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Archived Threads

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December 2008
3098046Humans are long-livedLike 'Humans are insane' but with longevity.humans, insane, space elves, longevity, aliens, scifi, setting, what if2008-12-02 7 
January 2009
3528944X-ComBringing the joy of X-COM to a new generation. X-Com Scifi 2009-01-28 6 
June 2009
5030027Human's as the AWESOME scifi-raceTitle says it all. Humans as a cool and badass race in the space.humans, scifi, space2009-06-28 23 
5035774Human's as the AWESOME scifi-race Part 2More Humans as a cool and badass race in the space.humans, scifi, space2009-06-29 17 
December 2009
7077968Misadventures in SpaceHomebrew scifi setting where humans help rebuild their former enemy's destroyed civilization.homebrew, RP setting, scifi2009-12-10 0 
February 2010
7928760Sci-fi story/settingStory with bug aliens, a dude who sees electricity, detail on interstellar flight methods incorporated into tactical overviewScifi bugs writefag Technist story2010-02-04 0 
8009404The WarWar through the eyes of an alien, written on the fly.MarathonMan, scifi, aliens, war, crab2010-02-10 0 
March 2010
8512705Create a Species Thread Take TwoThis time we create an unnamed species of trilobite snakes who indulge in cannibalistic violence, prompted by their genetic rage, and rule the stars. Possibly they were the uplifters of the Zxyksi?Zxyksi, species, creature, world building, scifi2010-03-10 2 
April 2010
8895534Wormhole Cyberpunk settingAliens seek refuge, but end up crash landing and screwing up the planet big time. Cyberpunk without the 80's feel.scifi apocalypse post-apocalypse post postapocalypse alien refugee immigrant war science fiction SHTF future cyberpunk punk white knight whiteknight2010-04-01 2 
May 2010
9962795ITT:IMTUThis is a collaborative effort that I am attempting to begin on /tg/ involving a Traveller setting that I (and anyone else who is interested) is building on /tg/; the intention is to use it with my (and anyone else's) group(s). Read on for more, and check out the other archive of the previous thread (which I would also like to have archived here): http://archive.easymodo.net/cgi-board.pl/tg/thread/9888897 turnovertherecord@gmail.comTraveller, Transhuman, IMTU, scifi, human2010-05-21 -2 
December 2010
13154521Create a Species: Acarus AdamasA sinister intelligence from hyperspace that abducts starships and devours them.Create a Species, scifi2010-12-15 6 
13346845The EngineersOP asks about making a universe with mister fixit engineers, slightly modeled after Dead Space. Truly awesome writefaggotry ensues, everyone rejoices.Dead Space, Engineers, setting, space, sci-fi, scifi, world building, writefag, writing2010-12-31 11 
January 2011
13492769Space Opera BBEG Asks For AdviceHe's a brain in a robot with psychic powers, three planets to start with, and some Mary Sues and Furfags to kill. And he need's /tg/s help to do it.Space Opera, Space, Opera, Scifi, Help, Advice, Mary Sue, Furfag, Lasers, FTL2011-01-12 8 
April 2011
14601830Eclipse Phase generalOP posts link to Eclipse Phase PDFs.eclipse phase, scifi, science fiction, pdf, setting, discussion2011-04-16 0 
July 2011
15621909Dark Heresy Loot List /tg/ comes up with a strange and wondrous list of items for Dark Heresy DMs. Puns and references to vidya, comics and literature abound DM, funny, 40K, Dark Heresy, DH, scifi, awesome, items2011-07-18 27 
September 2011
16200441Iron Hearts War Room And Plot plus rpMore Iron wars plot.Collective Game, Scifi, Skirmesh Quest2011-09-06 2 
March 2012
18398432War Of The Worlds game/tg/ is given a copy of the War Of The Worlds strategy vidya. Much nostalgia is had. War Of The Worlds, HG Wells, Scifi, Martians, Tripods, Strategy, vidya, game2012-03-20 12 
October 2012
21103715Friday Night DeckplansHelpful fa/tg/uys provide us with many, many, many spaceship floorplans for scifi use.deckplan, Scifi, useful2012-10-13 1 
November 2012
21420351Humanity: Dethroned/tg/ makes a setting. In brief, humanity used to have a galaxy wide empire, but it collapsed when the leaders of humanity decided to have everything descend into chaos for fun. Sol system is a militaristic fortress system, there are monster people (who are really just gentically deviant humans) Mechs, power armor, and bioengineered monsters everywhere (some of them are even space capable.) Make_A_Setting, Scifi, grimdark, Humanity Dethroned2012-11-04 5 
March 2013
23886553Space Fighters/tg/ has a civil discussion on space fighters, how you could do them in your setting and the practical applications of them.scifi, fighter, military, realism, science fiction2013-03-26 6 
