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July 2008
2234673Touhou Power Cards for 4eA project of making power cards for D&D 4e using Rumbling Spell Orchestra, the Touhou TCG, as a template.4e, power cards, Touhou2008-07-19 4 
January 2009
3359594Why America SucksA large collection of Yu-Gi-Oh cards pictured side by side with Japanese and censored American versions. Rage/lulz ensues.yugioh, cards, edits2009-01-10 3 
October 2009
6331802Wild Cards: Sons of the Gun IIContinuation of the Gun-punk? thread preceding. Wherein /tg/ homebrews a Wild West setting with a Deck comprised of 54 special guns called Cards.Guns, Wild West, Homebrew, Wild Cards2009-10-19 26 
6333821Wild Cards IIIBrainstorming the mechanics of the Wild Cards: Sons Of The Gun conceptWild Cards, Homebrew2009-10-19 18 
6346221Wild Cards - part 4The Sons of the Gun ride on, this time adding details about the world the ones who hold the Cards live in.Wild Cards, guns, homebrew2009-10-20 14 
6477312Wild Cards writefaggin'More writefaggin' about the Dealer, the Cards, and the slingers that use them.Wild Cards, writefag, writefagging2009-10-29 11 
November 2009
6528357More Wild CardsEven more discussion and writefaggan about Wild Cards and the systems and worlds within.Wild Cards, Homebrew, Wild West2009-11-02 5 
6533972yet more Wild CardsMostly writefagging.Wild Cards, homebrew, writefagging, Wild West2009-11-02 5 
6556077Wild Cards yet againThis time, with some actual gameplay discussion.Wild Cards, homebrew2009-11-04 3 
6582471Wild Cards: Battle of tombstonethe last stand at tombstone, write-faggotry for Wild-Cards: Sons of a gunwild cards, guns, 2009-11-06 5 
March 2010
8352934Wild Cards: The CrunchWild Cards finally gets a set of rules, thanks to the Dealer.Wild Cards, homebrew, wild west2010-03-02 5 
April 2010
9165731Criminal CardsDiscussion about what exactly criminal gangs do turns into an interesting system of generating gang campaigns using a standard deck of cards random generator, criminals, cards2010-04-14 8 
9301414MtG PartyNew & Old Favorite MtG cards are having a witty, fun party.MtG, CCG, Cards, Magic, party2010-04-20 1 
9410519Deck of Bears/tg/ celebrates the bears of MtG and create a deck.Magic, cards, bears2010-04-25 1 
September 2010
12103981Cardpunk Worldbuilding/tg/ creates a world run entirely by CHILDREN'S TRADING CARDS.Cards, Magic, MTG, Cardpunk, Worldbuilding, Setting, Yu-Gi-Oh2010-09-16 8 
March 2011
14080098Pokemon MtGOP tries to concoct a working fusion of Pokemon flavor and Magic the Gathering rules, with /tg/'s help.Pokemon, Magic, Custom Cards2011-03-01 1 
May 2011
14838619A New Wild Cards Thread!?It's been a while, but Wild Cards doesn't seem like it can die. Mostly crunch discussion.Wild Cards2011-05-07 2 
14941103Wild Cards: Sons of the Gun QUESTThe name's James McClellan. I'm a sheriff recently down on his luck. Nothing seems to be going his way, and then, the three of clubs is handed to him. After enjoying his beans of course.Wild Cards, Wild Cards Quest, Collective Game, Wild West, Sheriff, Cowboy, Three of Clubs2011-05-16 12 
14951576Wild Cards: Sons of the Gun QUEST IIThe name's James McClellan. I'm a sheriff recently down on my luck. I just got myself a Gun, the Three o' Clubs. Didn't get too much done in this one, but I found my brother's diary and a creepy doll that looks like me. Strange things're comin' to surface...Wild Cards, Wild Cards Quest, Collective Game, Sheriff, Cowboy, Three of Clubs2011-05-17 4 
December 2011
17177069Wild Cards playtestWild Cards returns after a long absence, with good news!original content, Wild Cards, playtest2011-12-12 10 
August 2012
20322589Chess Apocalypse Quest/tg/ elects to play as a Pawn in a sinister game between seedy factions with unknown motives. A Bishop appears to pick up a package, a Rook destroys our building and slaughters our backup, and /tg/ is left wondering who to trust when a certain someone pulls us aside for a quick chat.Chess Quest, Collective Game, Chess, Cards, Card Game, Pawn2012-08-15 10 
September 2012
20584312Monster CrabsOP finds a crab-fighting card game being developed by an 8-year old. The kid's dad also finds the thread.Monster Crabs, Games Save The World, kickstarter, Crabs, Cards, Card Game2012-09-05 32 
October 2012
21035897Magic: the BeareningAn anon posts some bearly editted token. /tg/ exercises it's right to bear arms and signs up for the oncoming bearpocalypseMagic, mtg, bears, custom cards, Magic: the Bearening, awesome, 2012-10-08 9 
December 2012
22259038Playing a Tengu Gunslinger116 full-length posts to describe a single "Made, GM saw, Played" picture. Lengthy, deep-seated story of a character's descent into tragedy.story, tengu, pathfinder, wild cards2012-12-28 26 
August 2013
26813598MTG custom Shrek unsetAnon posts his friends custom MTG cards, with a heavy Shrek vs. Peter Griffin theme. So bad they're fantastic.Magic: the Gathering, mtg, Shrek, custom cards, oc2013-08-25 17 
November 2013
28346571Cards Against Humanity: /tg/ expansion/tg/ makes a custom expansion set for CAH.Cards Against Humanity, CAH, /tg/, Homebrew2013-11-18 2 
July 2021
4869874Kaado Quest: Draw 2The Continuing Adventures of a Card Game Anime ProtagonistCards, card, tcg, anime, gaming2021-07-19 0 
July 2022
85350538Wizard ChessAnon stops taking his meds and invents a board game using super gluesuper glue, schizo, board game, chess, playing cards, armies2022-07-21 7 
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