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July 2009
5067163Toaster AdventureAn rather epic one shot Quest style game done on OmegleCollective Game,Omegle,One Shot2009-07-02 49 
March 2010
8709944Terminator QuestYou wake up in a white room, resting easily in a reclined chair. The room itself is featureless with a single door set into the wall in front of you. You look down at yourself to see a rather plain white smock draped on you, fastened losely around your neck. Who are you exactly? What are you? What is your name? The answers to these questions elude you as you sit up to check out your body. Human and female.One Shot Quest, Jimmy Sankis2010-03-22 3 
January 2011
13410794SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS RPGAnon is running a one shot of Shadow of the Colossus rpg inspired partly by The Mountain Witch. Lots of good ideas here.Shadow of the Colossus, SotC, One Shot, The Mountain Witch, Nico2011-01-06 11 
March 2013
23770686The Tale of Keith the Wise, Prophet of the Holy Wilsen and His WayA man departs to work on a Monday morning. Apotheosis ensues.Collective Game, Wilson, One Shot, TRAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN,2013-03-19 10 
October 2013
27759539Wolf QuestStory of a wolf in an unforgiving land, hunted by humans till his demise. Perhaps a reboot one day?collective game, one shot, wolf quest, wolf, bad end2013-10-16 3 
March 2014
30729189The Night ShiftYou play as a gas station attendant out in Middle-of-Nowhere. You deal with a typical day, interacting with customers and helping out around the Station. As night falls, weird things start to happen. Welcome to the Night Shifthorror, surreal, homebrew, setting, gas station, one shot, brainstorming,2014-03-09 45 
August 2014
34219937Noble Whore QuestIn which our young heroine inherits the throne from her assassinated father.Noble Whore Quest, Collective Game, oneshot, one shot2014-08-18 8 
34475947The Spoiled Prince QuestWe celebrate our 16th nameday, sex up our riding instructor, and survive an assassination attempt. The Spoiled Prince, Collective Game, smut, one-shot, one shot2014-08-29 5 
34490416The Spoiled Prince Quest part 2We visit our mother and consolidate our rule. The Spoiled Prince, Collective Game, smut, one-shot, one shot2014-08-30 4 
September 2014
35137040Martials > Casters Quest [Oneshot]In which a farm boy grabs his destiny.Collective Game, HaikuDeluge, Martials, Casters, Martials > Casters Quest, one shot2014-09-27 3 
December 2014
36483393Desert Aurora Quest #1Unit A-213 follows orders from the mainframe and finds a creator. Desert Aurora Quest, Collective Game, post apocalyptic, one-shot, one shot 2014-12-01 5 
36784473Bug Girl Quest 1We pick find out we've got super powers, then do everything in our power to avoid using them.Bug Girl Quest, Parasite Master, QM swap, Possible one shot, Convenience Store2014-12-16 10 
February 2016
45396983Quest One Shot: The Devil's DaughterThe life of an adorable Princess/Apprentice Thief, and the start of many adventures to come!Collective Game, On a Devil's Whim, One Shot, The Devil's Daughter2016-02-14 10 
April 2016
2098Remilia QuestRemilia gets an abrupt awakening, and then decides to explore the forest. We also mess with oekaki.Remilia Quest, one shot, oekaki, drawquest, touhou, cirno2016-04-27 6 
2454Ukrainian Landser Quest The story of Maksim, a conscripted Ukrainian on the eve of Operation Deadstick.WW2 Vignette, Collective Game, One Shot2016-04-28 6 
August 2018
2830410The Very Bad SamuraiA Samurai Jack One Shot narrated by the mysterious "Uka"dolomite, Samurai, Samurai Jack, one shot, draw quest2018-08-25 10 
November 2018
3049473Dickweed QuestDickweed the short man of the waves lives and dies in this amazing quest.Dickweed, shit quest, one shot2018-11-22 3 
May 2019
3504097Tales From The Library 1The first edition! High Stakes, a game of poker is interrupted and a life or death tournament is started for a wish coinTales From The Library, One Shot, Collective Game, Boss Fights2019-05-28 3 
July 2019
3640227Artificer Quest One-Shot Thread #1It’s a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. John and Dutch have a shady job to perform.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2019-07-19 2 
August 2019
3695992Artificer Quest One-Shot: Cold Day in Airgrid Thread #2It's a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. The job continues and the situation deteriorates.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2019-08-12 2 
October 2019
3799401Champagne HighA jealous ex exacts her revenge Collective Game, Champagne High, One Shot, Rape, Wedding2019-10-02 1 
January 2020
4008120Artificer Quest One-Shot: Cold Day in Airgrid Thread #3It's a Cold Day in Airgrid, the City of Fog. With a lull in the job, John finds himself in the business of the Scale Knights.Artificer Quest, One Shot, StorytellerQM2020-01-23 0 
April 2022
5187049The Testament of Tatamu (One Shot) Part #1In a post-apocalyptic, Flooded World, PUEXO Pilot Sinleq Unami dives hundreds of meters below the ocean to pay off a 25 million ducat debt.Collective Game, Testament of Tatamu, Original Setting, Post-Apocalyptic, Kaz, One Shot2022-04-24 6 
June 2022
5263897The Testament of Tatamu (One Shot) Part #2The story of Sinleq Unami continues with the Calypso's return to safe harbor in the wake of Sinleq and Gully's dive's messy aftermath.Collective Game, Testament of Tatamu, Original Setting, Post-Apocalyptic, Kaz, One Shot2022-06-22 6 
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