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September 2013
27433908Angel Quest 1Jonathon, an undertaker from Detroit discovers that he is an angel. The first time he tries to fly, /tg/dice dump so many critfails on him that he accidentally causes a plane to crash into a skyscraper.Collective Game, Angel Quest, tgdice, critfails, Cherubim2013-09-26 11 
27501211Angel Quest 2After moping in his apartment for some time, Jonathan spots a rampaging pyromancer. After pounding them into the floor so hard their spine snaps like a twig, he meets his first fellow angel.Collective game, Angel Quest, Cherubim2013-09-30 5 
October 2013
27550164Angel Quest 3Jonathan arrives in the realm of angels and begins his training. In between manly bonding and plot exposition, Jonathan kicks some arse with his new spear and shield.Collective game, Angel Quest, Cherubim2013-10-03 4 
December 2014
36856528Bitch Angel Quest 1Heels, the prideful bitch angel, get thrown out of heaven, commandeers a bike and rider, and visits church.Collective Game, Bitch Angel Quest, PSG, Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Anime, Quest2014-12-21 4 
March 2015
39011851Blood Angel Quest #1Alaric has some worrying dreams then wakes up and speaks to a chaplain about them before getting a new assignment from Chapter Master Dante.Collective Game, Blood Angel Quest, Warhammer 40k, Blood Angels, Space Marine2015-03-30 13 
39032210Blood Angel Quest #2Alaric spends time with his armsmen, and arrives at the world of Eskaton.Collective Game, Blood Angel Quest, Warhammer 40k, Blood Angels, Space Marine2015-03-31 8 
April 2015
39156890Blood Angel Quest #3Alaric gets acquainted with his new home, makes a new friend, and meets what may be the deadliest enemy he has ever faced: a teenager.Collective Game, Blood Angel Quest, Warhammer 40k, Blood Angels, Space Marine2015-04-06 6 
39326435Blood Angel Quest #4Alaric meets with the PDF commander and gets an overview of Eskaton's defenses.Collective Game, Blood Angel Quest, Warhammer 40k, Blood Angels, Space Marine2015-04-14 5 
39448042Blood Angel Quest #5Alaric meets a few more members of Eskaton's government, and tries to forestall a duel between an Imperial general and a noble of Eskaton.Collective Game, Blood Angel Quest, Warhammer 40k, Blood Angels, Space Marine2015-04-20 4 
September 2015
42334902Discarded Angel Quest #1The story begins as you plummet from the skies.Discarded Angel Quest, Collective Game, DAQ, Angel2015-09-08 2 
42481126Discarded Angel Quest #2You follow Titori home.Discarded Angel Quest, Collective Game, DAQ, Angel2015-09-14 2 
December 2017
2151765Fallen Angel Quest #1 Malkiel head's to the Holyland and the city of Jerusalem after being barred from the gates of heaven and visit's a nearby catholicFallen Angel Quest, FallenQm, Collective Game, Quest2017-12-18 1 
November 2018
3065777Angel QuestIriel had lost an important trumpet in heaven, getting him kicked out and finding refuge in an old, abandoned church.Collective Game, Angel Quest2018-11-30 4 
December 2018
3077298Angel Quest #2Upon questioning the identity of Lavinia W. Shurley, things develop in an unexpected way. Also dice shenanigans.Collective Game, Angel Quest, AngelQM2018-12-05 4 
March 2022
5159325Angel QuestAn angel's quest to get reincarnated, undertaking wacky divine shenanigans along the way.angel, angel quest, heaven, drawquest2022-03-27 3 
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