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May 2013
24909817A very 40k marriageA man shows up on /tg/ asking for advice on how to make a 40k-themed wedding. A conversation no incest also occurs.Warhammer, 40k, 40,000, Autism, Incest, win, Wedding, Marriage2013-05-19 9 
May 2014
32123517Oversized Weapon Quest 33You get lost, fight a lady, complete a sidequest, level up, grab items, and get rid of something pointless.Collective Game, Oversized Weapon Quest, Goblins, Big Swords, Wedding Dress2014-05-15 16 
October 2019
3799401Champagne HighA jealous ex exacts her revenge Collective Game, Champagne High, One Shot, Rape, Wedding2019-10-02 0 
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