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June 2012
19547305Villains UnitedThe Vile Villians, Nefarious Ne'er-Do-Wells, and Dastardly Dudes Group tries to conduct a meeting. First item on the agenda: what to make for their parade float.supervillain, super-villain, dr. evil, henchmen2012-06-20 14 
October 2019
3839015DC: Henchman Quest #1We enter the employ of a ghost, walk like an Egyptian, make some interesting friends, and set up a meeting with a mysterious contactDC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2019-10-11 33 
3865692DC: Henchman Quest #2We make some friends, pull a museum job, meet a Bat, and learn some new tricksDC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2019-10-28 28 
November 2019
3896633DC: Henchman Quest #3We raid a convoy, take a dive, meet a spectre, learn Jack's endgame, and investigate a murder.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2019-11-17 26 
December 2019
3932255DC: Henchman Quest #4We infiltrate a secret society, have a boss fight, encounter a Bat, and get hammered. DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2019-12-08 22 
3966350DC: Henchman Quest #5We do a fair bit of training, receive an ominous letter, join Bane's militia, and protect an arms shipment. DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2019-12-31 22 
January 2020
3997280DC: Henchman Quest #6We fuck up our daily training regime, join Genghis for a tournament in The Pit, and after some long fights, win koolaid.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2020-01-12 22 
February 2020
4040749DC: Henchman Quest #7We handle some business for Blockbuster, meet with Bane, and begin our assault on the Iceberg Lounge.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2020-02-10 22 
March 2020
4083462DC: Henchman Quest #9We smoke a few costumed freaks, finish the Iceberg Lounge op, make a covert handoff, and prep for our next expedition.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2020-03-10 21 
April 2020
4132921DC: Henchman Quest #9.5We go sightseeing in Ercolano, an Intergang digsite, and an ancient library.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2020-04-02 22 
December 2021
5070512DC: Henchman Quest #10We kill some phantoms, claim a mystic scroll and begin the adventures of Jonah Thema, Supernatural P.I.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2021-12-18 24 
February 2022
5116237DC: Henchman Quest #11We handle the S.T.A.R. Labs heist, begin our search for the Ace of Winchesters, and make some ambitious choices.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-02-18 21 
April 2022
5170625DC: Henchman Quest #12We strike numerous enemy targets, bite off more than we can chew, and suffer the consequences.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-04-09 21 
May 2022
5228803DC: Henchman Quest #13We launch our raid on the embassy, make a startling discovery, flee into familiar territory, and prepare for a siege. DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-05-29 22 
July 2022
5290058DC: Henchman Quest #14We survive our jaunt into the desert, pick up a new hobby, get sent on a new mission, and the QM flies too close to the sun.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-07-07 22 
August 2022
5330698DC: Henchman Quest #15We break free of our shackles, return for a rumble in the jungle, and launch the final takeover.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-08-08 23 
September 2022
5369036DC: Henchman Quest #16We conclude our overseas operation, lay the foundations for something greater, and embark on a well-deserved vacation.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-09-21 22 
November 2022
5411064DC: Henchman Quest #17We see the sights, broaden our horizons, cause some trouble, and go grave-robbing (again).DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-11-07 22 
December 2022
5457786DC: Henchman Quest #18We continue our whirlwind tour of Europe, get into even more fights, make a bittersweet farewell, and set out on a hiking trip.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2022-12-23 22 
February 2023
5518581DC: Henchman Quest #19We successfully summit Mount Olympus, make an interesting discovery, and become an unwilling participant on Set’s wild ride.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2023-02-13 21 
March 2023
5562590Rage Across Pennsylvania #2Sam completes his initiation rite and gets into a fight.Collective Game, Quest, World of Darkness, Werewolf the Apocalypse, Rage Across Pennsylvania, Hench2023-03-08 12 
5569223DC: Henchman Quest #20We resolve a standoff, commit another instance of verbal assault, go fishing, and begin the last leg of our vacation.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2023-03-19 20 
May 2023
5611421DC: Henchman Quest #21We visit a hole in the middle of nowhere, get spiritual in more ways than one, and enter the final spot on our vacation.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2023-05-04 20 
July 2023
5666638DC: Henchman Quest #22We smash up some criminal operations, make a few new friends at gunpoint, and brace ourselves for a showdown.DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2023-07-06 20 
August 2023
5705822DC: Henchman Quest #23We say goodbye to Pandion violently, purchase equipment, and take a job for an unknown employer. Quest may be closed indefinitely. DC, Henchman, AxisQM, Gentleman Ghost2023-08-26 26 
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