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Archived Threads

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January 2010
7743337Arcane WestCool setting ideas about a magic oil powered old west.homebrew, punkpunk, western, dieselpunk2010-01-24 0 
March 2010
8676553Bounty Hunter QuestThe adventures of bounty hunter Sarah Jones (And her horse BB, and their current bounty.Bounty Hunter, Western, Quest, Collective Game2010-03-20 1 
April 2011
14731842Western D&DOP wants to make a D&D game where PCs help a railroad get set up. western, D&D, 4.0, setting, steampunk2011-04-28 0 
March 2012
18280701Hogwarts QuestThale Hussein, the Glorious Meteor of the East, embarks on his quest to rid Hogwarts of its devilry and to bring those in it to the light and will of Allah's Justice.Hogwarts Quest, Selfus Explodus, Hussein, Western Whore, Collective Game2012-03-11 30 
18291787Hogwarts QuestThale Hussein makes his way through Diagon Alley, scolds the Djinn-slut, and begins the journey to Hogwarts.Hogwarts Quest, Hogwarts, Selfus Explodus, Thale Hussein, Hussein, Muslim, Western Whore, Collective Game2012-03-12 24 
18328384Hogwarts Quest 3Short continuation of the prior thread. The meteor is sorted. Hogwarts Quest, Hogwarts, Selfus Explodus, Thale Hussein, Hussein, Muslim, Western Whore, Collective Game2012-03-15 19 
June 2012
19684953Weird West QuestOur name is Karl Butler and we just tracked down the gang that killed our family. They're going to pay in blood.Weird West Quest, Collective Game, Western2012-06-30 2 
July 2012
19724081Weird West Quest - IIWe plan our attack and pull it off successfully when the Hunter boys roll into town.Weird West, Collective Game, Western, Supernatural2012-07-04 2 
October 2012
21318727Order of the Black Hats/tg/ gets together to develop Old West Monster Hunters.Game Design, Old West, Fantasy, Western, 2012-10-28 7 
21327089Order of the Black Hats 2/tg/ gets together to develop Old West Monster Hunters.Game Design, Old West, Fantasy, Western,2012-10-29 7 
21358706Order of the Black Hats 3/tg/ Keeps The Seven to hammer out some more crunch for the Black HatsGame Design, Old West, Fantasy, Western, Black Hats2012-10-31 6 
December 2012
21846089West QuestLego Quest goes cowboy, as the Lawman tries to clean up Red Brick!Lego Quest, Collective Game, western2012-12-02 4 
21941864West Quest part 2The lawman has a showdown with Jim Savage and recruits him into his posse!Lego Quest, Collective Game, western2012-12-08 3 
May 2014
31874114Princes of the Earth Quest Episode 0: PrologueOur protagonist is created and starts on his first job - to find Cannibal Hohei and bring him to justice.Princes of the Earth, Exalted, Quest, Collective Game, Western, Ronin2014-05-03 10 
31886857Princes of the Earth Quest Episode 1: PilotOur protagonist survives against implausible odds, cheats against unfair opponents, and succeeds beyond his wildest imagination.Princes of the Earth, Exalted, Quest, Collective Game, Western, Ronin, Lunar2014-05-04 14 
31914636Heathen Western RPGDevelopment of a game system and setting based on a mix of the Wild West and Norse/Native American mythologies.Wild West, Western, Norse, Viking, Homebrew, RPG2014-05-06 3 
32037493Princes of the Earth Quest Episode 1: Prince of the MoonOur protagonist learns what he's become, becomes what he's become, cashes in, and cashes out.Princes of the Earth, Exalted, Quest, Collective Game, Western, Ronin, Lunar2014-05-11 7 
May 2015
40267925Weird West Quest 1We meet John, get robbed, and get some fuckin' ropeWestern, Horror, Fantasy, Collective Game, Quest2015-05-30 3 
40290235Weird West Quest 2Jonathan and his rope heroically battle a whore house owner and a dude with a sword.Collective Game, Western, Supernatural, Rope, Horror2015-05-31 2 
June 2015
40355430Weird West Quest 3Jonathan and his rope fight the evil Boss Tull who would have made a better comedian than a werewolf.Collective Game, Weird West Quest, Western, Fantasy2015-06-03 0 
April 2016
46873791The Road Goes on Forever: A Hard Rock WesternWhether you're a lawman, a vigilante or just another long-hauler, you better slam that hammer down and keep on truckin'.Rock, western, truckers, bikers, homebrew, setting, modern fantasy, brainstorming2016-04-26 10 
November 2016
792895Suns, Stars & Sins Quest 1In the distant future of 1999, the planet of New Arizona calls for a new hero...Space, Western, Space Western, Suns Stars & Sins, Oneshot, Collective Game2016-11-05 1 
780811Magical Girl For Hire Quest #12Miranda goes monster hunting and meets a strange native. She and Lorelei also defend a ranch from tactically sound beasts.Magical Girl For Hire Quest, mercenary, Magical Girl, Collective Game, western2016-11-07 9 
819181Sons, Stars & Sins Quest 2Simon travels to Fool's Gold Gulch, but meets someone unexpected.Space, Western, Space Western, Suns Stars & Sins, Oneshot, Collective Game 2016-11-12 1 
846882Sons, Stars & Sins Quest 3 FinaleSimon deals with the fallout of his actions.Space, Western, Space Western, Suns Stars & Sins, Oneshot, Collective Game2016-11-19 1 
January 2017
979396Mistborn Quest: Cooler Heads Chapter 1A bounty hunter named Frost goes to a town to kill a man.Mistborn, Mistborn Quest, Cooler Heads, Collective Game, Western, Whistler, Cosmere, Brandon Sanderson2017-01-02 3 
1047081Mistborn Quest: Cooler Heads Chapter 2 Part 1A criminal named Lee attempts to go back to work.Mistborn, Mistborn Quest, Cooler Heads, Collective Game, Western, Whistler, Cosmere, Brandon Sanderson2017-01-24 1 
March 2017
51980267Frontier Freaks Setting WorldbuildingA setting which can basically be described as "biopunk wild west" is invented.worldbuilding, western, wild west, bioengineering, biotech, biopunk, bioshock, transhumanism, Pasteur, 1800s pseudoscientific beliefs,2017-03-12 2 
1277178Vault Hunter Quest 1Welcome to Pandora! You are former middle manager, Baal, and you do awesome things with your new friends! Also loot!Collective Game, Vault Hunter Quest, Borderlands, Pandora, Sci-fi Western, Explosions, Guns, Cars2017-03-20 3 
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