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Archived Threads

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May 2008
1728031Magical Girl RoleplayingIdeas on systems to play Magical Girl-based games.Magical Girl, RPG, Sailor Moon, Tri-Stat dX2008-05-13 6 
June 2009
4732463Sailor moon suddenly invades /tg/Disturbingly, some of our fa/tg/guys know sailor moon in intimate detail.Sailor moon, magical girls, want to be the little girl, wtf2009-06-01 2 
4882280Moonleaf's QuestMoonleaf the elf tries her best to become a Dorf. She is not successful.Moonleaf Quest, Collective Game2009-06-15 13 
4890684Moonleaf Quest IIDorfin it upMoonleaf Quest2009-06-15 11 
4914513Moonleaf's Quest 3Moonleaf arrives at Gearthundered.Moonleaf Quest, Collective Game2009-06-17 13 
4925672Moonleaf's Quest 4: How many sessions before /tg/ realises she's not a dorf?Moonleaf chooses her profession.Elf, Quest, Collective Game, Moonleaf, Moonleaf Quest2009-06-18 7 
4927095Moonleaf's Quest 5MELANCHOLY MOOD CANCELED: INTERRUPTED BY GREY SLIMEElf, Collective Game, Moonleaf Quest2009-06-19 1 
4935930Moonleaf's Quest 5I accuse Moonleaf in the Woods with a Grey Slime.Elf, Collective Game, Moonleaf Quest2009-06-19 5 
4956095Moonleaf's Quest 6I must kill the goblins! No Moonleaf, you are the goblins. Then Moonleaf was an elf.Elf, Collective Game, Moonleaf Quest2009-06-21 3 
4988324Moonleaf's Quest 7Could this be the end?Elf, Collective Game, Moonleaf Quest2009-06-24 2 
5010815Moonleaf's Quest 8I accuse XOM in the TEMPLE with the FISH!Elf, Collective Game, Moonleaf Quest2009-06-26 0 
5022597Moonleaf's Quest End / Tau Quest 1Moonleaf Quest is over. There is only Tau... in the 18th century!Collective Game, Moonleaf Quest, TauQuest2009-06-27 0 
March 2010
8520488Sailor Moon Cthulu RPGNeckbeard wonders whether he should participate in a Cthulu-themed Sailor Moon RPG game. Also: Haruka made the Sororitas gay.Sailor Moon RPG, Cthulu, Haruka, Sororitas, Lesbians2010-03-11 1 
February 2011
13938478Rebellion Quest 5Things take a dark turn, very fast.Quest, Rebellion, Murder, Invasion, Dark Side of the Moon2011-02-17 1 
April 2011
14717864Artificial IntelligenceThe humanity of AI's are conversed for a while, before the topic shits into talking about your favorite megalomaniac AI characters. Briefly visited by MC Vatican.Gerty, Moon, Shodan, Marathon, Durandal, Agent Smith, Matrix, Game, Shodan, WOPR, AM, Friend Computer, AC, nostalgia2011-04-26 1 
January 2012
17689732/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 3While metaquest is on hiatus, we play as a requisitions looter team. Shit gets fucked up and significantly more complicated.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Harry Potter, X-Men, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, COMMON SENSE, Mario, Digimon, Street Fighter, Sailor Moon, Warcraft, Wakfu, Pokemon, Vocaloid, Neckbeard2012-01-27 6 
February 2012
18030569/TG/ BOOTLEG Meta Quest thread 14Since the mission was done, we looked around at base. We found out what was going on, had to talk to a giant little girl, played diplomat with a bunch of assholes, and more!Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Bootleg Metaquest, Bootleg, Sailor Moon, SMAC, Goldshire, Second Life2012-02-21 5 
May 2012
18971217Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 3, the Age of IceThe Ice Age is finally here, and surprisingly, no extinctions were had. The introduction of the Snow Bugs leads to the development of a remorhaz-like colony of insects and the Asparagus Trees harbor the skull-like Tadseeds within. Namefag "Deus vs. Machina" is revealed to be a bro-tier artist and assists FortuneHost in updating the new critters.Collective Game, Fortune Evolution, evolution, ice age, FortuneHost, Deus vs. Machina, Bobski, fatherofthemoons, remorhaz2012-05-04 14 
18996830Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 4, the Ice Age ContinuesReturn to planet Fortune and see the new forms its bewildering array of creatures have taken. Giant enemy crabs, spike-trap trees, schools of piranha sharks, gardens of explosive herbs, crystalline sea plants, floating pachyderms, and skull-shaped seedpod tapeworms and more await you on this beautiful (and dangerous) world. The evolution game continues.agent of evolution, Bobski, Collective Game, Deus vs. Machina, evolution game, evolution, fatherofthemoons, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, ice age2012-05-06 14 
19115700Fortune: Evolution Game - Part 5, the Triumph of SpringFinally, OP got his ass off the couch and finished Part 5. The evolution game continues as the Ice Age finally ends and springtime returns to the land.agent of evolution, Collective Game, Deus, evolution game, evolution, fatherofthemoons, Fortune Evolution, FortuneHost, Deus vs. Machina, non gent2012-05-15 10 
August 2012
20470313Neil Armstrong memorial/tg/ weighs in on the death of Neil Armstrong. Lego Quest posts a memorial slideshow.Neil Armstrong, moon landing, Lego Quest2012-08-26 46 
20501452Michael Jackson Moonwalker RPGThe flyest RPG of all time.michael jackson, moonwalker, rpg2012-08-28 11 
November 2012
21568917/tg/ Meta Quest 113Task Force 38 brokers a fragile alliance with the Great Crusade's vanguard fleet, Yami and Anzu are still unaccounted for, and Mihoshi wrecks Washu's Lab before we can loot it.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, Black Ops, Civil War, TG Civil War, G-Man, Half-Life, Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy2012-11-14 7 
21614632/tg/ Meta Quest 114Queen Tranquility is exorcised from the Silver Crystal, the people of the world are restored, and we build a church to Desna. This world is clean.Collective Game, Meta Quest, Meta, Quest, Orz, UNIT, SCP, Stargate, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Editors, Black Ops, Civil War, TG Civil War, G-Man, Half-Life, Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy2012-11-17 7 
December 2012
22068390Tzeentch and Sailor MoonSailor Moon tries to wish the warp out of existence, then somehow ends up with Draigo.writefaggotry, Tzeentch, Kaldor Draigo, Sailor Moon, 2012-12-16 -3 
February 2013
22982279Martial Arts QuestIn which our hero Zhou Qian uses his HUGE hands tor throw his first opponent around like a rag doll and wins his first bout in the tournament.Martial Arts Quest, Collective Game, Zhao Qian, Moon Fox2013-02-05 10 
April 2013
24448853Harvest Moon QuestHarvest Moon Quest. Now with 100% more Slavs and 100% less Goddess fucking and rape. Come join the farming fun.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Slavs, Kebab2013-04-25 18 
24466105Harvest Moon Quest 2We learn about farming, make a good impression, get a dog and a cat, do some planting, and then remove some Slavs.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Slavs, Kebab2013-04-26 14 
24540211Harvest Moon Quest 3.5We help Melissa get settled in and talk with Dahlia about the Harvest GoddessHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-04-30 13 
May 2013
24577690Harvest Moon Quest, Volume 4Time skips, alcohol, and what could be interpreted as a musical number are what Keith is up to todayHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-02 10 
24614310Harvest Moon Quest #5What starts off somewhat what rocky, ends in a half nude jog as Keith's manhood is in check!Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-04 10 
24631269Harvest Moon Quest 6A stunning development followed by a "rousing" romp in the "hay".Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-05 11 
24636378Edgymancy Zombie Quest Part 1OP's attempt at a zombie request results in a game of edgymancy.Collective Game, Zombie, Edgymancy Quest, Edgymancy, 2edgy4u, Damien Bloodmoon2013-05-05 19 
