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July 2015
41028238Age of Sigmar and-oh fuck me.You still have not learned and I am ashamed.The whole reason I stopped coming to /tg/ was because for all your self-aggrandizing shit like this happens, that's why I shitpost on the archives, coming out of retirement, I haven't done thsi since 2013 so I don't know who this other faggot is, please learn to recognize shitposting and how the report function works, it takes two seconds of your time, consider developing a better policy on quest threads and CYOAs too, thanks, sincerly LWYS, XOXO2015-07-05 -21 
May 2016
3861Australian World Domination QuestIt's literally all shitposting. Recommended for Australians.Collective Game, Australia, shitposting, drawquest, poorly drawn,2016-05-01 1 
August 2016
48719849/tg/ plays tic-tac-toeOP challenges /tg/ to tic-tac-toe, hilarity ensues.tic-tac-toe, /tg/, shitposting2016-08-11 38 
478630JJBA:HV????????????????????????????????????????Meme, Collective Game, Shitpost2016-08-16 0 
December 2016
50568400Another 40k letter writing threadIn this episode: we write to Draigo, Digganobz, Marbo and several more40k, letters, shitposting2016-12-07 5 
June 2017
1581996Trick Shitpost Series: White Rhino QuestYou are the last survivor of an extinct speciesTrick shitpost series, white rhino quest, Trick2017-06-19 2 
July 2018
2752391Dungeon Rebirth Quest Gaiden 0: CRABNEET is killed by a meteorite. Somewhere along the line he ends up as a Mecha Crab Kaiju. Mostly a shitpost.Dungeon Rebirth, CRAB, Magic, fantasy, NonGent, collective game, The Snake Report, Shitpost, Mecha, Robots2018-07-26 3 
August 2018
2816506Dungeon Rebirth Quest Gaiden 1: CRABHeroic MechaCrab goes to hell to battle for justice, honor, friends and tiddies. Mostly a shitpost.Dungeon Rebirth, CRAB, Magic, fantasy, NonGent, collective game, The Snake Report, Shitpost, Mecha, Robots2018-08-29 2 
May 2019
3449558Fap Fairy QuestA guy was having his 10,000th fap when a fairy showed up to grant him a wish.fapfairy, fap, fairy, quest, shitpost2019-05-02 -4 
June 2020
4324237Sailor Bear QuestA normal morning for Usagi Tsukino, just your normal 14 year old highschool girl who is also a 7'9" Bear weighing 1,430 lbsSailor Moon, Bear, Shitpost, Eclipsed Moon, Eclipsed Moon Quest, Quest, Pbta2020-06-27 5 
July 2020
4336957Conquer The PlanetWE’RE TAKING OVER A PLANET! I don't know what that means, but it sounds badass, so we're doing it, nerds!Drawquest, ShitpostQM, Aliens, Centaur, Conquer2020-07-07 3 
October 2020
4458535Destroy the Godmodder: Image not related editionA Destroy the Godmodder ThreadCollective game, Lewd, Random, Shitpost2020-10-14 1 
January 2022
5075530Filler AdventureWacky, nonsensical adventures ranging between bedding Lady Liberty, becoming a Twitch thot, defying Mickey Mouse, and buying Wonder Bread.shitpost, drawquest, filler, filler adventure2022-01-17 2 
January 2023
5493112HELP WANTED! Yet Another Facility Management Quest #7A jobbed fight, a bizarre dream, two temporary anomalies to wrangle, and the Eye staring down at you. You're shocked you haven't gone mad.Administrator, Collective Game, Lobotomy Corporation, Fan Quest, Coffee Addiction, I actually fear my players when they shitpost2023-01-15 4 
5486321Wizard Tower 1Armed with only a handful of mildly useful cantrips, we make our way through the 50 challenges of the Wizard Tower.wizard, wizard tower, shitpost, drawquest2023-01-22 2 
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