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January 2015
37437104 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP02Two cops take on the National Guard. Magical nuts heal cancercollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-01-17 5 
37587592 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP03)Cedric tries Ellie's cooking, there's english classes, online auctions, and some light pointy ear pettingCedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-01-24 2 
37746446 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP04Trip to Detroit, jogging, kickboxing, and ear pettingCedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-01-31 2 
February 2015
37901848 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP05)Eldric takes Ellie to homedepot, they cook, have shooting practice, then have chinese and get naughty on his couchCedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-02-07 0 
38059803Quest ITS OUR NEW WORLD S01 EP06 Naughty fun, jogging, a wolf and a puppy!Cedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-02-14 0 
38243438 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP07)We play on sunday instead of saturday, so we dont get much done, but we did track a thief and sign up for an interview.Cedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-02-22 1 
38373317 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP08)PETA shows up, fun times all aroundCedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-02-28 1 
March 2015
38537071ITS OUR NEW WORLD SE01 EP09We go skiing and Ellie gives an interview.Cedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-03-07 1 
38697927 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP10We come back from the mountains with twn command--no, not really. We do come back to work and get entangled into more PETA troubleCedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-03-14 2 
April 2015
39132328He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP11 We call our brother, a child goes missing, and we ask Elli to give us a lock of her hair.Cedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-04-04 2 
39422556He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP12Wolfric shows up and gets tazed. He's okay, so we go fishing.Cedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-04-18 1 
39564013He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP13They go back home, have dinner, lose to Ellie on the nintendo, and talk with the boys dad over the internet.Cedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-04-25 2 
May 2015
39709271 He Said/She Said "It's Our New World" (Quest Thread S01 EP14End of season 1. The wedding and honeymoonCedric, Elliezabella, Collective Game2015-05-02 1 
July 2015
41155545QUEST IT'S OUR NEW WORLD S02 EP01After a month-long hiatus, we are back. Our newlyweds travek back from across the pond, going from France to Florida to greet Cedric's father, Baldric.collective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-07-11 0 
41453701(Quest ITS OUR NEW WORLD S02 EP02We meet Noriko, Mako and Ren, then go fishing togethercollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-07-25 1 
41511936Happening Skyline Quest Part 1In the edges of the galaxy, Ellie is shaken from her sleep by an urgent distress signal.Collective Game, Drawquest, Happening Skyline Quest, Luth, pixel art, space animals, Ellie, Anderson, Jack, butterknife2015-07-28 12 
41575341Happening Skyline Quest Part 2Someone cut the power. A ravenous beast pounds at the door. Let's split up, gang!Collective Game, Drawquest, Happening Skyline Quest, Luth, pixel art, space animals, Ellie, Anderson, Jack, butterknife, Simon Croly, scifi2015-07-31 7 
August 2015
41748311Quest Its Our New World S02 EP04We go fishing, and then dad scares away the local news mediacollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-08-08 1 
September 2015
42457376QUEST Its Our New World S02 EP10Goblins are hostile and creepy little hobos, right?collective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-09-12 1 
October 2015
42887884It's Our New World S03 Ep01We catch some goblins, check an abandoned factory, teach Stella a few tricks, and close answering a call from doctorscollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-10-04 2 
43017480Its Our New World S03 Ep02We break off some elven protestors and go to dine with one of the elderscollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-10-11 1 
43277103Its Our New World S03 Ep03We visit Dan, work out in the morning, and meet a journalistcollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-10-25 1 
November 2015
43409390Its Our New World S03 Ep04We meet with the journalist, mister Thomas Flowers, and then go watch a godzilla movie before going home to cuddle. A very peaceful daycollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-11-01 1 
43540707(Quest Thread) Its Our New World S03 EP06We get a hunting license for everyone, then embarrass Ellie in front of all our neighborscollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-11-08 1 
43654399Quest Its Our New World S03 EP07We finally go hunting with the elderscollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-11-15 1 
43772460 QUEST It's Our New World S03 EP08A roller bites the arm off from a thief and a huge media whirlwind comes outcollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-11-22 1 
December 2015
44020534QUEST It's Our New World S03 EP09We call to a talk show on the radio where they are talking about the rollers, and go to a crime scene at an electronic's storecollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-12-06 1 
44151640 QUEST It's Our New World S03 EP10We arrest the thief and start questioning himcollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-12-14 0 
44407054(Quest Thread) Its Our New World S03 EP11We get back the stolen goods, help at a fire, and have some christmas chocolatecollective game, Cedric, Ellie2015-12-27 1 
March 2019
65062546skeleton showdownPeople create Their Guy on heroforge and do battle. Skeletons, Lizardmen, bad dudes and horrible monstrosities ensue. Shortage of shirtsshowdown, lizardmen, skeleons, skellies, heroforge2019-03-11 2 
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