng Li seeks his own destiny.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-07-15 6 
384993Three Kingdoms Quest 7Zheng Li gains a commandery. Lu Fan joins the team and creates China's first 7-Eleven with Yang Jing.Three Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-07-24 7 
August 2016
455722Three Kingdoms Quest 9Zheng Li fights Lu Bu's army. Yang Jing duels Hua Xiong. Sun Jian defeats Hua Xiong but the Coalition is disbanded. Zhang He joins the teamThree Kingdoms, Three Kingdoms Quest, Apreggio2016-08-10 5 
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