23941315Create a Species: Ashagi/tg/ unleashes a race of cave nautuli who speak radiowaves and hear colors.Create a Species, Species, Ashagi, Scifi, Alien2013-03-29 3 
April 2013
23990637Pacific RimOn Pacific Rim and making a setting that takes inspiration from it and XCOMpacific rim, scifi, RPG, kaiju, eva, XCOM2013-04-01 8 
24261513Space Princess Battle/tg/ makes a skirmish wargame about 70s pulp scifi shootouts/punchfests.homebrew, wargame, skirmish, scifi, space princess, space princess battle2013-04-16 5 
September 2013
27496776/tg/ discusses a robot planetAnon asks what a planet would be like if the robots had outlived their predecessors and gets interesting and creative answersrobots, engine heart, scifi, sci fi2013-09-30 0 
October 2013
27507752ship names and storiesNames for shipsship mes, ship, name, scifi2013-10-02 0 
27903773Semi-Hard SciFi Space OperaAnon shares details of his space opera setting with a dash of hard scifiSpace Opera, fluff, hard scifi2013-10-24 3 
December 2013
28959638Space Frontier Quest: Thread 2You are John Holmes, an engineer on a frontier world. The first thread is on foolz. Collective Game, Space Frontier Quest, Quest, Scifi2013-12-19 0 
28980626Realistic Space CombatAnons discuss the assumptions integral to various forms of space combat, and the technology necessary to fulfill those future war fantasies. Estimations of feasibility are made, and visions of life as a ship commander are written. Technology is theorized by building on the limitations of others posted.scifi, space, realistic, ship, spaceship, future, combat2013-12-21 7 
July 2014
33291717Space Superstition Stories and WorldbuildingOP requests ideas for scifi urban legends and superstitions, /tg/ delivers with awesome worldbuilding and stories.space, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut,2014-07-10 38 
33330332Space Superstition: Stories and Worldbuilding 2A continuation of the first thread, where more scifi urban legends and superstitions are created, the Spacer Saints are invented, and Filking is discussed.space, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut, Spacer, Spacer Saints2014-07-12 16 
33559385How Would Humans Fight Machines?A serious discussion of how humans would fight machines without relying on plot weaknesses.AI, SciFi, science, Skynet2014-07-21 0 
August 2014
33790842Space QuestYou make patrols in your fighter and scan some suspicious ships. Space Quest, Collective Game, Scifi2014-08-01 1 
34246503Seed Ship Quest We get sent to study an anomaly for the seed ship Excalibur. Seed Ship Quest, collective game, scifi, interstellar, starship2014-08-19 2 
34507091Venusian HorrorOP requests ideas for a horror game he wants to run set in a semi-hard-scifi venus colony. Fascinating debate on Aliens, Ray Bradbury, real-life plans for colonizing venus and lovecraftian horrors living beneath the ice of europa results. space, horror, hard scifi, venus, europa, mars, aliens,2014-08-30 3 
34529670Space Superstitions 3Another thread full of sci-fi superstitions and urban legendsspace, spacer, scifi, superstition, urban legend, astronauts, lost cosmonaut,2014-08-31 14 
September 2014
34551627Space Superstitions 4A fourth thread is had in which superstitions, myths and ghost stories from the space age future are shared.Space, spacer, SciFi, superstition, urban legends, astronauts, lost cosmonauts2014-09-01 15 
October 2014
35355517Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran CommonwealthA retired BOLO supertank commander turned Free Trader and Wildcat asteroid miner is rewarded for heroism with rule over a mining colony of exiled Space Libertarians, refugees from the Cyberpunk planet, and alien defectors on the frontier of Human space. Also DAT CLOUDSCOOP and shit going down at a trade hub en route.Governor Quest, Collective Game, Known Space, SciFi, colony, MURIKA, Transmetropolitan2014-10-07 13 
35400267Governor Quest 2Governor Greystone meets his staff, does some negotiations, and fills out the paperwork of becoming a planetary governor of the Commonwealth.Governor Quest, Collective Game, Known Space, SciFi, colony, MURIKA, Transmetropolitan2014-10-09 11 
35440468Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter ThreeWe spend way too long talking to some of our aliens about land grants, gradually figure out that they're actually sly sons of bitches, and FINALLY arrive at our planet and discover that it's absolutely crawling with Pirates, Slavers, and giant space bugs.Collective Game, Governors Quest, SciFi, Science Fiction, Space, Known Space, Piartes, Slavers, Bugs, Wall of text2014-10-11 7 