24652240Harvest Moon Quest 7We try to get ore for a wedding present, hijinks ensue, minds are blown and a wedding conductedHarvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-06 7 
24674542Harvest Moon Quest 8We wake up from our wedding night and begin laying the foundations for our future.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-07 10 
24692996Harvest Moon Quest 9We talk to cats, save the village, promise to gather the relics, and get a new house.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-08 7 
24718918Harvest Moon Quest 10A short one, we plant some trees and decide to go relic hunting.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-09 10 
24773430Harvest Moon Quest 11We find a raw meat buddy, die for a bit and see an angel in delicious lingerie Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-12 7 
24796318Harvest Moon Quest 12We go into the mountains and have ourselves a skeleton boss fight.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-13 10 
24835995Harvest Moon Quest 13We have some important talks, celebrate Christmas, and find a box.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-15 8 
24853107Harvest Moon Quest 14We add a room for relic storage, take a trip into town with Rezna, extend the trip to a graveyard, lose at strip poker. Winter ends and farming begins.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-16 6 
24872188Harvest Moon Quest 15We go pick up our cart, order a seed drill, get punched by Hamad, Rezna's dark past is delved into, Rezna and Daliah both go full yandere.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-17 6 
24890598Harvest Moon Quest 16We get some meta out of the way first. We go out to bury the Hellcube, have a medical emergency, meet some bandits, Rezna shows how she can hate someone to death, and learn of a town under oppression.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-18 7 
24908004Harvest Moon Quest 17We go to Pirate Town, come up with a plan to clear it of pirates, and Rezna crits harder than when we demolished that mountain.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-19 8 
25003887Harvest Moon Quest 18We look through a pirate's loot, get drunk on magic booze, meet someone else like us, and dance.Harvest Moon Quest, Collective Game, Farming, Dating2013-05-24 7 
December 2013
29083165And I Will Fear No Evil: A Type-Moon CYOA - Canto 1Bartolomè de la Fuente is young man ordained in the service of the Lord. But he is very far from home now, in Naples. And something terrible has befallen his father.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2013-12-26 15 
29098922And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA - Verse 2Bartolomè encounters a vicious creature, and learns what his new role entails. Thy will be done, O Lord.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2013-12-27 10 
29117460And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 3Bartolomè reads a letter from his father, and encounters a suspicious man named Wayne. At the church, he encounters a fellow Executor, and learns his next objective.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2013-12-28 8 
29151898And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 4Bartolomè is prepared for coming danger, but can he live with the choices he must make?Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2013-12-29 7 
January 2014
29195957And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 5Bartolomè sets out late at night to slay a vampire and confront a mage. But will he survive long enough to try?Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-01 8 
29236103And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 6Bartolomè and Wayne enter the lair of Klaus Hind, and struggle to escape his vexing illusions.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-02 7 
29296296And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 7Bartolomè confronts Klaus Hind, and all of his skills are put to the test.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-05 12 
29348189And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 8It is time to rest and recover. Bartolomè spends many days in bed, and learns what transpired as he slept, as well as the extent of his injuries.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-08 10 
29536850And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 9Bartolomè has a chat with his mother, and goes to the supermarket.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-16 10 
29635883And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 10Bartolomè learns the identity of his next potential foe, and begins his training.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-20 12 
29776017And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 11Bartolomè encounters a bizarre young girl in the alleys of Naples.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-01-25 7 
February 2014
29948300And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 12When Bartolomè arrives at the airport, he finds that someone has been waiting for him.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-02-01 8 
30040609And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 13Bartolomè is in the clutches of a Dead Apostle. Who is this girl, and what connection does she hold to his missing father?Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-02-06 10 
30149111And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 14A young girl rescued by Bartolomè recalls the horrors that drove her to kill her best friend.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-02-11 8 
30145700Suddenly, Sailor Moon invades /tg/ againAnon asks for systems to run a Sailor Moon campaign with. Sailor Magneto is created, stories are told, and great times are had by everyone.Sailor Moon, Sailor Magneto, RPG, storytime2014-02-12 5 
30198905Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 01Meet Mikage, adjusting to life after giving up a legacy.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-12 33 
30214239Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 02Mikage pretends to be just so damn dandy while playing hooky before having a feels-splosion.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-13 21 
30216019And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 15Bartolomè's first encounter with a foul man who holds a grudge against him and his mentor...Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-02-13 6 
30236645Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 03Therapy CatCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-14 21 
30262280Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 04Stop. Curry TimeCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-15 20 
30291155Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 05With Great Power, comes bubbles.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-17 20 
30312941Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 06A heroe's job is...No, I'm not a hero. I'm just helping a friend.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-18 15 
30354834And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 16The home of Kayton Abraham is breached. But he has been expecting company.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-02-20 8 
30416216Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 07In the shadow of the Earth.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-22 15 
30455154Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 08Other people's problemsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-24 15 
30464534And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 17Bartolomè does battle with Kayton AbrahamCollective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-02-25 6 
