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November 2008
3055726Mike’s All-Purpose Insanity Table!Had enough of being a big, bad goddamn hero all the time? Try investigating elder Gods and deathless monstrosities – guaranteed to invoke madness! madness CoC insanity table roll2008-11-25 0 
May 2010
9692576Frost Giantess Quest 49Frost, Giantess, Frost Giantess, Collective Game, QuestWe're resistant to the forest Shoggoth's madness-inducing fog, but not immune. Fortunately, the Shoggoth isn't at all resistant to thermite, and runs away with it's tail between it's legs. 2010-05-09 14 
November 2010
12658152Otherkin: A Cautionary TaleYou know what's bad? Insanity. You know what's terrifying? Not knowing you're insane. You know what's worse than either? Otherkin.Otherkin, Soulbond, soulbonding, Warning, Caution, Faggotry, D&D, Dungeons & Dragons, Terrible, madness, insanity, Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here2010-11-03 16 
February 2011
13989991Veil of Madness cont.More HFY, specifically VoM. Not quite as good as the last one, but it's OC, that makes it good enough.Humanity, hfy, Veil of Madness, humanity fuck yeah, fuck yeah2011-02-22 20 
December 2011
17382585Creepy Call of Cthulhu notes.What do you hand your player when they lose sanity? One GM shares his tricks, while others chime in with their own experiences.CoC, Creepy, Cthuhu, Madness, GM, rpg, 2011-12-31 7 
July 2012
20086945Pokimin Tibbletip AdventurrOP tells the story of a Pokemon Tabletop Adventures game that quickly turns into complete and glorious insanity.Pokemon, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, story, madness, awesome2012-07-30 12 
December 2012
22098308Time-Travel MindfuckDark Heresy party is sent back in time. Starts whimsy, get's weird fast.tzeentch, storytime, what is happening, madness2012-12-18 15 
January 2013
22578538Paladins That Eat GodsOP tells the tale of an epic campaign.paladin, lovecraftian, god, gods, deity, deities, artifact, madness2013-01-14 31 
22647545/tg/'s Nemesis/tg/ finds the ultimate BBEG. And is utterly horrifed by it. Horror, Self-Loathing, Joshua, Madness, Evil, Classic Blunder2013-01-18 13 
February 2013
22913451Pokimin Tibbletip Adventurr Lazy Fuck EditionMore Pokemon Tabletop Adventures from OPPokemon, Pokemon Tabletop Adventures, story, madness2013-02-01 5 
June 2013
25339427You are a member of an X task forceThe Gellar fields finally fail. /tg/ goes mad.Insanity, Gellar Field, the Warp, Madness, funny2013-06-09 80 
July 2016
48430929Anon asks how to make good (not lolrandom) insane charactersThe thread is short, but has some good ideas and information.insanity, madness, character concepts, 2016-07-25 6 
October 2016
651566The End of the Aftermath: A Ryukuza Side QuestA 1-4 shot sidequest, of what may happen in other places after the end of Ryukuza Quest...Collective Game, madness, Hastur, Cassilda, the King in Yellow, Yellow Sign, blood, sex, weird, short, monsters2016-10-02 8 
661271The End of the Aftermath: A Ryukuza Side Quest 2Cassilda takes her new companion to Lake Hali near her home....but was it the wisest choice? For now she is the sought sister.Collective Game, Cassilda, The King in Yellow, horror, blood, pain, madness, strange, mystery, love2016-10-04 7 
665271The End of the Aftermath: A Ryukuza Side QuestPart three begins with Cassilda and Nyean parting ways at the shore of Lake Hali....what dangers lurk in Carcosa for the young mystic?Collective Game, madness, Hastur, Cassilda, the King in Yellow, Yellow Sign, blood, sex, weird, short, monsters2016-10-05 5 
July 2017
54556497Hourglass Worldbuilding/tg/ makes a setting that takes place in an hourglass watched over by a mad god.world building, desert, madness2017-07-29 7 
April 2018
59047820Fear And Loathing In WonderlandAnons come together and talk about their experiences in a world gone mad. Magical Girls and horror abound.Horror, madness, Roleplay, Magical Girls, eldritch, demons2018-04-11 5 
July 2018
2695655Arkham's LegacyPsychologist Sebastian found out about his origins and became the director of an asylum. It doesnt help that he thwarted a clown's plan.Gotham, DC, Madness, Management, SaneQM.2018-07-08 6 
2730396Arkham Quest 2A killer on the loose and the investigation reaches its climax before the QM disappearedGotham, DC, Madness, Management, SaneQM.2018-07-29 5 
August 2018
2792344Arkham's Legacy 2.5After exploring the villain's head and securing him, Sebastian enjoys the Lady luck's kiss and proceed to get his money back.Gotham, DC, Madness, Management, SaneQM.2018-08-15 5 
March 2019
3283178Guns, Magic and Madness IIn an highly industrial fantasy world, Amelia Weisseblume, a young idealistic cleric, is thrown into a new kind of war.Guns Magic and Madness, diesel punk, dark fantasy, Collective Game, horror2019-03-05 3 
3300653Guns, Magic and Madness IIAmelia and her squad experience a brutal reality of urban warfare as an unknown danger draws closer.Guns Magic and Madness, diesel punk, dark fantasy, Collective Game, horror, war, action 2019-03-05 2 
3317906Guns, Magic and Madness IIIAmelia and her new companion find themselves trapped in the middle of hell on earth. Guns Magic and Madness, diesel punk, dark fantasy, Collective Game, horror, war, action2019-03-09 1 
July 2019
3682212Guns, Magic and Madness IV3 months later, Amelia and other survivors try to deal with their trauma as their own goverment turns against them.Guns Magic and Madness, diesel punk, dark fantasy, Collective Game, horror, war, action2019-07-28 1 
August 2019
3702035Guns, Magic and Madness VAmelia rushes straight into the danger and finds herself fighting for her life yet again.Guns Magic and Madness, diesel punk, dark fantasy, Collective Game, horror, war, action2019-08-12 1 
July 2021
4874538MADNESS project nevada #1Somewhere in Nevada we follow Rich in his quest for adapting to this madland, things escelate quickly!Collective Game, Madness Combat, Madness, Madness Project Nevada2021-07-13 8 
August 2021
4919911Madness:Project Nevada #2Rich avoids some goons, explores the I-Zone, collects a talkative skull and kills an oblivious idiotCollective game, Madness combat, Madness, Madness Project Nevada2021-08-15 2 
4958545Madness: Project Nevada #3Rich gets hired (by questionable willingness) and goes lootingCollective Game, Madness Combat, Madness, Madness Project Nevada2021-08-21 2 
February 2023
5508329STAR WARS - INTERREGNUM #3.3The MSA discusses their fleet, and Farren launches a rescue operation to save the Jedi at the Kessel Conclave!Collective Game, Star Wars Interregnum, Star Wars, Kaz, Kessel Rescue, Mineshaft Madness, Potkin Plodkin2023-02-03 23 
March 2024
5912510Bobbert Quest 1Voices urge Bobbert to leave her home after months of burn out recovery and get a job. Lateralis Heavy Industries provide. Madness follows.Collective Game, Bobbert Quest, Alphabet Soup, The City, Lateralis Heavy Industries, Madness, Female Protagonist2024-03-20 2 
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