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September 2009
5731244Tau story, main body and a new memeJohn gives us his new rough draft for the main story. And a new meme is born: Slicktau and Fattautau john writefag scribe story damiris inquisition slicktau fattau2009-09-05 6 
December 2010
13256960Sid Meier's Tau CetiA brainstorming of a spiritual successor to the enormously popular SMAC. Discussion on mechanics and fluff, original content rampantSid Meier's Tau Ceti, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, SMAC2010-12-23 3 
December 2011
17095883Warhammer 40k: Heretical Love Part III Our guardsman manages to insult Esh, then finds delicious Tau jubbliesCollective Game, Heretical Love quest, Heretical Love, 40k, quest, warhammer, tau 2011-12-04 31 
May 2012
19048968Xeno discovers loveXeno asks /tg/ to help her learn about physical love. Or physics. And a couple nerds keep bumping the thread for almost a week straight. Elesh Norn shows up as a Necron.Xeno, Tau Quest, Xeno's Adventure, taucron, necron, collective game2012-05-16 6 
September 2012
20634918Viet Cong TauOP notes there is little serious Tau fluff on the 1d4chan wiki. What results is the V'iet: a Tau Sept modeled after the communist fighters in Vietnam, still true to the race being Asian communists, but with a grimdark spin.vietnam,tau,viet,cong,viet cong,tau fluff,40k2012-09-08 6 
October 2014
35862917Bureau QuestAs a member of the Secretists, we battle demons, cultist and save a sexy vampiress.Bureau Quest, Collective Game, Halloween, Totally Not JQOP2014-10-31 4 
October 2016
731913Haven AcademyGrau Himmel registers at Haven Academy and undergoes a trial...which involves a bunch of Grimm being let loose in the school courtyardRWBY, Grau Himmel,Collective Game, 2016-10-21 0 
November 2016
792421Haven Academy Quest #1 Part 1 Grau participates in Dust class and Jasmine accidentally starts a fire. Ended early due to QM needing to leaveRWBY, Haven Academy Quest, Collective Game, Grau Himmel, Headmaster Fallow2016-11-05 1 
797942Haven Academy Quest #1 Part 2Early archive. Grau spars with Brennan and comes out on top.RWBY, Haven Academy Quest, Grau Himmel, Collective Game, Headmaster Fallow2016-11-06 1 
August 2018
2794273Shadowrun AU Episode 1Amnesiac gunbunny goes on milkrunShadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-13 6 
2803747Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 2Grimm hunts endangered enemies at the zoo.Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, Zoo2018-08-18 4 
2815120Shadowrun AU Quest Episode 3Man & Troll goes shopping, meets angry elves. Shadowrun AU Quest, Collective Game, Virgil, Grim Fenris, Shadowrun, cyberpunk2018-08-28 2 
May 2021
4728809Gender Bender DNA Twister Extreme #2GBDNATE, madscience, monstergirls, genderbender, psychicLeo Moreau infiltrates a middle school in the disguise of an exchange student! Complications ensue...2021-05-03 1 
July 2023
5678871The Undersecretary (Redo)Redo of the Undersecretary quest ServoSkull55, Warhammer 40k, qst, The Undersecretary Quest, AU 2023-07-08 10 
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