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April 2008
1552633To bad fantasy book covers.We all have some experience with those awful fantasy/sci-fi books. Let's take a moment to appreciate them (or rather, add a humorous commentary).fantasy, sci-fi, book covers, hilarity2008-04-18 11 
January 2009
3522881/tg/ recommended reading Split off from the Vin Diesel thread. Anon discusses literary works that every roleplayer should be acquainted with. Books2009-01-26 2 
February 2009
3636117BooksMore of anon's favorite books. Lots of love for Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet. fa/tg/uys everywhere are shocked by the revelation.Books2009-02-07 1 
October 2009
6414098Superhero comics through the agesThe OP suggests a campaign for M&M or other system that starts in the bright and colorful Golden Age of comics and becomes progressively more dark and gritty, as comics did.comic books, superheroes, Mutants & Masterminds, writefaggotry2009-10-25 3 
November 2009
6801575Pokemon Tabletop Adventures: Discusion and Campaign IdeasWhat starts out as an anon asking for info on Starks Pokemon Tabletop quickly turns into discussion about Mystery Dungeon, The Movies, Legendary's, and Glitch pokemon. An Anon promises to deliver a splatbook for glitches and Aura users (among other things) once Stark releases the game.Pokemon, Tabletop, Aura, Mystery Dungeon, Glitches, Splatbook, Dr. Mr. Stark2009-11-21 14 
6896047/tg/ literature and suggestionsGood reads and books beyond DEE ENN DEE and WORHOMMORbooks, literature, approved, tg2009-11-27 1 
January 2010
7379393Pokemon Tabletop Adventuers Whos that? Bearing a gift of the new year? Why it is Dr. Mr. Stark and he does not disappoint.Pokemon, Tabletop, Aura, Mystery Dungeon, Glitches, Splatbook, Dr. Mr. Stark, Epic, Zip, Adventuers, Pokemon Tabletop Adventuers 2010-01-02 24 
7507054BOOK!Book! Or, books, rather! For insertion into your campaigns.Books, dm resource, list, literature, writefaggotry2010-01-09 2 
7829896Pokemon Tabletop AdventuresStark comes to celebrate 5th gen's announcement and releases features for every class. What a king.Pokemon, Tabletop, Splatbook, Dr. Mr. Stark, Epic, Zip, Adventuers, Pokemon Tabletop Adventuers 2010-01-30 18 
February 2010
7996799Who uses the books? DM or Players?Discussion of games where the players don't read the rulebooks, and various levels of DMs doing most of the work for them.GMing, play styles, running styles, Players, GMs, books2010-02-09 0 
March 2010
8705790Grailquest 1: The Castle of Darkness/tg/ begins to explore the first of this classic gamebook series.gamebooks, chickens, merlin2010-03-22 1 
April 2010
9408898SUCK THREE DICKSWhat began as a simple edition war troll became an enlightening discussion about ascertaining the culinary qualities of various dicks.dicks, edition war, Mr. Rage, three, books, cocks, dick, cock2010-04-25 11 
9437724/tg/ recommended Science Fiction reading/tg/ recommends a ton of great SF books.Books, sci-fi, SF, Science Fiction, sci fi, literature2010-04-26 4 
May 2010
10143721Books with more appropriate titlesCovers of books with titles more telling of what's actually insidebooks2010-05-30 1 
January 2011
13538330Chaos of CrimeChaos gods from Warhammer 40k reimagined as comic book crimelords.warhammer, chaos, tzeench, slaanesh, nurgle, khorne, comic book2011-01-16 11 
13604229/tg/ Share ThreadClearly, /tg/ hasn't been sharing enough recently. It would be perfectly rude to start a thread like this without contribution, so I'll display my wares./tg/, share, files, rpgs, many many books, games2011-01-23 5 
13607740Ultimate 3.5 SRDAnon decides to share a collection of 3.5 sourcebooks. Worship ensues.sourcebooks, collection, dump2011-01-23 9 
May 2011
14999401Pathfinder Ultimate Magic/tg/ discusses the recently released Pathfinder supplement called Ultimate MagicPatherfinder, splat book, supplement, Ulitmate Magic2011-05-22 -1 
