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July 2013
26243488Insect Mountain CivInsects on a mountain next to 2 trolls. Mutation next turnCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-26 1 
26254147Queen under the mountainInsect Mountain CivCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-27 1 
26257713Queen Under The MountainAcid is evolved, trolls are nibbled alive, and food becomes an issue.Collective Game, Insect Civ Quest, Civilization2013-07-27 3 
26271156insect civ holy matronhell yeah!Collective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-28 2 
26290524In Service to our holy matronMade peace witht he elves and developed a lot of tech. Found a cryohydra and are on to some neet stuffCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-29 1 
26297725Insecobots roll outMore insect madnessCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-29 1 
26310203Queen of the Mountain Part 6Geneweaving! Art! Whales! Zombies! War!Collective Game, Insect Civ Quest, Civilization, Klaxx2013-07-30 2 
26321500Queen of the Mountain part 8Prelude to a war with the undeadCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-30 1 
26332042Queen of the Mountain part 9Asses handed to us by undead but helped elves escape. Each caste may now mutate for themselves. Collective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-07-31 1 
August 2013
26354193Queen of the Mountain part 10More cool insect stuffCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-08-01 2 
26373666Queen Under the Mountain Part 11Mikey Quest, New Elf City Mimics and a VolcanoCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-08-02 1 
26380432Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 11)More research on Rozooll's new slime ability and bonding time with Mazooll. A party is finally sent to Eastcave, where horrors and treasures await...Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization, Insect Civ2013-08-02 5 
26397983Queen under the mountain part 12Mikey quest 1 complete -- stopped undead plan to make the city sick with poisoned grain as well as undead surprise attackCollective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-08-03 1 
26415936Queen under the mountain part 13Undead attack on the southern front. Unleashed bone dragons and augmented flesh golem. Killed the litch and disabled cannons with cavalry strikes.Collective Game, Insect Civ Quest2013-08-04 2 
26459153Civ Thread MKII: Insectomania (part 12)Shenanigans in Eastcave continue, along with some 'negotiations' with the local inhabitants...Rozoolliim, Collective Game, Civilization, Insect Civ2013-08-06 4 
September 2015
42379847Hive Mind - Insect Civ #1Thus begins the story of a hive on a flying island who hunt some rabbits, capture alligators and of course try to welcome them into the hive. We also build some walls and FARMS.Collective Game, Hive Mind, Civ Quest, Insect Civ, GodKing2015-09-09 5 
42394729Hive Mind - Insect Civilization #2We continue forth, leading an attack against the blacks. Then throwing them into the prisoner pit before mindmolesting them into submission. We continue to build our colonies infrastructure with a high focus on farms. It's a bugs life.Collective Game, Hive Mind, Civ Quest, Insect Civ, GodKing2015-09-10 4 
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