35463815Governors Quest 4We deal with the space pirate problem through guile, trickery, and the application of extreme violence.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Known Space, SciFi, colony, MURIKA, Transmetropolitan, Space Pirates, Space Slavers2014-10-12 7 
35488327Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter FiveOrbital Supremacy is ours. We deceive a Slaver Lord, get intimidated by our Mercenary dressed up like a Pirate, talk to our BOLO, and instill respect in some Hacker bitches.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Fuck Yeah2014-10-13 7 
35512848Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter SevenWe spend the entire thread running over Space Bugs in our BOLO and laughing maniacally, until we get into a fight with some kind of coral...symbiote...thing. Also creepy foreshadowing ignored in favor of arguing about allegations of samefagging.Collective Game, Governors Quest, Governor Quest, SciFi, Science Fiction, Space, Known Space, Pirates, Slavers, Bugs, Wall of text, Starship Troopers, Transmetropolitan2014-10-14 6 
35533796Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, The Real Chapter SevenWe do Governor things, put ourselves in (more) debt to build future tourist attractions, some of which are pretty Metal. We also open the ILLEGAL GOODS MYSTERY BOX, discover some hints of a forgotten Black Operation gone wrong, finally kill our pet Slaver Lord, and have a brief encounter with spooky aliens.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Conspiracy, Spooky2014-10-15 6 
35574609Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter NineWe deal with Traders, take too long talking again, get some intel on our mystery cats, and wind up dropping everything to head off violence between heavily armed space cowboys and the New YakuzaGovernor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Conspiracy, Spooky, Yakuza, Cowboy2014-10-17 10 
35596271Governer's Quest Chapter 10-1We deal with the remaining Yakuza, talk to newly awakened Bio Androids, and argue endlessly on politics and civics.Collective Game, Governors Quest, SciFi, Science Fiction, Space, Known Space, Piartes, Slavers, Bugs, Wall of text2014-10-18 5 
35601788Governer's Quest Chapter 10-2In which we build our colonial government, send out word to hire starship crews, and chat with our BOLO.Collective Game, Governors Quest, SciFi, Science Fiction, Space, Known Space, Piartes, Slavers, Bugs, Wall of text2014-10-18 6 
35617055Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter ElvenWe clear out our to-do list, start getting ready for a visit from Gubmint' Folk, hatch a nefarious plan to gain pet Pseudo-Arachnids and argue like coked-up monkeys about voting and samefagging. Also BOLO VS Plasma Bug action.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Fuck Yeah, Starship Troopers, faggotry2014-10-19 8 
35738075Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter TwelveWe deal (somewhat) with an overstressed power Grid, get some unsettling news on pirates, discover that our Megacorps supply ship has been taken over by brain spiders, and get a line on an old BOLO in Outlaw space.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Conspiracy, Spooky2014-10-25 7 
November 2014
35925856Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter ThirteenWe deal with bureaucrats, some better at ignoring reality than others, FUSION UP, and annoy a Safety Bureau Inspector.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Conspiracy, Spooky2014-11-03 10 
35986024Makin' a GameWorking on designing an RPG about ridiculous over the top Sci Fi Bullshit.SciFi, Sci Fi, Sci-Fi, Ridiculous, Space Vikings2014-11-06 0 
December 2014
36902382Space Horror Campaign ConceptOP proposes a scifi campaign based off Alien and the Thing. Discussion derails into Dave, the PTSD-suffering AI that isn't a killer no matter how much it seems like one.Campaign, Scifi, Space, Horror, Worldbuilding, AI, Feels, Subverted Expectations2014-12-22 13 
January 2015
37386972Governors Quest: A Tale of the Terran Commonwealth, Chapter 14Back from hiatus, a very short thread. On the plus side, we went to local bars to talk with our citizens, and raise our popularity.Governor Quest, Governors Quest, Collective Game, Quest, Known Space, Transmetropolitan, Weaboo, SciFi, Science Fiction, colony, BOLO, MURIKA, Conspiracy, Spooky2015-01-15 6 
May 2015