15079271Other settings reimagined as 40kWhat if other settings and premises were in 40k? Here are the results.40k movies books2011-05-30 0 
July 2012
19962789Mearls and 3.5Hot Man to Manual actionman on book action, erotica, epic, writefag, storytime, DnD, 3.52012-07-20 15 
August 2012
20432613Mahou Shounen Quest 178Round-robin storytime with Yuki and other stuff.Collective Game, Mahou Shounen Quest, Butler, Landing Gear, getting booklaid2012-08-23 8 
January 2013
22743481Mage Quest pt .5The First Half of the First Thread in what will hopefully be a long running series.Mage Quest, Imp, Richard, Story Book, Collective Game2013-01-23 4 
February 2013
23310317/tg/ Meta Quest: The Last Library 5We get past a mech fight, leave one of our guys, piss off a frenzied mob, and discover a surprise at a crash site.Collective Game, Last Library, Meta Quest, SUEpocalypse, mary sue, SUEs, Meta, Quest, post-apocalyptic. post apocalypse, mobs, mob mentality, preacher, book burning2013-02-23 0 
March 2013
23795054/tg/ Meta Quest: The Last Library 6"What are the Editors?" "LA LI LU LE LO." We find a crashed Terran Wraith. Chuck Norris, Space Ghost and GI Joe take down several Pony SUEs of the Conversion Bureau with our assistance. The Editors finally reveal themselves, and what they plan to do with Meta-Earth, and especially with the library. Collective Game, Last Library, Meta Quest, SUEpocalypse, mary sue, SUEs, Meta, Quest, post-apocalyptic. post apocalypse, Chuck Norris, Space Ghost, Ponies, MLP, Starcraft, Conversion Bureaumobs, mob mentality, book burning2013-03-22 3 
April 2013
24430166CritonomiconSome guy finds a copy of the Critonomicon, /tg/ loses its shit.critonomicon, scan, fabled lost book, the hunt comsumes all2013-04-24 91 
July 2013
25771591Techpriest Birthday GiftsIn which an honoured Techpriest opens his vault upon the anniversary of his birth to share much knowledge and Ad Mech art with /tg/.filedump, techpriest, sororitas, .pdfs, 40k books2013-07-02 11 
May 2014
32478933That Guy AuthorsAmong fantasy writers, who would be the worst DM (and why is it Terry Goodkind)?that guy, that guys, literature, books, 2014-05-31 7 
January 2015
37171170The Book of SauronOP makes a "Sauron did nothing wrong" joke thread. /tg/ proves untrollable and starts worldbuilding the Book of Sauron and his possible return.LotR, Sauron, Worldbuilding, Writefag, Book, City, Dystopia, Horror2015-01-06 6 
January 2016
44889550Spell book as an art project/tg/ discusses how to design a spellbook.spell book, magic, runes, fluff2016-01-26 0 
May 2016
47285141Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 5#1 Worst DadsBookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-05-17 10 
47508773Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 6stressful feelings fly and shopping is done.Bookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-05-31 10 
July 2016
48259863Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 7Mostly a shopping day. We purchase clothes, enjoy friendship, shop for weapons, and pick up a new hire. Bookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-07-14 7 
48371330Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 8The fight with our newest scarf wielding foe is completed, along with a suite of upgrades. Also, dancing.pick up a new hire. Bookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-07-21 7 
48485618Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 9Hacking is done, and strangers are talked to. Our parents neglected to mention whether we should talk to strangers.Bookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-07-28 6 
48519018Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 9We visit a cop, and draw rad notebook doodles.Bookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-07-30 6 
September 2016