30542753Moon Rabbit Quest [Oneshot]An adventurous moon bunny looks for his friendsMoon Rabbit Quest, Collective Game, bunny, cute, rabbit2014-02-28 12 
30553240Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 09Dreaming of forever.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-02-28 17 
March 2014
30551716And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 18Bartolomè explores the home of Kayton Abraham. He encounters something horrible within its depths...Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-03-01 7 
30593466Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 10Breakfast with Daddy, motorcycles are brought up.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-03 18 
30609279Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 11Friendship is rare.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-03 16 
30698395Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 12In which Mikage has a Close Encounter of the weird kind.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-07 15 
30717235And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 19As night falls, Bartolomè descends into the depths of Abraham's castle.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-03-09 7 
30734868Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 13Back to SchoolCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-09 15 
30783978And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 20Our battered priest struggles to find help before he bleeds to death.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-03-12 6 
30842948Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 14Sins of the innocentCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-14 15 
30856377And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 21Bartolomè meets the Painter.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-03-16 7 
30899014And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 22Short part. Bartolomè is shown a piece of art that seems to depict him.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-03-17 7 
31006362Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 15Of Mothers and of thanksCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-22 16 
31002593And I Will Fear No Evil: Type-Moon CYOA Verse 23Primate Murder.Collective Game, CYOA, Type Moon, Nasuverse, And I Will Fear No Evil2014-03-23 7 
31036388Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 16ThunderdomeCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-24 16 
31145501Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 17High Impact Celestial ViolenceCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-03-29 16 
April 2014
31199129Tuxedo Bear QuestA Bear awakens in an alleyway with unusual intellect and access to means MOST dapper.Collective Game, Bear, Eclipsed Moon Quest, Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Bear2014-04-01 14 
31195607Exalted Quest 23Surprise Lunar Edition. We take control of Makafucking Tia!Exalted, Solar, Quest, Solar Quest, Collective Game, Zenith, Tianna, Full Moon, Lunar2014-04-01 31 
31236553Exalted Quest 24We finish the battle and divide up the spoils.Exalted, Solar, Quest, Solar Quest, Collective Game, Zenith, Tianna, Full Moon, Lunar2014-04-03 14 
31268803Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 18Teenagers scare the living shit out of me.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-04-04 17 
31287958Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 19Dreams across time.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-04-05 14 
31342770Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 20Broken Dreams, Mended HeartsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-04-08 19 
31431666Pokemon Quest #41We convince Vance to go for Jeanine, have a date with Robin, and run into a burning buildingand buy moonshine, and set up a date with Robin Pokemon Quest, Pokemon, gobble, Collective Game, Flute, Punk, Pokemon trainer2014-04-13 21 
31446463Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 21Who are you?Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-04-13 13 
31472829Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 22Gone FishingCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon Eclipsed Moon Quest2014-04-14 13 
31766767Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 23SeigeCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-04-27 14 
31802376Eclipsded Moon Quest Prequel Movie L: Beautiful Wedding Beautiful Love Part 01Opening ScenesCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-04-29 12 
June 2014
33070340The Verdant MoonOP proposes a setting in which one day in the year 2014, when absolutely nobody was looking, the moon suddenly turns verdant and habitable, accompanied by the mass empowering of prior astronauts. Things get awesome. Deified Neil Armstrong and paladins of SPACE EXPLORATION! are involved.Terraform, Moon, Lunar, Space, NASA, Exploration, Worldbuilding, Astronauts, Verdant, Neil Armstrong,2014-06-28 3 
33087853Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 24Electric Town BoogieCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-06-29 13 
July 2014
33235411Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 25This is a sneaking mission, Mikage.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-07-06 13 
33339165Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 26Bottled CaliforniaCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Eclipsed Moon Quest, Sailor Moon2014-07-11 14 
33398759Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 27Seeing RedCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-07-14 13 
33500639Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 28Surveillance GameCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-07-18 13 
33605632Space Pirate Naga Quest 8Our fearless captain singlehandedly braves the depths on an unknown ship in order to take back the one thing more precious to her than treasure. Space Pirate Naga Quest, Collective Game, Space Pirate, Naga, Mechs, Homemade Dryad Moonshine2014-07-23 12 
33672110Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 29Crowning Achievement Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-07-26 13 
33752535Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 30Half BakedCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon Quest2014-07-29 13 
August 2014
33868504Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 31March to MidnightCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-08-03 14 
34163574Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 32In mortal BerylCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-08-15 13 
34204858Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 33Lotus MetalliaCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-08-17 13 
34297170Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 34White Dress and Chaos BeastCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-08-21 12 
34318486Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 35Chasing dawnCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-08-22 12 
34464001Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 36Red Moon NightCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-08-28 13 
September 2014
34555470Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 37After the frayCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-01 12 
34686683Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 38Sisterly bondsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-06 12 
34825408Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 39Big Sister, Little SisterCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-12 12 
34885899Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 40Haute CoutureCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-15 14 