39739103Safeguard Quest 1We go towards a distress beacon rescue a fellow Safeguard destroy a cult and some MonstersSafeguard Quest, QM KC's Mouthwash, Collective Game, Post Apocalyptic, Scifi2015-05-05 11 
39769107Safeguard Quest 2We leave the shelter kill some bats, a Minotaur and a stranger appears.Safeguard Quest, QM KC's Mouthwash, Collective Game, Post Apocalyptic, Scifi2015-05-06 1 
July 2015
41575341Happening Skyline Quest Part 2Someone cut the power. A ravenous beast pounds at the door. Let's split up, gang!Collective Game, Drawquest, Happening Skyline Quest, Luth, pixel art, space animals, Ellie, Anderson, Jack, butterknife, Simon Croly, scifi2015-07-31 6 
January 2016
44691255ProxyQuestYou appear to be in a dark, enclosed space. And have never seen a horror movie.collective game, drawquest, proxyquest, LIS, scifi, amnesiac soldier, locked in a room, adventure game, horrifying monster, poor critical th2016-01-12 2 
44720826ProxyQuest Part TwoYou stop dragging a body around behind you, nearly make an even more lethally stupid mistake, and worst of all: you're out of smoothies.collective game, drawquest, proxyquest, LIS, scifi, amnesiac soldier, adventure game, even worse critical thinking, balancing the budget2016-01-12 2 
44741877ProxyQuest Part ThreeYou find an actual use for your watch, experience some heart-pounding switch-flipping action, and hope not to be eaten.collective game, drawquest, proxyquest, LIS, scifi, amnesiac soldier, adventure game, power management, dead dude2016-01-13 2 
May 2016
167154Colony questYour name is Seto Tobei.whose family just won the biggest lottery in history of mankind. an all-expenses paid trip to live on mars.Drama, Scifi, Investigation, action2016-05-24 1 
August 2016
442544Continuum Part 1An incomprehensible being. A careless wish. A mysterious girl. An invisible penis. It's gonna be one of those days...Continuum, SciFi, Collective Game2016-08-12 1 
465467Continuum Part 2Be careful what you wish for, or you could end up tumbling down into an endless cycle of misery, where even death can't save you! -TeruContinuum, SciFi, Collective Game2016-08-24 1 
March 2017
1231914CyberNinja Quest #1Local Storage Facility Struck by Terrorist Attack Casualties Currently Unknown Damage Exceeding Ten Billion Yen Investigation OngoiCyberNinja Quest, Collective Game, Scifi, Ninja, Naruto, Cyberpunk2017-03-07 3 
1245584CyberNinja Quest #2Yutaka Chemicals. White Walls, Red Eyes. Meetings are made, plans set in motion.CyberNinja Quest, Collective Game, Scifi, Ninja, Naruto, Cyberpunk2017-03-12 1 
1248163ODST Quest 1: Faggotry EvolvedWe are ODST. ODST, Collective Game, Halo, SciFi, Video Game, Vidya, Quest2017-03-25 -1 
April 2017
1341207DaemonQuest ReduxDaemon-1995 returns, finds a dog and enters a mysterious maze.Daeday, scifi, anthro2017-04-07 2 
52513662Space Encounters and Adventure Hooks/tg/ invents plot hooks for scifi games.worldbuilding, space, starship, scifi, plot hooks, encounters, adventure hooks,2017-04-10 6 
1346083ODST Quest #3ITT, we delve deeper into the unknown facility, and find a Beggar...ODST, ODST Quest, Halo, SciFi, Space, Collective Game2017-04-14 1 
June 2017
53354051Scifi Encounters and Adventure HooksOriginal encounters and adventure hooks for scifi settings and games.Encounters, Plot Hooks, Adventure Hooks, Scifi,2017-06-03 2 
53828679Space MagicA discussion on how to do magic in science fiction settings.magic, scifi, worldbuilding, star wars, force, destiny,2017-06-22 4 
July 2017
1620344I'll draw you stuff IVA new character is chosen: A cyberpunk security guard who promptly gets involved in mysterious mysterydrawquest, drawing, drawfag, Cyberpunk, eraquest, scifi2017-07-02 1 
1635403I'll draw you stuff VCharley encounters a weird thingdrawquest, drawing, drawfag, Cyberpunk, eraquest, scifi2017-07-07 1 
August 2017
1759969Fallout: Last Spark IAn AI awakens in post-war Seattle. Time to get back to work.bananon, Collective Game, fallout, robot, ai, scifi2017-08-13 6 
1809547Fallout: Last Spark IIThe quest to retake Seattle continues. New friends, allies, and enemies abound.bananon, Collective Game, fallout, robot, ai, scifi, Last Spark2017-08-30 1 
September 2017
1849799Fallout: Last Spark IIIWith their animals secure, SARA and Sandra go off in search of better gear. They find giant insects.bananon, Collective Game, fallout, robot, ai, scifi, Last Spark 2017-09-11 3 
1866494Fallout: Last Spark IVSARA and Co make their way to a diner, then it's off to the Museum of Living Computers.bananon, Collective Game, fallout, robot, ai, scifi, Last Spark2017-09-18 2 
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