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2020-11-27: Nothing new to report, just decided to clear out these old status messages so it doesn't look like the site is abandoned. We're all still here on the IRC and Discord if you want to join us.

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July 2015
40944771Weimar QuestInterwar Germany takes a turn somewhere.Weinar Quest, Germany, Kaiser, time-travelling moon nazis2015-07-02 5 
May 2019
3485005Stories from the Second Weltkrieg: A Kaiserreich QuestPart 1 of SftSW:AKQ, in which our intrepid MC meets a NatPop and starts to get indoctrinated.Kaiserreich, NatPop, Quest2019-05-05 1 
3498965Stories from the Second Weltkrieg: Episode TwoIn this episode, our intrepid hero meets with Marie again, visits a mueseum, gets mugged, shoots someone, and goes home.Kaiserreich, Quest, SftSW:AKQ2019-05-11 1 
June 2019
3587092Stories From (Slightly Before) the Second WeltkriegIn this short story, a drinking game between vietnamese generals causes an uprising.SFTSW:AKQ, Kaiserreich, Short2019-06-20 1 
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