34979124Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 41Runway DreamCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-19 14 
35042931Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 42Fashionable WarCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-22 14 
35071317Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 43Zodiac DepthsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-23 14 
35195174Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 44ThunderstruckCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-29 13 
35207636Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 45WellspringCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-09-29 14 
October 2014
35321577Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 46Behind Blue EyesCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-05 14 
35341674Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 47Mother, know of me in these fading stepsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-06 12 
35452226Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 48This is homeCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-11 12 
35476703Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 49Friendly InterrogationCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-12 14 
35590671Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 50Beautiful MorningCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-17 13 
35757433Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 51Down the Rabbit HoleCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-25 12 
35791249Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 52Case of the MondaysCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-10-27 13 
November 2014
35938493Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 53Midday MoonCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-11-03 12 
36078114Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 54Brief LunchCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-11-10 13 
36115596Exalted Quest 53Lunar Edition 2: Luna Harder. We take on the Lintha Admiral and have a misunderstanding with KarasExalted, Solar, Quest, Solar Quest, Collective Game, Zenith, Tianna, Full Moon, Lunar2014-11-12 13 
36190667Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 55We keep bringing things homeCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-11-15 12 
36213597Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 56Forward CaduceusCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-11-16 12 
36314701Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 57Infinity StopCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-11-21 12 
December 2014
36506385Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 58MundaneCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-12-01 12 
36728636Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 59Gold withinCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-12-12 12 
36816196Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 60Kitten's Day OutCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-12-17 11 
36882522Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 61Fighting a BearCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-12-20 11 
36939954Eclipsed Moon Quest 62Babel fallCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-12-23 12 
36973538Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 63The TowerCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2014-12-25 11 
January 2015
37486171Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 64Quartered RageCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-01-19 12 
37585895Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 65Wake from darknessCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-01-24 11 
37638832Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 66Sleeping inCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon2015-01-26 11 
37730656Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 67Saturn ringsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-01-30 12 
February 2015
37907293Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 68Unbroken WingsCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon2015-02-07 11 
38108092Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 69Cooling DownCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-02-16 11 
38265395Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 70Getting on trackCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon2015-02-23 11 
38361141Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 71Visions of tomorrowCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon2015-02-27 11 
March 2015
38494843Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 72Rabbit RunCollective Game, Eclipsed Moon, Sailor Moon2015-03-05 8 
38722892Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 73Feeling blueCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-03-15 7 
38779851Chronicles of An Unnamed SettingWhat started as a simple post-by-post setting building thread bloomed into a vibrant world with various cultures and original races.Jewel moons, crocarian, draken, lumi, pitchmen, turem'tuthan, walshen, zaar2015-03-19 -1 
38855453Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 74Within the darkCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-03-21 6 
39021487Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 75MasksCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-03-30 7 
April 2015
39176977Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode Ω͝҉͔͍̠Out of boundsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-04-06 7 
May 2015
39749268Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 76Last ordinary day, toward the closeCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-04 6 
39807947 Nasuverse Quest #1We play as two guys named Elijah, decide on hobbies, beat up a bully and then discuss cuckoldry.Collective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, What are we?, 2015-05-08 8 
39830456Nasuverse Quest #2Once more, we play as both Elijahs, get some answers from gramps, fix our hand, have our date interrupted and are facing down a rune userCollective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Mixed-Blood, Teen Drama2015-05-08 5 
39850858Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 76 take 2Last Ordinary day, toward the close.Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-09 8 
39849138Nasuverse Quest #3We play as only one Elijah, duke it out with Jose, info dump on our friends and kiss someoneCollective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Mixed-Blood, Teen Drama, Kissing, Fight Scene2015-05-09 2 
39940731Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 77Saturday Shooting StarsCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-13 6 
39937276Nasuverse Quest #4We finally get some answers, but then discover more questions, then we have to deal with some serious family dramaCollective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Family Drama, Info Dump, Wendigo Problems, Mixed Blood2015-05-13 2 
39999217Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 78Bon VoyageCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-16 6 
40015994Nasuverse Quest #5We get a chance to talk to Dante, we get to go on a date and we even kiss the girl! Oh and we're getting trained.Collective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Mixed-Blood, Teen Drama, Kissing2015-05-18 2 
40077604Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 79Planning MovesCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-20 6 
40073003Nasuverse Quest #6We talk with Dante, then we spar. Then we find out Toby's been shot and we get ambushed by maybe zombiesCollective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Mixed-Blood, 2015-05-20 1 
