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September 2014
34749466cirno questcirno goes on da strongest adventure Collective Game, cirno, 9/92014-09-10 33 
November 2014
36100876chen questthe fantastic adventure of chen Collective Game, chen, cirno, 11/11, touhou, draw quest, drawquest, 2014-11-11 26 
April 2015
39074654tewi questtewi pranks a lot of people Collective Game, tewi quest, cirno, draw quest, drawquest, touhou 2015-04-02 10 
September 2015
42397363cirno quest tooda next strongest adventure Collective Game, cirno, 9/9, touhou2015-09-09 15 
April 2016
2098Remilia QuestRemilia gets an abrupt awakening, and then decides to explore the forest. We also mess with oekaki.Remilia Quest, one shot, oekaki, drawquest, touhou, cirno2016-04-27 6 
September 2016
49258951cirno quest treevery strongest adventureCollective Game, cirno, 9/9, touhou2016-09-09 14 
October 2019
3875775Gun x Glory! #7You face the aftermath of your match with Rock, and the first act of the quest comes to a close.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirno2019-10-22 14 
April 2020
4191618Gun x Glory! #11.25Your name is Orion Jasper, and you're about to have a very long week.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirnoQM2020-04-24 7 
June 2020
4289587Gun x Glory! #11.5The day comes to a close abruptly, and we sharply move back to our protagonist.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirnoQM2020-06-13 5 
July 2020
4312971Gun x Glory! #12You have a discussion, play some darts, talk with your best friend, and have a long awaited match.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirnoQM2020-07-04 7 
September 2020
4430486Gun x Glory! #13You train with Orion, head to the marketplace, play a game with a strange man, and meet a certain gunmaker.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirnoQM2020-09-09 6 
December 2020
4528378Tomboy Retrieval QuestYour name is Michael, and although your day has been short, you have some tomboys to bring home.Collective Game, Sci-Fi, Tomboy, cirnoQM2020-12-13 6 
August 2022
5339868Gun x Glory! #14You fight against machines, talk to your coach, and prepare to face your second bout.Collective Game, Gun x Glory, Sci-Fi, MMOFPS, cirnoQM2022-08-04 6 
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