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May 2008
1748599Tome of Greater WishesPlayer gives himself all-powerful artifact that grants him Wishes that cannot be subverted by anyone or anything, including the DM. /tg/ rallies to screw him over.D&D, artifact, bad player2008-05-16 7 
February 2010
8164420Artifact Quest: Part IIThe sword and the adventuring party arrive in the city of Riverton.Sword, Collective Game, Artifact Quest2010-02-19 3 
8176779Artifact Quest: Part 3The tale of the Artifact continuesArtifact Quest2010-02-20 1 
April 2010
9475078Bizarre artifactsAll sorts of artifacts that you probably don't really want.cursed artifacts2010-04-28 5 
January 2011
13404486Real Stuff for gamesAn archive of mysterious artifacts and places for your next game if you are feeling particularly unoriginal Artifacts, Locations, Wonderment, 2011-01-05 1 
13448007Warehouse 23, BRITFAG EDITIONAnon proposes a Warehouse 23 thread , populated by underused and cheesy '60's scifi relics. Awesome ensues.Warehouse 23, science fiction, magic items, artifacts2011-01-09 3 
May 2011
14775645DespoilerQuestBorn from a discussion thread about a magical artifact that allows modification of lifeforms, /tg/ leads an Illithid to finding the Despoiler of Flesh, and then produces a magically modified team of industrial (and one or two sexy) minions. A debate breaks out between players who want to take over the world, and players who want to take over the world after an Illithid sexual encounter.Collective Game, DespoilerQuest, Artifact2011-05-01 6 
14787679DespoilerQuest IIIn this episode of DespoilerQuest, we eat brain while making love. Also, we prepare for an invasion of our old Illithid colony, and turn a cow into a dragon.Collective Game, DespoilerQuest, Artifact2011-05-02 7 
August 2011
15915208Despoiler Quest: Reloaded 1The triumphant return of despoiler quest! After a singular fetish thread returned the GM to life, he made this thread, that we might act like complete retards and turn living creatures into warped shadows of their past selves. Now with 50% more trees.DespoilerQuest, despoiler, collective game, quest, artifact2011-08-13 5 
September 2011
16179744Wizards Accidental Island AdventureThe great Dunbledalf has well...fucked up and you've been thrown through space and time to a deadly deadly island full of monters and danger, luckily the wizard is willing to grant some boons to make ammends. Can you survive?Wizard, Artifacts, Adventure, Survival, Nemesis, Dunbledalf 2011-09-05 17 
November 2011
16933694IRL ArtifactsItems of history that would make good artifacts in a modern campaignItems, Artifacts2011-11-13 29 
January 2012
17661099Chapter Quest VI - The Enemy WithinAfter Iridonia and clearing out Cruiser Nix Mirius Chapter Master notices something strange about his behaviour... And it seems that the worst suspicions are becoming true.Collective Game, Quest, Chapter Quest, Chapter Master, Space Marines, daemon, mindfuck, deception, artifact, warp, brilliant players2012-01-25 9 
July 2012
19811519Palantir MaceGuys! Hey listen! Guys! What if, right, what if...we use the Palantir as the head of a mace!pcs, chaotic stupid, stupid pcs, artifacts, magic item, creative magic item usage 2012-07-10 15 
November 2012
21492704Saint Elegius, the Relic HammerWelder Anon discovers an ancient relic and embarks on an epic quest to forge a legendary hammer. In real life.Epic, Real Life, Elegius, Artifact, Metalworking2012-11-09 69 
January 2013
22578538Paladins That Eat GodsOP tells the tale of an epic campaign.paladin, lovecraftian, god, gods, deity, deities, artifact, madness2013-01-14 31 
March 2013
23829536Stalker CXiv Quest #6Wherein we see some of Balalaika's history; also, a new type of artifact is discovered in a new anomaly! Collective Game, Stalker, Civ Quest, Leader, Balalaika, Ramen, Russia, Kebab, Ukraine, Zone, Kalashnikov, artifact, anomaly2013-03-23 5 
September 2013
27463190Cool Magic Items ThreadOP asks for magic items, a few jokes answers later /tg/ starts brewing up some badass ideasmagic item, magic, item, magical, artifacts2013-09-28 1 
February 2014
30001078If you had a vorpal grindstone...Using a powerful artifact to turn the world into a hellish deathtrap, but there's no need to lose your head about it.Vorpal, Wizards, Dullahans, Magic Items, Artifact, Baking2014-02-04 16 
September 2014
35015724Teegee's Emporium of the Rare and AntiqueCome down to Teegee's Emporium of the Rare and Antique, where you can find: Priceless vases, both whole and in pieces! Giant cubes of guns! Rare first edition books and records! Irritable Lamia lesbians! Slightly cracked Faberge Eggs! Dragons of all flights and colors! More gold than Midas! And, of course, shopgirls with bumbling behemoth breasts! Feel free to browse, make a purchase, or escape the growing dimensional instability with the staff and head down to the noodle shop for a bowl and a brew.antiques, collective game, shop, store, bidding war, gold, artifacts, lamia, lesbians, giant breasts, dragon attack, spontanious, grail, noodles2014-09-22 15 
March 2015
39010444Battle-Sister Quest: Thread 8Short thread (sorry). Bella and Alirye arrive at their destination, talk to some civilians, find the heresy, and have several benches tossed at them. Collective Game, Battle-Sister Quest, Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle, Heresy, Inquisition, Forbidden Love, Yuri, Eldar, Dual-wielding, EsperQM, reasonable people, crazy psykers, cultists, spooky artifacts, telekinetically-propelled benches2015-03-30 4 
September 2016
49321125Ramesh and Kumar Go To the Inventor's FairFun look at artifacts old and new with Kumar, inventor who keeps forgetting the off button, and Ramesh his long suffering roommate. Magic the Gathering, Kaladesh, Kumar, Ramesh, Artifacts, KUMAAARR, off button, funny2016-09-14 22 
February 2017
51664159Magical Items, Artifacts, and Treasure/tg/ invents and discussed miscellaneous adventurer loot.artifact, treasure, items, loot,2017-02-14 3 
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