40127136Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 80Power Chord EntryCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-23 6 
40155755Nasuverse Quest #7We make our way through Toby's house and fight a Jiangshi. Plus, Grandpa Eli is back. Unfortunately, we lose a close friend.Collective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Mixed-Blood, Fight Scene, Death 2015-05-25 2 
40174770Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 81Red RunCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-25 6 
40199253Nasuverse Quest #8We find out Jessie has a secret, go looking for the brinwell agent, learn some stuff and then we talk to JessieCollective Game, Sins of the Father, Nasuverse, TYPE Moon, Mixed-Blood, Teen Drama, Kissing2015-05-27 2 
40216499Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 82Demand & DamnedCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-27 6 
40285137Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 83Let's RageCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-05-30 6 
June 2015
40371428After partyEclipsed Moon Quest Episode 84Collective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-06-03 6 
40458125Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 85Speed of thoughtCollective Game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-06-07 6 
40682768Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 86Streets of RageCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-06-18 6 
40718085Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 87Blue in the visible spectrumCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-06-20 7 
40845089Quest: Blood Moon, First NightAfter a long shift, Our protagonist: Saif Malikov heads home to get some well earned rest... and then his cat gets out, and he gets sucked into a conflict he can't even begin to comprehend.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-06-27 8 
40859929Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 88Spirit WalkCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-06-27 6 
40862538Quest: Blood Moon, Second Night; First MovementSaif goes to school and sees his friends, then he goes home and meets a new friend(?)Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-06-28 7 
40912033Quest: Blood Moon, Second Night; Second MovementSaif gets a breakdown of the rules from the Goddess that chose him. She is interesting.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-06-30 6 
July 2015
40933726Quest: Blood Moon, Second Night; Third MovementSaif learns the ins and outs of Goddess care, including how to feed them, how to clothe them, and how to not spill spaghetti everywhere in their presence.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-01 6 
40954151Quest: Blood Moon, Second Night; Final MovementSaif takes his first crack at the Arena, and it doesn't go so well...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-02 6 
40944771Weimar QuestInterwar Germany takes a turn somewhere.Weinar Quest, Germany, Kaiser, time-travelling moon nazis2015-07-02 5 
40976551Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 89Spooky timesCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-02 6 
40994599Quest: Blood Moon, Third Night; First MovementSaif meets his true arch-nemesis: math testsCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-04 6 
41013763Quest: Blood Moon, Third Night; Second MovementSaif plays slap-ass with Yui, talks with some Europeans, and Kyla gives his uniform a healthy dose of DRRR!Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-05 6 
41029042Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 90Infinite RealizationCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-05 6 
41035363Quest: Blood Moon, Third Night; Final MovementBack into the Arena, Saif finds himself some unlikely allies.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-05 6 
41141116Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 91Tomoe's LaboratoryCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-10 6 
41199920Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 92Chaos beneathCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-13 6 
41207495Quest: Blood Moon, Fourth Night; First MovementKyla can't do breakfast. Ms. Browning can't do without caffeine. Yui can't do mornings. Claire can't do competition. Saif just can't.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-14 6 
41247357Quest: Blood Moon, Fourth Night; Second MovementSaif gets to know Abigail, and through her he learns more about Claire. Then Ms. Browning proves herself to be cleverer than we gave her credit for.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-16 6 
41267099Quest: Blood Moon, Fourth Night; Third MovementSaif goes to dinner at his neighbour/teacher's house to spend quality time with his cute kitty and equally cute ClaireCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-17 8 
41303204Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 93Ghost storyCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-18 6 
41306345Quest: Blood Moon, Fourth Night; Final MovementSaif confesses a few things; things in turn get warm and awkward FAST.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-19 7 
41390500Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 94Questions of the Past and Other timesCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-22 6 
41458682Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 95School day morningCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-07-25 6 
41549447Quest: Blood Moon, Fifth Night; First MovementSaif gets a sick day with sick dreams to match. Safi helps in her own way.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-30 7 
41571483Quest: Blood Moon, Fifth Night; Second MovementAfter a spirited round of Monster hunter, Safi gets cooking, Yui gets moping, and Abigail rolls to seduce.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-07-31 7 
August 2015
41607503Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 96BentoCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-08-01 6 
41646189Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 97Cruelty and KindnessCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-08-03 6 
41650540Quest: Blood Moon, Fifth Night; Final MovementSaif eats dinner and watches anime with his friends. The he enters the arena and kills two people. Then he exits the arena and comes so very close to getting laid...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-04 9 
41694152Quest: Blood Moon, Sixth Night; First MovementSaif gets to know Abigail a little better, then he gets to know Abigail a LOT better. After that, he bullshits his way through an unfortunate encounter with Ms. Browning, and begins to have some disturbing suspicions...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-06 6 
41714611Quest: Blood Moon, Sixth Night; Second MovementSchool time continues, and Saif slips up a little.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-06 8 
41750304Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 98No BullyCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-08-08 8 
41796682Quest: Blood Moon, Sixth Night; Third MovementYui is not a ninja, Kyla is not a prude, Ms. Browning is not amused, and Saif can cheat at magic.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-11 12 
41815373Quest: Blood Moon, Sixth Night; Final MovementMagic lessons with Ms. Browning come to an end, and Saif comes home to a nice(?) surprise.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-11 6 
41857277Quest: Blood Moon, Seventh Night; First MovementGood mornings, good friends, and good(?) gods are on this morning's agenda.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-14 6 