49132860Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 11We finish up with cops, and move on to arms deals and angry dads.Bookmaker, Collective Game, Mechagirl, mecha, girl, pit fighter, mechagirl pit fighter2016-09-03 8 
November 2016
806555Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 12In which we help out Ash and get rebuked by our Dads.Collective Game, Mechagirl, Bookmaker, Questguy, Robot, 2016-11-21 8 
December 2016
916851DC Universe QuestIsaac is born, we reveal our water and ice powers and shut down a chain of BlockbustersDC Universe, Comic Books, Collective Game, Superheroes2016-12-09 7 
915293Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest 13In which we help Ash heal and get to play as a Cat Samurai and her captive.Collective Game, Mechagirl, Bookmaker, Questguy, Robot, 2016-12-19 6 
949682DC Adventure QuestIsaac hits the road for LA, we hit the stops along the way we only stop for the best.Collective Game, DC, Comic Books, Superheroes2016-12-20 4 
976678DC Adventure Quest 2Our grand tour across america ends early with some help from Blue Beetle and we reach LA.Collective Game, DC, Comic Books, Superheroes2016-12-27 2 
989432DC Adventure Quest 3We meet our dad and he tells us how we came to be.Collective Game, DC, Comic Books, Superheroes2016-12-30 1 
January 2017
1002053DC Adventure Quest 4We take on the role of our father in a flashback to our true origin.Collective Game, DC, Comic Books, Superheroes2017-01-02 2 
October 2017
1928478Hell's Artbook QuestThe granddaughter of avid satanist practitioner, Julia Piral, is thrown into thrown into a world of apocalyptic calamity.Image Heavy, Fantasy, Magic, Hell's Artbook Quest2017-10-10 1 
1976638Hell's Artbook Quest Ch. #2We find ourselves in the Mid-Realm LIVING QUARTER, with our main guy, Curtis Mire. Image Heavy, Fantasy, Magic, Hell's Artbook Quest2017-10-26 1 
February 2018
57632629Kamigakari Thread translation and storytimesAnon comes through with scans. Help with translation and character sheet use and development. Misfits in Osaka continues Shizune is awkward.Kamigakari, character sheet, translation, books, scan, google docs, storytime, Ito, Misfits in Osaka, Akira, Shizune, stats, demons2018-02-01 2 
March 2018
2354018Kaleidoscope Quest 2There is an unparalleled amount of discomfort.Kaleidoscope Quest, Collective Game, Fantasy, Lack of Book Eating2018-03-05 5 
November 2019
69163263Nechronica translation update, PDF, and storytime threadNechronica's unofficial English translation gets an update on Halloween and The tale of the Siren Songs of Silent Space Storytime updates.Nechronica, update, book, rules, storytime, Nia, Juliette, Merry, Dominic, halloween, space, ai, horror, trolls, translation, Nechronica PDF2019-11-02 5 
April 2021
78322310Is this that Nechronica thread? ( Yes, with Storytime. )Anon asks about finding players and being a reliable GM. Gravel Storytime! The Africa arc wraps up and we begin transitioning to the nextNechronica, recruiting, Storytime, Story Time, Gravel, Adrian, Altina, Aida, necromancer, necromancy, book, A-team2021-04-01 0 
August 2021
80785841Nechronica thread. Translation Update: Armed Set.Armed Set, a short 3rd party sourcebook for the Japanese TTRPG Nechronica, gets an unofficial English translation. Anon asks how to Chariot.Nechronica, update, book, rules, spiders, armed set, translation, Thanatos, Requiem, Stacy, armaments, Chariot, class2021-08-21 0 
October 2021
81712351/tg/ recommended literature threadA good and civilized discussion on books to get inspiration from.literature, books, discussion2021-10-27 0 
July 2022
85297222OP is going to prison as a sex offenderOP starts off asking about old-school play-by-mail games, but people quickly realize he’s asking because he might be headed BACK to prisonPrison, prisons, play by mail, play-by-mail, gamebook, gamebooks, game book, game books, solo rpg, solo rpgs, homebrew, homebrews2022-07-16 -22 
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