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September 2013
27433908Angel Quest 1Jonathon, an undertaker from Detroit discovers that he is an angel. The first time he tries to fly, /tg/dice dump so many critfails on him that he accidentally causes a plane to crash into a skyscraper.Collective Game, Angel Quest, tgdice, critfails, Cherubim2013-09-26 11 
27501211Angel Quest 2After moping in his apartment for some time, Jonathan spots a rampaging pyromancer. After pounding them into the floor so hard their spine snaps like a twig, he meets his first fellow angel.Collective game, Angel Quest, Cherubim2013-09-30 5 
October 2013
27550164Angel Quest 3Jonathan arrives in the realm of angels and begins his training. In between manly bonding and plot exposition, Jonathan kicks some arse with his new spear and shield.Collective game, Angel Quest, Cherubim2013-10-03 4 
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