41889868Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 99School day's endCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-08-15 6 
41940259Quest: Blood Moon, Seventh Night; Second MovementSaif hangs out, gets a date, and meets a new friend(?)Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-18 7 
41979501Quest: Blood Moon, Seventh Night; Third MovementAbigail reluctantly helps us out, and Saif begins his night out with Claire.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-20 7 
41998578Quest: Blood Moon, Seventh Night; Final MovementSaif enjoys what will probably be his last "lovely evening" to its fullest, capping the night off with a French kiss for the French girl.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-21 6 
42034803Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 100Send off of who could have beenCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-08-22 6 
42075440Quest: Blood Moon, Eighth Night; First MovementSaif starts out the morning with some magic practice, then heads off to meet an (un)likely ally.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-25 7 
42113234Quest: Blood Moon, Eighth Night; Second MovementSaif hammers out the details of his alliance with Jessica, and learns more about her involvement in this conflict. He also accidentally becomes the owner of a magic sword, much to Jessica's chagrin.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-08-27 6 
42192396Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 101Meetings and partingsCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-08-30 6 
September 2015
42326722Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 102Another timeCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-09-06 6 
42385684Quest: Blood Moon, Eighth Night; Third MovementSaif shoots the shit with Jessica over a drink. Then some sparring and tears signal the end of their short lived alliance.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-09 6 
42404641Quest: Blood Moon, Eighth Night; Fourth MovementKyla needs a hand, and Saif may get more than he bargained for by lending her one...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-10 6 
42443623Quest: Blood Moon, Eighth Night; Final MovementA peek into that nearly costs him his life gives Saif a new perspective on Kyla, and almost losing Saif gives Kyla a new perspective as well...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-12 6 
42478310Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 103Cthonic KaraokeCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-09-13 6 
42523767Quest: Blood Moon, Ninth Night; First MovementSaif wakes up to find ladies chatting in his living room, uncovers a devious master plan from Jessica, and an ugly truth from Kyla.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-16 6 
42543829Quest: Blood Moon, Ninth Night; Second MovementSchool time begins, Abigail is strangely friendly, Claire shows Julia who's boss, and Jessica probes Saif's big, thick pathways.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-17 6 
42565701Quest: Blood Moon, Ninth Night; Third MovementLunchtime hangouts and weird magic senses abound, before Saif skips class to learn about his past with Safi, who may be his other half.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-18 7 
42626279Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 104Bubbly BunnyCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-09-20 6 
42671624Quest: Blood Moon, Ninth Night; Fourth MovementSaif finds an enemy in his memories, an enemy who is not afraid to hit him where it truly hurts. So Saif prepares for what will be a long week.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-23 6 
42708126Quest: Blood Moon, Ninth Night; Fifth MovementWonder Twin Powers Activate! Hydras, Minotaurs and Mazes have nothing on these two. Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-25 7 
42724880Quest: Blood Moon, Ninth Night; Final MovementSaif loses something important to him...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-25 6 
42783585Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; First MovementSaif and Abigail opt to help each other out in the wake of their lossesCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-29 7 
42803875Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; Second MovementAbigail's blunt nature leads to Saif having to stop Jess from doing a stupid thing. Then Saif gets some alone time with a goddess who cares(?)Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-09-30 7 
October 2015
42821661Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; Third MovementSaif and Boss hug it out; The Smith gets in on that action.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-10-01 7 
42855435Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; Fourth MovementSaif talks to the Smith for a while. Then he solidifies the night's plans, and confronts Claire.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-10-03 7 
42874455Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 105Winding AfternoonCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-10-03 6 
43036577Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 106Spinning a TrapCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-10-12 6 
43058635Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; Fifth MovementThe truth hurts sometimes. Luckily for Abigail, Moriarty is not the truth. Moriarty is a cat.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-10-14 8 
43094432Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; Sixth MovementA prelude of things to come...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-10-16 6 
43111130Quest: Blood Moon, Tenth Night; Final MovementThe Spy takes a shot at Saif, and gets decapitated in an act of sweet vengeance. Jessica takes a shot at Saif, and gets shot down.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-10-17 6 
43148488Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 107Web of DeceitCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-10-18 6 
43300185Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 108Investigation of NoteCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-10-26 6 
November 2015
43393098Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; First Movement Saif doesn't feel fulfilled by his vengeance, Kyla makes amends, and Abigail is somehow best girl.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-01 7 
43452160Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Second MovementSaif takes a look around the warehouse and through the Archive, making sex jokes with Abigail the whole way. Then he goes to lunch and finds a god that believes in GodCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-04 6 
43460515Abandoned Moonbase WorldbuildingOP requests ideas for encounters and backstory of a lunar outpost abandoned since nuclear war broke out on earth, now rediscovered by the rebuilt terrestrial civilization. Good ideas, nightmare fuel and Moon Morlocks result.worldbuilding, setting, moonbase, space, moon, abandoned, morlocks, mutated monstrosities,2015-11-04 22 
43490885Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Third Movement The gods impart some knowledge onto Saif over lunch, and he does the same in turn.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-06 6 
43527630Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 109Tightening CocoonCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-11-07 6 
43582977Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 110Frenzied SwarmCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-11-10 5 
43629790Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Fourth Movement Saif talks to someone he hasn't seen in a while, and finds some interesting things in Jessica's office.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-14 6 
43641058Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 111Keepr of SilverCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-11-14 7 
43677983Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Fifth MovementSomehow a party turned into a science lecture... not that Abby minds, of course.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-17 6 
43745129Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Sixth MovementAbby adjusts her glasses. The Scholar adjusts a watch. This place is full of nerds.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-21 6 
43755570Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 112Chilled tomorrowCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-11-21 6 
43797397Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Seventh Movement Saif prepares to enter the Arena, and takes the majority of his fighting force in with him...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-23 7 
43873151Quest: Blood Moon, Eleventh Night; Final Movement So close, yet so far away...Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-11-29 6 
December 2015
43915865Quest: Blood Moon, Twelfth Night; First MovementThe aftermath of last night's carnage, and a chilling prediction of things to comeCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-12-01 6 
44003175Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 113Interests in ConversationsCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-12-05 5 
44153432Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 114Bubblegum Pink PanicCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-12-13 5 
44178619Quest: Blood Moon, Twelfth Night; Second MovementSaif gets a new patron, faces his father's killer, and talks things out with his own. Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-12-15 6 
44309679Quest: Blood Moon, Twelfth Night; Third MovementSaif tries and fails to get things done, says goodbye to his old neighbour, and learns that his life's not the only one going down the tubes.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2015-12-22 7 
44374832Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 115Alone in AdachiCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2015-12-25 5 
January 2016
44543526Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 116Organized AssaultCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-01-03 5 
44591065Quest: Blood Moon, Thirteenth NightImpromptu date night with Abigail goes well, and ends well(?)Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-06 6 
44696204Quest: Blood Moon, Fourteenth Night; First MovementA pleasant morning quickly gets disturbing when Saif's strange dreams pique Abigail's curiosity.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-11 7 
44737873Quest: Blood Moon, Fourteenth Night; Second MovementSaif and Abigail visit her folks for dinner. Unfortunately, someone invited a Glutton.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-13 9 
44800060Quest: Blood Moon, Fourteenth Night; Third MovementSaif gets back what he holds most dear, and finds that he has even more enemies than he thought.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-16 6 
44812403Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 117Someone else's dayCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-01-16 3 
44820658Quest: Blood Moon, Fourteenth Night; Fourth MovementSaif takes refuge at Tasha's "house" and meets her "staff".Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-17 6 
44857199Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 118Waking up lateCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-01-18 6 
44879960Quest: Blood Moon, Fourteenth Night; Fifth MovementAn emotional trip to the Hart's Manor sees their legacy shattered for good.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-20 6 
44927116Quest: Blood Moon, Fourteenth Night; Final MovementThe visit to the Hart manor ends with a look into our ex-enemy's motivations, and Saif get a chance to talk with his new goddessCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-22 6 
44948162Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 119Drifting to tomorrowCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-01-22 5 
44994112Quest: Blood Moon, Fifteenth Night; First MovementAn early morning conversation with Claire dashes any hope Saif had of relaxing today.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-25 7 
45033688Quest: Blood Moon, Fifteenth Night; Second MovementSaif goes through his brother's will with Safi, before Claire arrives with some depressing revelations about herself.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-27 6 
45077955Quest: Blood Moon, Fifteenth Night; Third MovementSaif and Claire mend fences as they go over how best to beat down Sacred Mountain. Zee helps.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-29 4 
45116314Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 120Thank goodness its FridayCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-01-30 6 
45115628Quest: Blood Moon, Fifteenth Night; Fourth MovementSaif gets Claire and Abigail to patch things up.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-30 3 
45136024Quest: Blood Moon, Fifteenth Night; Fifth MovementGood fucking riddanceCollective Game, Blood Moon, Smiley2016-01-31 6 
February 2016
45423679Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 121On with the ShowCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-02-14 4 
45699952Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 122Belle of the BallCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-02-28 3 
45703703Quest: Blood Moon; Refrain. 1st Chapter.The beginning of the Fool's journey.Collective Game, Blood Moon, Blood Moon Refrain, Smiley2016-02-28 8 
March 2016
45839055Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 123Gray HareCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-03-06 3 
45983894Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 124Kiss in the darkCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-03-13 6 
46156878Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 125End of a nightCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-03-21 7 
April 2016
46419421InFilInc Test II - Hostage Rescue [Skirmish]Agents of Solstar Company must rescue agent Hedgehog from the White Moon. Agent shenanigans ensue.Solstar Company Quest, Skirmish, Quest, Solstar Company, Company Command, Agent, White Moon, Collective Game2016-04-03 4 
46598328Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 126Infiltration, Exposition, and TruthCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-04-10 6 
46715188Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 127Tower InquiryCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-04-16 6 
46905553Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 128Baguette and SkullCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-04-25 6 
May 2016
47019622Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 129Genius LociCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-05-01 7 
200966Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 130Return from the CatacombsCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-05-29 3 
June 2016
277195Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 131Night Out, DecompressCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-06-19 3 
247058Type-Moon/Nasuverse Quest [Part 1]A murder mystery in the Type-Moon/Nasuverse setting, styled after Tsukihime/Kara no Kyoukai.Collective Game, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Mr. Dawn2016-06-19 1 
306121Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 132Night Out, AccelerationCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-06-26 3 
280637Type-Moon/Nasuverse Quest [Part 2]We speak to a collaborator and opposer of the deceased research, and find a possible motive. Collective Game, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Mr. Dawn2016-06-26 2 
48000749Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 1]We make our Master, summon our Servant Kiyohime, and get started on recon around the city.Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-06-28 1 
48009386Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 2]We run into an almost inhuman Master in the park, and talk with Tokiomi about two other Masters he's gotten information on. Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-06-28 6 
48026302Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 3]We spy on a strange nun in the Church, stop by the Matou house for a bit, and meet with the strange nun who's unsurprisingly our overseer.Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-06-29 2 
July 2016
48043523Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 4]In which we find a Master's base and a frightening mental interference ability, and get our first death at the hands of an unseen enemy. Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-07-01 1 
48069137Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 5]In which we find out about an assassination attempt on the overseer, and a bounty on Assassin's head for it.Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-07-02 1 
48084133Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 5.1]In which we refuse Xuan's offer, arrive too late to save the Einzberns, and just sort of walk around their now-empty castle.Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-07-03 1 
48171020Fate/Stay Night Quest [Part 6]In which we kidnap Shinji. Yeah. Collective Game, Fate/Stay Night, Fate, Mr. Dawn, Berserker, Nasuverse, Typemoon, Kiyohime2016-07-08 1 
384830Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 133Dressing down eventsCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-07-18 3 
429052Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 134Training DayCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-07-30 3 
August 2016
451732Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 135Meditations on Ice CreamCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-08-07 3 
September 2016
533855Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 136Review of what's knownCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-09-04 4 
October 2016
654840Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 137Bloodberry SundaeCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-10-02 5 
642746Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 1: Welcome to SunnyvaleA new QM, Mayor, opens a slice-of-life quest inspired by the farming life-sim Harvest Moon. We meet our protag, Jacky Richmond.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-03 17 
681025Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 138Bare Secret, Revealed Truth, and Chosen Lie to ProtectCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-10-09 3 
681893Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 2: Tara the TerrorThe slice-of-life farming sim quest continues. The MC, Jacky, confronts Tara, accepts a challenge, plants some crops, and explores the farm.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-10 10 
693714Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 3: Ero and PeacefulThe slice-of-life farming sim quest continues. Barrels, girls, monsters, and ecchi.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-18 8 
746728Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 139Last night or new morning?Collective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-10-24 2 
721108Harvest Moon Quest, Chapter 4: Bad News BearsA bear maiden, a movie night, and a heroic rescue. The slice-of-life farming sim quest continues.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-10-27 9 
November 2016
793921Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 140Lunch Time War CouncilCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-11-05 2 
784960Harvest Moon Quest Sunnyvale, Chapter 5: Ded EditionFarming, Women, and Dungeons! But not at the same time.Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-11-17 6 
855793Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 141Howl at the DragonCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-11-21 2 
December 2016
843253Harvest Moon Quest Sunnyvale, Chapter 6: Dungeon ContinuedThe slice-of-life farming sim quest continues. Collective Game, Mayor, Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon Quest, Jacky Richmond, Sunnyvale, Farming, Slice of Life2016-12-03 2 
925969Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 142Dragon TowerCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2016-12-10 2 
January 2017
998476Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 143Kalunite in ActionCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2017-01-01 3 
February 2017
1159219Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 144Day after deadCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2017-02-13 3 
1205276Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 145Forward ActionCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2017-02-25 5 
March 2017
1232989Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 146Folded SpacesCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2017-03-05 2 
April 2017
1329614Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 147Howl at the MoonCollective game, Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2017-04-02 2 
May 2017
1435261Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 148Days toward Calmcollective game,Sailor Moon, Eclipsed Moon2017-05-06 2 
September 2017
1874191Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 149Incompletioncollective game, sailor moon, eclipsed moon2017-09-17 3 
October 2017
1993791Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 150Fading Lightcollective game, sailor moon, eclipsed moon2017-10-21 3 
November 2017
2064473Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 151Children of Darknesscollective game, sailor moon, eclipsed moon2017-11-12 3 
December 2017
2119608Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 152Composition and Observationcollective game, eclipsed moon, sailor moon2017-12-03 2 
2136519Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 153Down to Earthcollective game, eclipsed moon, sailor moon2017-12-10 2 
2142945Fogsworth Tribes Evo 1.0This is the beginningEvo, Tribes, Fogsworth, Moon Tribe, Cap Tribes, Ocean Tribe2017-12-29 1 
March 2018
2373187Eclipsed Moon Quest Episode 154Incubationcollective game, eclipsed moon, sailor moon2018-03-10 2 
May 2018
2541515Gargoyles Quest: Character CreationWe create the Gargoyle for this questGargoyles, Quest, Moon, Character Creation2018-05-07 5 
2556111Gargoyles Quest: AwakeningAvalon and the remainder of his clan has finally awoken from a 1000 year slumber, and David Xanatos is right there to greet him.Gargoyles, Quest, Moon, Character Creation, Avalon, 2018-05-12 3 
November 2018
62883008Planet Creation Thread Fireball/tg/ makes a new planet in 40K that spirals into a Marine Chapter on a Sunblasted Prison Mining Colony 40K, Marines, Everything is on Fire in the Summer, Moons, Dark Angels2018-11-07 1 
62947627Silver Crusaders Thread #2More work is done, but everyone leaves, leaving a single anon to roll out the MoonsMoons, Marines, Silver Crusaders, Dracoths, Jungles, More Moons2018-11-12 1 
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